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Time for a new TV

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Well, my 42" Samsung Plasma (which I only owned for a year and a half) finally bit the dust a few days ago. Needless to say, I have been spending the better part of a week shopping around. After looking through mountains of televisions, I finally decided on a 32" Panasonic Viera 1080P LCD. Plenty big enough for me, I wanted to go LCD this time around and the Viera line has a great rep.

The way I see it, I was way over due for an upgrade anyway. As my Plasma was a 4 year old 1080i that I bought used from a friend. It served it's purpose well for the past year and a half and I more than got my money's worth out of it for the sum I pad for it ($150.00). At any rate, I bought new without hesitation this time and should have it by the end of the week. I feel like a kid waiting for a new toy.:P

Decided to sign up for Gamefly

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Ah, so many games. The question is, how many of these will I actually consider to be worthy of a $60.00 price tag after the year is over with? As someone who regularly buys every game that appeals to me, I am simply getting sick and tired of shelling out the money for them just to have them on day one or shortly thereafter. Just too much money spent on games that I may only play through one time, only to move on to the next games that appeal to me afterwards.

On to my decision to rent from Gamefly. I am fully aware that I will often have to wait for some of the more high profile titles, but for $23.00 a month, I can still get $120.00 worth of games (2 at a time) to play for as long as I want. When I come across the keepers, I can simply buy from them after knowing that I love the game. Seems to me that for someone who voraciously plays games like I do, this is only a logical choice and will save me quite a chunk of change in the end. If it does not work out, I can always just cancel. At any rate, I figured it was worth a shot.


Just scored the killer deal on Ebay.

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I just scored Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, both BRAND NEW and factory sealed on Ebay for 40.00.There are people selling the bonus game bundle package that comes with the 360 Elite, and both games come in one case with their respective manuals. But who cares if both are in one case? They are brand new, and at retail, both would go for 90.00 if bought together elsewhere.

I have been wanting a good racing game, and I never got around to playing Ultimate Alliance yet, so this was a sweet find for me, at a steal of a price. If anyone is interested, there were more than a few of these floating around on Ebay at reasonable prices. A hell of a deal, if you ask me.

Got my 360 back today after 2 short weeks.

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Man, was I ever bitter two weeks ago when my 360 froze up, and gave me the red rings. After having it for right at 11 months, and never even having a hiccup outside of the occasional freeze in Oblivion (due to the game itself), I thought I was in the clear. But just when I least expected it, boom, right in the middle of a game of Overlord, which I was thoroughly enjoying, my 360 decided to lemon out on me, as they are known to do of course.

Now being a PS3 owner as well who happens to greatly favor the PS3 to the 360 already anyway, I was seriously contemplating just selling my 360 after getting repaired, as who wants to have to constantly worry about the thing breaking down in the middle of a great game that youhave have waited months to finally get to play? A hassle indeed, but at least I knew I could send it in, and get repaired for free, so that reassured me somewhat.

So I called, got my box in about 4 days, sent it in, got a call from UPS yesterday to let me know that it would be here today and that I needed to be around to sign for it, and now two weeks later I have it. All in all, very fast, and professional service, and I have no complaints. They sent me a "replacement unit", which looks brand new, and so far seems to work like brand new as well. I just hope it stays that way, as I seriously do not want to be going through this again with the killer exclusives that are coming out this year.

As for multiplats, I am sticking with getting them on the PS3 just in case this happens again, as I will have all of my favorite multiplats on the PS3 to play in case my 360 says goodnight on me again. So, only 'console' exclusives will be bought for my 360 for here on out.

I am just glad to have a working unit again, and I really have to say that so far, I am completely satisfied with how Microsoft handled the situation. Now, the real test will be if this unit stays working as it should. As if it doesn't, then all it tells me is that Microsoft is only putting a bandaid on the problem instead of fixing it out right as they should be doing.