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Piffles and Sniffles

when I just a little tyke my favourite cartoon was Mary Jane and Sniffles.

Thanks to reruns I saw it for a few years after they quit making new episodes and comics.

for the many of you who are unfamiliar with this cartoon it is about a little girl and her mouse friend.

when Mary Jane says:

"Magic words of poof poof piffles, make me just as small as Sniffles."

she shrinks to the same size as Sniffles the mouse and has adventures, usually in the lawn or the house.

once I can remember they went to the North Pole and helped Santa.

it was the type of silly things that were meant to entertain little kids.

It was sort of the My Little Pony of many, many years ago.

what are some of the shows that you remember from your younger days?

and can you still watch them without resorting to Hulu or youtube...



That sounds like an interesting idea for a cartoon.  I doubt I could tell you about many cartoons you haven't ever heard of at one point or another, but I grew up with cartoons of the 80's, 90's and onwards so I've really watched a lot of toons in my days.  I remember when I was a kid one show I really liked was called 'Shnookums & Meats', and it was about an orange cat and a blue dog.  That show sticks out to me in particular because I remember Franco-American or some other company produced a soup with pasta in the shapes of the characters for a little while, and I was watching the cartoon for a while and then it just kind of stopped being on one day, which saddened me.


Haha Jim I google you! nice to see you are alive and well and still kicking and blogging! happy Nowruz! lol take care and good gaming  ~Makan


Hello Dad. I`m sorry u were sick. I`m sick now. BTW I don`t like the new gamespot. It was hard to find your blog so I had to google you heheh I`m waiting for you on steam then