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I am back and may be preoccupied for a little while.

family issues.

I'm not going to whine about the problems.

They are not permanent, just annoying


I will be leaving.

for the weekend, gone from Thurday thourh Saturday for Father's Day.

eh, don't get your hopes up GSers......

like a Brad...I mean bad penny ...I'll be back.

hell Brad Penny just flopped in a bid to pitch with the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks :o

I remember when he pitched for the Dodgers I was making

Jake and the Fatman Joe Penny jokes when started to mess up so bad.

**I know what many guys would have said but mess up says it just as well""

it takes a little extra effort to use the curse words and you don't know

who you are going to offend. I am aware that many and maybe most

people don't care but I also realize that a few of my friends are offended

by such language and it does not take any effort to avoid using it.

United fans unite

with a dash of research one finds that the esteemed Reg Smyth was himself

a northerner and made Andy Capp from his own home town of Hartlepool.

So when Andy boarded a bus for the United supporters was for the

Hartlepool Football Club.

I had assumbed Man U because for the last few seasons whenever you hear

United it is always Man U they are screaming about.

It does get tiring for those of us who are long time fans of other clubs.

(ask if I'm sorry to see the last of Sir Alex/Alec bad tempered cry baby) :P

and further more in "The Cigarette Book The History and Culture of Smoking"

leading off the chapter on Wills Woodbine is the following quotation:

"The history of Woodbines has glided over the last 120 years from the sylvan

glades to the rather glummer world of Andy Capp."

coinage confusion

I remember decimalization and I could not believe it when I heard an Englishman

refer to 5 bob as the equivalent of 5 pence.

He does not remember what "real" money was and/or didn't bother to equat

it to the modern equivalent.

a bob was a quarter of a pound - a half crown - 10 shillings - 60 pence.

I stand corrected a bob was a shilling or 1/20 of a pound I feel embarrassed.

it is very simple and also a beautiful tradition I wish that had never been changed.

why the rush to decimalization?

this happened about the time I graduated high school and I still have a nice

stock of farthings, halfpenny, penny, tuppence, sixpence, halfcrown, crown, shilling.

I do not have a groat though:P

I was reading my Andy Capp books. I have 6 of them with publish dates from

1965 through 1986 and I've wondered about one thing.

found a seventh Andy Capp book . from the late 60s, early 70s.

in a 1975 cartoon I notice him getting on a United Supporters bus so I reckon

the writer was a fan of Man U before they became the big deal they are now.

and he always has a cigarrette dangling from the corner of his mouth.

is it a Park Drive or a Willie Woodbine?

since he reminds me of Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances in many ways

I'm going to guess at Woodbine the smoke of the common man.

about 1980 I spent 60 USD for a set of darts which at the time was around £110.

I was making good money then.

the inflation calculator said $60 / 1980 is worth 170 today.

and $60 2013 dollars would be 21 dollars in 1980.

in 1980 the pound was almost twice the value of the dollar and

it is getting there once again.

I also got a couple of sets of Union Jack flights..

my partner in the darts league was in the RAF - we met at work because I was

assigned to them

and one of the few Yanks who could play a decent game of darts and the only

one who knew Snooker.

is your first job really that bad?

I see people complaining about their work and some times their first jobs

fairly often on the forums here so I thought I would share my first work experience.

just to show that what you are doing might not be so very awful.:wink:

my first 'real job' was at a worm farm

when you buy a tub of worms for fishing remember someone picked them out

of the horse or cow manure and counted out 50 to a box.

also you have to make sure not to disturb the worms who are connected by slime

they are 'mating'

Then I advanced to a chicken ranch and moved from handling horse manure to

shoveling chicken crap. what a huge promotion :)

speaking of jobs Americans are not willing to do

Did anyone else pick tomatos during the summer?

that is back breaking work and the pay is not that good but some times

there isn't much else available.

Farm work has never been a high paying job...did spend half year helping

with chores for a farmer in between real get fed and what ever he can pay

but they don't have a lot of cash on hand. The full time hand that lived

on the place would walk to Trowbridge two weekends a month to have a few beers.

THEN I finally got a real job that paid a decent wage as a janitor.

that was my first real job.

I won't say when this all was.

Trowbridge now has about 200 people - at the time there was just one building

Can Holden Hold on?

With the news that Ford Australia is closing shop after 85 years because they now

feel that their business is no longer sustainable.

Holden is the only producer of automobiles left, will they now be in better shape?

After all they do have a history of fantastic trucks, utes and cars.

not to mention the absolute best advert of all time.

humorousous thoughts and jokes

Should have taken a lesson from the Balkans!

Look at this crackpot idea that we had in 1920 of abolishing individual

nations and putting them together under the Yugoslav flag.

It led to disaster and the EU has sadly made the same tragic mistake.

It is only now becoming obvious to everyone.

