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User manuals

The good old days of good old user manuals has passed us by, methinks. I remember the days of buying a game and getting an extensive manual inside. I'm not talking so much about the instructions on how to play the game, but the story and lore that would be inside it. It was good fun to read up about the story and characters and such before playing the game, or while playing the game. I always enjoyed that aspect of gaming, especially with RPG's. Most games I buy lately, though, don't have anything in them at all. Just a few pages on the basics of the game and that's it, no story or anything. Now, I know that saves companies money by printing less pages and all, but still, I don't think one or two, maybe three pages will break them. That little extra hype and build up around a game is fun, in my opinion. Oh well.

RTS console games

Ok, so, here's my first attempt at my blog. Every time I check my account, it tells me to write, here goes!

I sometimes sit and wonder when (if ever) we'll see more RTS games for consoles. I know it's not the hot thing and sales don't break the bank, but games like LotR Battle for Middle Earth II and CivRev are great games and loads of replayable fun. Of course there's bugs and they aren't perfect, but show me any game for the console or PC that doesn't have any bugs or issues at all. It's a bit of a shame that a CivRev 2 is not in the works and may never be. These games are a breath of fresh air in a place where there really aren't too many different genres of games to choose from. I hope that the gaming world does not give up on the RTS world and there will be more games to come. I would reallly enjoy seeing what they could come up with.