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Doctor Who

I had been having difficulties with interruptions in service with both internet and television.

Changed cable companies and after two days I can see better service, beside there are more channels.

I get BBC America and can watch Doctor Who without looking for replays on the internet.

I grew up on The Doctor and have seen most of the episodes.

I remember all the Doctors and companions

For too long now we have had to cope without UNIT and The Brigadier

my favourite Doctors:

Tom Baker

Peter Davison - he made a proper cricketer - I still see Tristan Farnon

David Tennant

Chris Eccleston

Jon Pertwee - he had style and great old time car "Bessie" - Worzel Gummidge

in fact the only Doctor I didn't care for was Colin Baker, he was annoying.

another low point was the mediocre Sylvester McCoy.

I know they still use the UNIT name but it is not the same entity as with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart from

the glory days of The Doctor


Peter Davison was my favorite Dr. Who.  I also liked him on All Creatures Great and Small.


@MJoanne I loved him as The Doctor but I also sa Tristan Farnon every time I watched him because I really liked Al Creatures.