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Amanda Knox trial - AGAIN.

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it is time to bring back out all those tired Knoxy jokes because the Amanda Knox

appeal the overturned the conviction has itself been overturned by the Italian.

Supreme Court.

They must have been annoyed by all the jokes about Italy folding once again

under pressure from the United States.

While not exactly what you would call munter I don't reckon that Amanda Knox

would get a knickname like "Foxy Knoxy" if not for the pleasing assonance

of the rhyme with her family name.

After all she has never seemed to go out of her way to appear to be sexy.

There were a couple years when you couldn't avoide her in the news and it

appeared to me that she had the appearance of a librarian more than the sex

fiend the journalists were making of her.

Also I don't blamer the girl one iota for not returning to Italy for the new trial.

she spent 4 years in gaol-jail the last time around.