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regarding Kenya

When I was growing up in midwest (midlands) of the United States

I had some very good friends that I've stayed in touch with all my life.

A few of these are from my time living near one of the Native American "reservations"

My best friend in those days was a few years younger than me and started

college after I graduated.

He sent me a picture from his small midwest school one day in the late '70s of a young

man sitting on the concourse with a lunch bag of money and explained it.

The son of Jomo Kenyatta was sent to their unknown college for an education

and to stay out of publicity and to keep away from the media.

it was a success because only a few of his pals knew who he was or that

he got a monthly allowance that amounted to enough $100 dollar bills to

fill a lunch bag!

As anyone who follows the International news can see he is less less flamboyant

only now no longer feels the need for any restraint.... were that the case

he would not be up for charges in the International Criminal Court for

crimes against humanity stemming from the loss of the last election.

Now he can't get money from his daddy there are also charges of

misappropriation of fund:lol: