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Stubbs the Zombie?

MacGamestore always has something I'm thinking of getting. The latest one I'm considering is Stubbs the Zombie. Ain't sure about it yet. sounds like it might be fun but so does Postal 2 and Tron. Still haven't decided on my next RPG, gotta put more thought into it cuz the last one was a bust. Dark Cloud. It seemed like it might be okay at first but it stinks. Repetitive, boring and easy.

Japanese women beat Canada in Curling!

sounds like a big upset for anyone to beat the Canadians at curling, but to those of us who are fans are not surprised at anything the Japanese team can do. Third Yumie Hayashi and skip Ayumi Onodera have led their squad to several high finishes in the world championship in recent years, once as close as second in the world. Last year Japan won the Pacific Curling Championship so don't be surprised at their good showing here.

Canadian Women take the Gold

They beat Sweden 4-1 to grab their second consecutive Gold medal in Olympic play. The big story is they didn't have to play the World Champion U.S. team. This gives the Swedes an unprecedented Silver medal. Now that is something that they, the Swiss, and the Finns had never expected would happened. Before this year in Turin neither the Canadians and Americans had ever lost a game of hockey to anybody but each other. The Canucks lost once and the Yanks lost twice and the teams never even had a chance to play. Either the playing field is starting to get leveled or something is very wrong with the program at the home of the U.S. women's Ice Hockey team.

U.S. Women's Hockey Team. Olympic update

The defending World Champion U.S.Women's Hockey team lead by Katie Kings hat trick beat Finland 4-0 to take the Bronze madal in the Olympics. They seem to have regressed despite having a plethora of talent. With Jenny Potter, Krissie Wendell, and Jennie Chu alongside Angela Ruggiero I wouldn't think anything could've stopped them, especially with Chanda Gunn at Goalie. Yet with talent improving they have managed to go from Gold in '98 to Silver in 2002 and Bronze this year. And the coaching has been the same for the the last eleven years. Maybe that is the problem. Something has to change attitude at least, I think they were just waiting for the Gold medal game with Canada and not worried enough about the rest of the matches. If that atttitude doesn't rest on the shoulders of the coach who else is responsible for it taking hold of the team. They have the talent!

Can't believe both the U.S.Olympic hockey teams lost.

Can believe that not both the mens and womens hockey teams lost, so did the Canadian mens hockey team! At least the U.S. mens curlers made it through to the medal round. Right now they are the only U.S. team in Hockey or Curling that still has a chance at a gold medal.

Cricket is another game where the MAC is been dissed

I checked for Cricket games and found 34 games listed, but not one for MAC of course. Even though I had cricket on my old iMac G3 so long ago I'd almost forgotten about it. Found a version updated to OS X not long ago. Another Macgame I can't place on gamespot because it doesn't have a Macinstosh listing.

Can't seem to find a decent curling game or any curling game at all any more.

There was one the old Classic Macintosh Operating System. It was not very good though, didn't play a full 10 ends or have enough stones in each side. I just can't believe nobody has stepped forward and made a first class Curling game yet. Seriously with the history behind the Brier Cup and the Scott Tournament of Hearts you'd think it would be worth while for somebody especially with the popularity the sport of curling has gained during the Olympics. I for one would buy that game in two seconds. I do have a reasonably good Cricket game for the Mac, if they make a Cricket game surely they can make a Curling game. There are many more countries with curling teams than there are with cricket squads.

My now playing list

I was going to cut down my now playing list, 57 seemed like an high number but when I started checking out the games I realized that while it might take me awhile to get back to each one of them and some hardly ever get played anymore. While I only play some once or twice a month I'm not only still playing all of them I'm adding new ones all the time. Halo, Doom3, Spyhunter, No One Lives Forever on the MAC all get played quite a bit right now. Got quite a few on the PS2 with new ones coming in all the time, including the new Kingdom and Shadow Hearts due next in March.