Except the U.K. who didn't want any part of it in the first place.

and Germany who is the only nation who has prospered from the Eurozone.

belongs in this topic....the Eurozone has long qualified for joke status:roll:



Husband - Aaah! ...At last! I can hardly wait!

Wife - Do you want me to leave?

Husband - No! Don't even think about it.

Wife - Do you love me?

Husband - Of course! Always have and always will!

Wife - Have you ever cheated on me?

Husband - No! Why are you even asking?

Wife - Will you kiss me?

Husband - Every chance I get!

Wife - Will you hit me?

Husband - Hell no! Are you crazy?!

Wife - Can I trust you?

Husband - Yes.

Wife - Darling!

AFTER MARRIAGE: read from bottom to top.


FOR fans of X-Factor:

Cowell wants body frozen after death'

why wait?


British rescue operation.

Use stealth tactics to get into the enemy building.

Use silenced weapons and gas to disable combatants and avoid detection.

Rescue victim quickly and without taking any casualties.

American rescue operation.

Roll up in Hummers, because they are cool. Throw grenades at building

until everyone inside is dead, because explosions are f''ing cool.

Drag corpse of person you just 'rescued' out of the rubble.

stick American flag in the remains then the survivors make a high five.


Prince Charles decided to take up jogging.

Every day, he'd jog past a hooker standing on the same street corner.

He learned to brace himself as he approached her for what was almost certain to follow.

"One hundred and fifty pounds!" she'd shout from the curb.

"No! Five pounds!" He would fire back, just to shut her up.

This ritual between him and the hooker became a daily occurrence.

He'd run by and she'd yell, "One hundred and fifty pounds!"

He'd yell back, "Five pounds!"

One day, Camilla decided that she wanted to accompany her husband on his jog.

As the jogging couple neared the working woman's street corner, Prince Charles realised she'd bark her 150 pound offer and Camilla would wonder what he'd really been doing on all his past outings.

He figured he'd better have a good explanation for his wife.

As they jogged into the turn that would take them past the corner, he became even more apprehensive than usual.

Sure enough, there was the hooker.

He tried to avoid the prostitute's eyes as she watched the pair jog past.

Then, from her corner, the hooker yelled, "See what you get for five pounds, you tight bastard?!"


mistake on the BBC News online.

The headline said that Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall had broken a leg but

the photo alongside was of Shergar.


Scientists have shown

that the moon is moving away at a tiny, although measurable distance from the earth every year.

If you do the maths, you can calculate that 85 million years ago the moon was orbiting the earth at a distance of about

10 metres from the earths surface.

This would explain the death of the dinosaurs. The tall ones, anyway.


Medal of Honour has been described as the most controversial game ever

because there's a level where you have to shoot Yanks in Afghanistan.

So, you play as an American then?


Afghans are unable to understand or comprehend such a violent massacre.

A lone gunman running around executing people for no reason.

Americans learn about this in school.


They should have captured Bin Laden alive and made him

continually go through airport security for the rest of his life.


I think its great that female pilots are dropping bombs on the Taliban.

It would be even better if they dropped pamphlets that said:

'This bomb was brought to you by Jenny,

who is naked and enjoys drinking, smoking and premarital sex.'



David Richards,40, from Caerwys snaps photo of UFO in back garden!

Well sir if you say it's a UFO then you have identified it making it an FO,

if it's landed in your back garden it's not flying thus making it an O.

So David, you have succesfully managed to take a photo of an object in your garden.

R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

whether or not you liked metal, the found of Slayer will be missed.

he wrote some of their best stuff.

Jeff's liver failure was a result of :

"necrotising fasciitis" a flesh eating disease as a reult of a spider bite.:shock:

it was two years ago he got the bite. In the past I never worried about spiders,

the bites even of widows can be a bit annoying but never made me sick.

this is something though that gives you pause.

don't know what kind of spider because Jeff was having a couple beers while

kicking back in his hot tub one day when he noticed the bite afterwards.

he checked into the doctor when his arm got hot and the skin started corrupting.

the nurse what it was right away.

many people haven't noticed that they weren't on stage as much the last year or two.

because when the musicians get older the fan base often moves on.

Slayer has been playing for more than 30 years and the band member are nearing 50.

Jeff was 49 which while not old for this day and age, he should have had years left.

it is considered old for a rocker.

real British money

My collection includes some English coins from the World War 2 era and before.

I have the farthings, halfpenny, penny, tuppence, groat, and a sixpence.

half crown and shilling.

I believe a thrupence is the only coin from the '38 to '45 time frame I don't have.

one of my great uncles worked with the RAF years before I did and brought back

some interesting stories and a bag of coins.

I have some French and Morroccan vichy scrip and Japanese rupees issued for

occupied Malaysia.

and Iranian bills from the time time of last two Shahs.

also Spanish, Mexican, Argentine, and Canadian.

I still have some Mexican, Canadian, Filipino, Australian, and Korean money.

lots of Canadian coins....I used them in coke machines when I was a kid

but I'm only listing the old things that are in my collection.