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not likely to attack Syria

why do I say that?

if our President and Secretary of State were not willing to send troops to Benghazi

when American lives were at risk from terrorists why shoule we expect them to send

troops to Syria when it is Syrians fighting each other and there is a question regarding

which side would be the correct one to support.

I knew a young man with a rapid reaction force who was on a ship at sea, geared up

and ready to move out to Benghazi as soon as they received the command but the

word to go never came and when they finally stood down it was all over.

After talking to him I knew that any comment talking about "not having knowledge"

or being unaware of nature of what was happening while it was ongoing was

nothing more than typical Washington spin and double talk.

that is why I am afraid that the present fuzz about Syria is not a serious

attempt to make an attack but is really another typical Washington attempt

to deflect attention from subjects that were becoming embarrasing.

such as the cost of the new Affordable Health Care Plan which is turning out

to be affordable only for the politicians who decided to opt themselves out

of this not so affordable plan. :P

Bashar al-Assad is the legal government whatever you think of him.

if we were to support the opposition we are basically siding with Al Qaeda terrorists.

it is a lose-lose scenario regarding any question of military involvement.

From what I have gathered from talking or writing with people I know in the area.

there is no wish for America to become involved - we have no business there.

just as we had no business in Iraq or several other places.

I was in Kuwait during the second Gulf War which was known in America as Desert Storm.