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Grand Theft Auto 5

God of War 4

PS3 price drop

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The game died before it started. BF3 officially killed it and burried it at E3 2011.

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WTF!?! Thanks kojima. One thing we had was PW mgs3 and now its been tainted.

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I doubt the remastered editions would be 1080 P though....

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Aren't they forgetting someone on the cover? There are only 3 of them

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Thanks ipumpmygun. I was worried I woyld have to reset evetything a second time. -_- Jerryismyname

All I ask from people is to investigate the matter 1st and get your information from RELIABLE sources

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There is no need for name calling on this website. Instead everyone should be more mature about this situtation. I already reported this post to a active moderator, Don't think I wont do it again.

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This was posted before it even happened. I made a post a week ago saying this **** was going to happen agian. The Japanese governemt wouldn't even give Sony the OK to turn on the PSN network in their own country.


Update on PSN Password Reset Process

+ Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

We temporarily took down the PSN and Qriocity password reset page. Contrary to some reports, there was no hack involved. In the process of resetting of passwords there was a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed.

Consumers who haven't reset their passwords for PSN are still encouraged to do so directly on their PS3. Otherwise, they can continue to do so via the website as soon as we bring that site back up.

If I were you, I wouldn't believe anything you read that is based on rumors and lies.

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im sure in time all the dlcs will be available at the store for everyone to buy........but u cant get it for free. only way to do that is to pre-order it from GS get the game and u get the code. but if u want to wait for the PS Store to go up again and get it that way. well that might be LONG waitJoKeR_421

I know it's not going to be free. Thank you for your response. Take care!

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If I decide to buy L.A Noire at a later date, will I be able to purchase the pre-order dlc off the PSN store later? I ask this because what happens most of the time is, if you buy a game new and not on the release date, we don't get the dlc with it.