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XBox Conunundrum

I want to finally purchase a XBox 360, but with the new Slim console, i dont know which to get.

On the up side, the slim has the wirless network connection which would be very useful due to me moving my consoles frequently between my living room and my bedroom. This console also does a much better job of exhausting the heat, making the chance of failure due to red ring so much smaller.

On the downside, it is $300, for just the console. I could buy an elite that comes with Forza 3 and ODST for 250, and that seems like a much better deal right now. Is the heat problem and red ringing really a big enough issue to make me spend that extra money on the slim? Are seperatley purchased coolers effective in reducing heat in the old xbox 360?

Any imput would be great! Which one should I buy?

Wisdom Teeth!

i just got them pulled 30 minutes ago. I am high as a kite, and have been drooling blood all overy myself for the ppast tewnty minutes without noticing XD o wel, today will be a good day for a game marathon


First Off: I have a PS3, not a 360 so forza is not an option (unfortunatley) I have been expeerementing with some racing game demos to see which one I want to get. I have Motor Storm Pacific Rift and Burnout Paridise. I FREAKING LOVE THEM. However, I have recently stumbled across the demos of Need For Speed Shift and Gran Turismo 5 Porlauge. I can't decide which one I like more. The realism and graphis of GT far out weigh NFS, but I like the more forgiving controlls of NFS. I feel that NFS might be the one for me, even though GT5P has gotten wayyy better reviews, but im not sure yet. Are there any other good racing games I can get for my PS3?

Stick FTW

I Have found my new love:


I just got my 1st car and i decided to go out on a llimb and test drive a stick shift while we were looking. LOVED IT! It is soo much fun to drive a stick shift, and it only takes a couple weeks to get used too. I just realized a week ago how much I love to drive it.

My Honda Civiv 96' is my favorite car ever now. plus I was suprised It gets as good gam milage as it gets, 32 MGS city! thats better than my dad's f150 and mom's astro van put together! Plus at a nice price of $2400, I got a better car than both of my parents :D

Shorts FTW!

FINALLY! MY SCHOOL IS LETTING US WEAR SHORTS! Before we could only wear long pants, and it really sucks because we live in texas XD

NES blues

So the other day I was sitting at home and said, "Hey, I want to play my Super Mario Bros." So I run back to my closet, pull the NES out and hook it up, push the cartridge in and press the power button.


Blinking screen. I pull it out blow the cartridge, put it back in, movie it around in the slot and pressed the power button again.


After a while of thins I find it is broken. I look online and find some guides to fix my NES and i do everything they said. I cleaned out all cartridges, disabled the limiter, and cleaned it, but it would still not start the games up, just displaying a blinking sscreen.

So I go online to see what a NES would cost........$70 BUCKS! Not for that would i spend so much $$$$. I do some more reaserch and scroll down one screen on Ebay and see: Top Loader NES buy it now $20 free shipping.

Doing more reaserch I find it is called the YOBO FC game console. Since the patent for the NES wore out, the other companies are now allowed to make rip off consoles and sell them at dirt cheap prices since they are so old.

I got it today and it's the greatest. Uses the same old NES Cartridges and has the same 7 pin connecters to use the old controllers + it coems with 2 controllers with turbo and slow buttons. All in all I was very happy. If you need to play your NES games for cheap and an emulator wont do, this is definatley the way to go.


I got my PS3!!!!

It finally arrived on the UPS truck on friday, and ive done alot on it. I'm still looking for more people to add PSN ID's so if you got on leave it there and ill send you an invite......or you could just send me an invite. My PSN ID is irongobbo

PS3 ID's

Well i decided to return Midnight Club LA, and bought Motor Storm Pacific Rift. I was soo happy, cuz frys had it for 40$$$ so i got 20 back!

So now my next question, is there very much on the PSN store that is worth buying, cuz if there is, then im gonna get the $20 psn card.

Remember: PSN ID's as always, ill pm you with mine when i get it!

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