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here we go my written confession

for those that dont know my name is ionusx. my real name is bradley. im 23 i have brown hair, brown eyes and i am Bi with a strong preference for men. i have been this way since i was 17 and have been out of the closet IRL since march 1 2013. i have a guy im chasing and the way we act and the way we communicate is really strong. i used to be straight, but some brainwashing from a very unique circumstance and continually getting burned by girls before we even became friends forced me off women for now and probably for a long time.

im going to say a silent prayer that this blog post doesnt become troll bait and hope nobody treats me any different because of my admission. i did this because waiting for a brighter day is impossible, that day will be too late. and encourage anyone who is in the closet on gamespot to come out, its okay, nobody is going to hurt you.