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I think I'm done. I think this is it for me and gamespot, I've had enough

I signed up to this website 3 years and 7 months ago. Over 2500 posts, 33 levels, hundreds of debates, lots of threads and forum games later.... I think I'm done with this site. I've met lots of cool people in several unions (Final Fantasy Fans Union FTW!), been an officer of a few, had really intense debates that now feel like they were for nothing. Everything is gone that I liked about this site. It started with gamespot fuse. I was selected to beta test gamespot fuse (quite a few other people were too so it was hardly a privilege) and that's when I knew things were going to change, for the worse. Gamespot fuse was gamespot's attempt at making a social networking site (which they still seem to be doing); I didn't care much for it. I know people who thought it was okay but I felt it was pretty unnecessary. We had unions to socialise in after all. That's right, had! Gamespot decided to get rid of them. More on that point later.

Several months after gamespot fuse came the introduction of the new (and current) comment system. This nearly put the final nail in the coffin for me. I loved the old comment system and then gamespot went and ruined it. No more downvotes, a plague of trolls in every comment section (which the gamespot video series 'feedbackula' essentially encourages!), not getting notifications when someone liked or replied to your post (except via email, which quite frankly I believe is idiotic) -- it's an incredibly bad comment system.

Then Gamespot decided to get rid of the only thing I came to this site for anymore: unions. Unions were the life and soul of this website. The people you met in unions were genuine friends with whom you would share lengthy conversations and play games with. Unions were much better than regular forums because of their exclusive nature. You actually felt like part of something significant in a union. Alas, Gamespot decided to destroy those too, claiming that 'a few unions will make the transition into the new site as regular forums'. Regular forums? That's not good enough Gamepsot.

Almost 4 years after signing up... this irish dude is done.

Moderated yet again hahaha

What for? Because I sneezed :P

But seriously, there's moderations left right and center here on gamespot. What is this elementary school where you rat out the people 'being bad'?!

What it seriously was for was winning an argument. People lose, they take revenge by reporting the other person. Wimps.

Either way, this is my 7th or 8th 'warning'. "Ya know am bad, am bad, ya know it!"- Michael Jackson. :lol:

EDIT: I actually just checked there, this is my 11th time to be moderated! :P

I also got suspended for a day a long time ago (which I didn't know about because only kinda recently (last 6 months) have I started going on GS everyday) and got a point loss one time.

Finally got Dark Souls :D

I've been waiting for this for months! 9: 35 a.m is when I made the purchase, it was the first one in the store :lol:

The best part is, it's a limited edition! And it was the same price as the normal version :shock:

I have to wait another 4 hours to play it though because I'm at college right now :lol:

I'm prepared to die 8)

Ireland, the only place where......

If you die from alcohol poisoning, you're considered a lightweight,

'Fuk off' means 'Are you serious?'

The person that you insult most is probably your best friend

Saying 'I will yeah' means that you definitely won't

"Fuk it, its grand' means that you couldn't be bothered tofinish it properly

We don't really care about actually winning the Eurovision/rugby/soccer/cricket, just as long as we beat the English

'He's fond of a drink' means he suffers from severe life-threatening alcoholism

Saying you're going for a drink means you might not be seen again for 3 days

'For the craic' is the best reason for doing anything

The best cure for a hangover is more drink

Nobody can go a day without saying 'Jesus!' (in a profane way)

Tea is the solution to every problem

Sunburn is considered potential tan

You can insert the name of a gardening tool into any sentence and it still makes sense, e.g. 'I had a rake of drink last night' or "I'll be out in a minute, I'm just shoveling down the dinner'

I'm Back: My New york visit! :D

New york is simply amazing. Skyscrapers that make you dizzy, lively at all times of the day, prices that are as high as the buildings and an atmosphere that makes you believe you're really part of something special.

If you name a tourist attraction, theres a high chance I did it. Empire state building, Statue of Liberty, Madame tussauds, radio city, times square, the construction of the new Freedom Tower; to name few.

The weather was certainly not what an Irishman is used to (although it did rainfor 2 fulldays), with the average temperature around 80 degrees to 86/87 degrees (around 30 degrees celsius). Back in Ireland it's 16 degrees celsius at the moment :lol:

I was simply overwhelmed the first day I arrived, it literally took my breath away as we walked around Times Square. An some of the people are just plain crazy :P A guy did a song and dance for us for getting a cigarette :lol: And he wasn't even a bum or anything!

Most people could spot that we were Irish too. A guy trying to sell comedy central tickets asked us "Hey you guys like stand up comedy?" (and we ignored him because that's simply what you have to do to everyone in New York trying to sell you things), after ignoring him he said "So what part of Ireland are you from?" :lol: I just smiled.

