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Ok people. I'm making this topic, then I shall check on it tomorrow morning.

I have just walked back from the club with a very good female friend of mine. The conversation between us was very deep, and very emotional. In a nutshell, I have been feeling quite depressed lately, and needed to talk to someone about it.

So, we walked and we talked, and we went into numerous personal details about my life which I am not prepared to share on a public forum. We reached the conclusion that I do not know who I reallly am. I agree with her. There has been a lot of confusion in my past, and as a consequence, I don't think the person I am now is who I truly am.

Going on her reccomendations, I have decided that I need to "find myself", so to speak. It is going to be a long, hard journey, but It needs to be done, otherwise I think I will go mad. So if my posting seems a bit weird and/or infrequent, then you will know why.

Take from life only what it gives you. She said that to me, and dammit, she's right.

Ah, good stuff.

Well, my second radio broadcast went excellently, and now to celebrate, I'm goin out with my girlfriend and I'm getting rat-arsed on Belgian Beer. Mmmmm, good times.

Oh dear, this weekend looks dreary

Hmmm, slight problem. This coming weekend, my dear father (i.e the cheating lying **** who broke my mother's heart) is coming to pay a visit to my student-based establishment for a few days.

The problem with this is that I am still not comfortable with talking to him, and I'm going to have to entertain him for 3 days. What fun. I guess I could lock him in a cupboard with a mouldy potato for nourishment.

What to do, what to do....

Some Would Compare It To A Lively Debate Show

Ah yes. Excellently, my radio show "The Rant" starts this coming Tuesday on, or for those of you lucky enough to be living in the Cardiff area, you can catch me on 87.4fm at 6.30pm UK time.

This is my half-hour a week where both myself and my very capable co-host tell you, the listner, what really pisses us off. Its going to be a thouroughly entertaining rant, with crude language and sexual innuendo aplenty.

Be sure to tune in people.

Oh The Joys Of Learning Phonology

Or not, as the case may be. Yes people, the confusing and altogether unnessesary subject of phonetics and phonology has entered my life and is now thwarting my attempts to imbibe vast quantities of alcohol on a regular basis.

The subject has taken over a great deal of my free time, such is its nature. A seemingly innumerable quantity of different vowel and consonant sounds to remember, along with phrases like "homophone" which sounds more like a gay mobile phone, than a grammatical term.

Still, I should not be so glum about this increasingly frustrating topic, it could, as they say, be worse. My good friend (whose name I shall withold for numerous reasons) inadvertadly french-kissed a transexual last night.

Oh to be young and in Cardiff.