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Hello to everyone I haven't met as of yet

There are plenty of people here I don't know and some of you I do know only know my profile name.

I'm Jim a gaming grampa from the western part of the United States.

in my Air Force days I was a liaison with the RAAF for a time and played a bit of Australian Rules Football.

this happened mostly because my Colonel noticed I spelled honour instead of honor and since that was the only difference between me and the other blokes he had under consideration I got an assignment I didn't know existed.

I was the best job I ever had and besides it was partly as a result of this I ended up going to Philippines and South Korea.

this was a time of unrest in Korea because it was not too long after President Park Chung-Hee was assassinated.

I helped a Korean girl who was being harassed by a couple of GIs and ended up in a relationship for a couple of years.


mystic_knight moderator

Hey there.

it seems you have had quite an adventure, Nice to meet you.

I'm actually from Australia and seeing you intrigued in an Aussie sport, tells me you are very open minded about the world, that and the fact you you experienced one of my favourite cultures; Korea, means there should be lots to talk about.

My name is John Nice to meet you.



good to meet you. 

I have barracked for the Dees since they were a contender - back in the days of VFL Park which I hear is no longer around.         That was the time of the "Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars" advert which I still  some times sing.

I was at an Air Base that trained pilots and navigators  and was lucky enough to work with a couple detachments including the RAAF and played darts and snooker when off duty with them and RAF and some AFL and cricket on the weekends.

I lived off base a couple hundred metres from the tavern which had billiards tables   weekly darts tournaments.

the 70s and 80s were not that much different than now except with out computers and video games we played more snooker and darts and on the weekend had  more time to play cricket, footy and rugby league