Due to american alcohol laws I wasn't allowed to drink any alcohol because I'm under 21, so my dad got some and we all drank a few cans at the Hotel room :lol: So F**k you american alcohol laws!!

It's a place words can't describe. Everyone should go there at least once in their life. I'm definately heading back in a few years time.

Going to NYC Tomorrow!

Can't wait! Hopefully that hurricane didn't do too much damage.

Back to college 2 days after I come back, but I'm kinda bored sitting at home most of these days anyway :P

How to back up your PS3's data! (very detailed)

Don't use the ps+ storage unless you are going to be a member for a while! If you back up to the ps+ storage and you're not a member anymore, then you can't get them back until you sign up for it again.

There's a few ways to do it:

1) Use a (pretty big) USB stick/pen. Plug it in, then go to System Settings>back up. I said get a pretty big USB Stick because the back up data is more than you can estimate. My saves took up about half a gig, I had no music or game data or films or pictures or demos. Absolutely nothing but the saves! And yet my half a gig worth of saves amounted to almost 4 gigs of back up data! Check how much it'll take up (obviously) before deleting anything at all though! An 8GB USB should do (if you delete most of your downloads etc.)

2) Use an external HDD (hard drive). These cost alot more than your average USB Stick, (around $70 I would guess, because they're €60). This is an easier method if you're willing to pay the expense. The external HDD should have no problem taking EVERYTHING on your ps3's HDD (unless you have tons of data on your ps3, in which case, you'll have to pay another $50 or so for a big fat HDD). The external HDD works by sitting on a (like a storage) unit. You plug it in via usb cable and do same as above: System Setting>Back Up.


There are several memory card readers under the front flap of the ps3. Simply buy a micro SD memory card and put it into a micro SD Adapter (more than likey, the adapter will be sold seperately). First plug this adapter into you're computer. Move everything that's on the card onto you're computer (if it's been used before). Next, format the memory card in the adapter to 'FAT 32' format. It needs to be that format or else the ps3 won't read it. Plug the Memory card adapter (containing the memory card) into the ps3. As before System Settings>Back Up.

4) Use a Flash USB stick. Similar to using a USB Stick, but a flash USB stick needs a memory card put into it. Windows can have problems reading it (which will screw up formatting it and moving files on the card to the computer). If it does,write a comment and I'll try to help!

Well there you go guys!

I'm very knowlegable (not bragging ) at this kind of thing, so please feel free to ask anything if you require assistance!

If you have any questions, comment!

Personally, I used the memory card reader method the first time. Got all saves but I had to delete my game data etc. to make room. With my new ps3, it doesn't have a card reader, so I used the USB Flash Stick to restore my saves

My PS3 got the YLOD 8 days ago

Life is tough without it, especially because I'm reading about games so much :lol: And also because i'm on holidays for 2 months! 8)

My choice is this: A refurbished 60GB ps3 or a new 160GBPS3 slim.

Alot of people would have mind up their minds without thinking already, but allow me to assess both consoles.

Here's a comparison of the old 60gb and new 160gb ps3 slim:

Plays Ps2 games.
Is harder to maintain.
Prone to break.
4 USB ports.
Has memory card reader etc.
Overheats more often.

Doesn't play ps2 games.
2 USB ports.
Doesn't have card reader etc.
Beefy Hard-drive. (doesn't matter too much because you can upgrade it on both consoles anyway. I upgraded my 60GB to 500GB.)

Along with being more expensive, the new ps3's don't have alot of features that the older ones do.

I've had 2 60GB models already, both dead. One lasted around 9 months the 2nd one lasted almost 3 years. Either way, this isn't good enough. I had a ps2 for 5-6 years without a single fault.

The ps3 slims seem to be doing better at staying alive at least. But not being able to play ps2 games is a real kick in the privates. I was right about to start playing FFX when it happened. Guess I'll have to wait a few more years for that! Thanks Sony!

I'm assuming the ps4 will have full compatibilty at least! It would be beyond a disgrace if it didn't!

So here was the choice after all that:

Do I want to play ps2 games that badly that I would risk getting a console that's prone to break (especially since it's a refurb)?

Or do I want to play ps3 games on a new ps3, with a bitmore reassurance of it not breaking?

In the end I've decided I'm going to get a new one. The old ones really do break too often, and ps2 games aren't worth it.

Hopefully ps3 games will pass the time until ps4 comes out, which will hopefully have full compatibility! :lol:

I'd be surprised if anyone reads this, but if you did, thank you. :)

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