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New Pokemon - Should I be excited?

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Nintendo just announced two new games in the Pokemon series: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Will this be another disappointing release like what happened with Pokemon Black and White 2, scoring just a 6.5, for the lack of innovative stuff, or will Nintendo turn the page and deliver some fresh things?

These new games will be entirely in 3D! i think that is quite original, although it may disturb the fans of the classic 2D pokemon environment. But hey, Nintendo has to change things if they want to attract new people to the series! So, set entirely in 3D, it is only obvious that the platform receiving Pokemon X and Y will be the 3DS! Will these releases be a reason for people to buy a 3DS if they still haven't acquired the 3DS? Since it's the first Pokemon game in the 3DS, with more yet to come, people who desire to accompany the series will have to buy the Nintendo platform! In my case, i don't still own a 3DS and I'm seriously thinking in buying one! The reason why? Pokemon is my childhood! i've been playing Pokemon since i was 6, and I'm 20 years old! I'll be honest and say that the last releases in the series disappointed me a bit... But maybe that is because I'm older now! I don't find the magic in Pokemon, as when i was 6 or 7 or even 10! When i play Pokemon now, i recall my childhood, my friends and I trading pokemons to get a Gengar or an Alakazam, the battles. That is why i might buy the 3DS! To see if Pokemon X and Y can recall such feelings. I hope it does :)

Not only did Nintendo announced the new 3D environment, they also announced that a new pokedex will be released. it will be a mix of old Pokemon and new Pokemon. Five new pokemon have been announced: the 3 starters and the two legendary pokemons. new pokemon are expected to come to light as we come closer to October 2013, the estimated release date of Pokemon X and Y. My main question is, will they deliver fresh, original and creative Pokemon? Or will it be like Pokemon Black and White?
I remember a comic i saw on the internet, explaining how they have chosen the names for Pokemon in the Black and White series. It was a commic where it showed two individuals from Nintendo trying to figure out the name of Gardobor, the trash Pokemon. First they would add eyes and arms to a garbage bag, and then write the consonants of the name garbage - grbg! After that they would smack their head on the keyboard and, voila, Gardobor was born!
I seriously hope that they get a little more creative in Pokemon X and Y, i really do...

In coclusion, i think Pokemon X and Y have the potential to become a great game, that will attract new people to the series if they don't make the same mistakes that they've made!
Pokemon X and Y will be released worldwide, October 2013!

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What to write?

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So, I'm meaning to start this blog for quite some time, but never had the topic for a FIRST entry!
The topic i chose to discuss in my first entry was the lack of topics to discuss... Quite the topic hein?
Not quite discussable, but still... Heh...

Now on the serious side, I pretend to be a little more active on Gamespot!
Hope you like my posts :)
See you around!