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I am urging and also trying to show patience

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for a couple of reasons.

I trust that the admins and techs will finish getting this site in order and they will finish fully integrating livefyre into the new Gamespot which will make a huge difference especially with our ability to make comments.

and that I'll figure out what is going on with my browsers. both AVG and now Avast warn me that both the old and now the new Gamespot are not to be trusted and also as soon as I try to load Firefox Avast gives me the the malicious url warning and will not let me update that site because of this. I have sent the message on them regarding this issue and will work on updating my drivers but that was supposed to have been done already.

to be honest I had forgotten about the drivers until Alexandra (VintAge68) mentioned it when we were talking yesterday.



I think I may be running out of patience.


My patience is wearing thin but I plan on sticking around for a while.  I really would like to find friend's blogs more easily.


I'm showing patience too.  Hopefully they can program in a bunch of the good feedback members have been leaving in the Feedback forum.