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Jobless and desperate isn't anything new

back in the dad broke his neck so I had to skip university and stay home and get a job.

I had hoped to stay with relatives and I also had a scholarship that covered tuition and books.

I got work at the local hardware store and went to a couple of community colleges and transferred to State.

the job at the hardware ended when the owners son left school and came home.

I couldn't find anything else and wound up with the Air Force which wasn't bad as an career goes.

It wasn't my first choice but my father had been in the Army and my padrastro (stepdad) was a Marine Gunny.

I was married for a few years to a girl who was the daughter of a Korean military man.


Jobless and desperate... sounds familiar.  So does being in the Air Force! :)


You're quite the hero man! :D

How are you? :) Been a long time huh? :(