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Assassin creed games are the lame and same.

AC series is simplistic to a boredom level.. you can beat EVERY game with an atari joystick. cause you need 1 button!!!!!

Seriously behind the great pruduction values lies a pretty BAD game. Combat is retarted, same as EVERY ANNUAL ac game. Platforimg is retarded and meant for kids. hold down forward and run button...

Yet you buy and give the devs the impression that the game is great.

And yeah critisice me down , but you already know i am 100% right.

I know the ending too... yeah great space magic there

Dragon age 2 is actually worth playing after the patches and DLC

Until my current 3rd playthrough i hated DA2. i did not like the combat,
the waves of enemies, Hawke, his voice, Isabella and her sexism, the
companions were not like DA:O, the fact that DA2 is rushed, the lack of
consequences and lots of others.
I was in the camp "DA2 is abysmal so burn every copy".
I decided to replay da2 as i run out of rpg's.

I approached DA2 with the knowledge of the wavy combat so i played more
carefully and not spamming button awesome abilities without a reason.
I approached DA2 with the knowledge that i was going to see "that map" again and again.
I approached DA2 with the knowledge that inevitably the same story will happen.

Suddenly something sparked inside me, the story feels personal now, i feel the
series of events Hawkes is participating is shaping the events that are
to come. this is great. He met Anders in order to participate the expedition in order
to have a chance at kirkwall etc
Some quests really feel very good and i like the fact that the story is not grand epic.
The interactions with companions and friendship-rivarly is the best feature bioware ever made for companions.
I like Isabella, aveline and fenris. Varric feels like a friend like Alistair and Morrigan did. Anders is kinda whinny though but in DAA he was likeable.
The music is fantastic. New tracks and returning themes from DAO.

So many skill tress and there is quite some thought on what you are going
to put points. Damage dealing without any utility or party-friendly talents does
not work for me. i have to move companions out of the way , to
reposition them, to create cross class combos. it is not just select the
whole party and nuke the same mob.
I was doing that the last two playthroghs and was getting owned.
Even the game is more actiony you still have to be tactical ( in hard or nightmare difficulty).
Some quests were very well done, i liked the qunari a lot and the Arishok is very intimidating.
I still have critisicm about the game but it's been said again and again.
If you get past the recycled enviroments and get used to the combat and know what to expect DA2 is very good game.
Bioware has done a very good job given the timeframe. I will actually buy Legacy and MOTA DLC as ienjoy the game wand want to experience more story.

As for DA3 i would say what many have said: Keep the good stuff from DA2 and good from DA3 and improve them.

as far as Missing link dlc goes it stomps on most games out there.

small price for a Dlc that actually has as much length as most games out there. it really adds to the main game.
that statement is basically all you need to know deus ex HR lovers. thisdlc does not feel disjointed and it adds up to the main game. the sad part is that it does not automatically load while you paly the main game. you ll get the part where it says , several days later where you must quit to the main screen and load it manually, after you finish it you must continue your main game.

Now about the gameplay,
it is GREAT, lots of tension, upgraded visuals i think, GREAT EFFING OST again like the main game, lots of action, lots of mystery and if you are carefull enough about some things you ll see why this ited to main game. no boss this time (i would like one to be honest).
this dlc is actually very thoughtfully crafted. Every aug will get you somewhere else, every aug will give you another solution to advance.
Every augmantation comes in handy. i invested in hacking.
Had i invested in other seamingly less usefull augs the result would be the same but with different advancement.
this dlc seems to favor stealth , since well you want actually to escape the situation but if you favor combat you will also have a great time since it is harder than the main game (which sometimes felt too easy if you favored the combat approach). in this way the dlc is balanced. the combat approach is tensefull as it should be.
as far as story goes there is a lot of mystery and conspiracy. it FEELS GREAT. i do not want to spoil anything.

If you loved the main game more than the average crap out there that lasts 10 or less hours as i do PLAY this dlc. it last me about 10 hours, i do not rush in games as game revewers do.
buy and support Eidos montreal. what they have pulled with Deus ex HR and missing link Dlc only happens once in a couple of years in gaming.

Dragon age 2 revisited. I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE THIS GAME...

Ok i was wrong. Dragon age 2 is dissapointing in EVERYWAY possible. hell, even without having played DAO the game feels wrong and rushed. While i still liked the story, the story still lucked focus.
the worst aspect of Dragon age 2 noone mentions is the combat, it is NEITHER rpg NOR action. it is CRAP.
Kirkwall is the ugliest enviroment in a game ever created. nothing is exciting-everything is boring.

also i was dissapointed by the difficulty in combat. on easy normal hard difficulty the game was supereasy button mashy with the exception of some of the worts difficulty spikes i've ever seen.
on nightmare the game was fricking impossible. becasue of the wavy combat concept you can issue no strategy at all. to make matters worse the abilities' cooldown are HUGE. add the fact that MOST of the talents are damage dealing and that theer are SO mnay of them and presto! you have the worst combat i ve seen in a bioware game.

However the game offered me lots of hours and justified it's price along with some memorable moments in the story (ehich by the way is best only at one playthrough because NOTHING CHANGES!!!)

very good story GREAT OST, BUT WITH FEW decisions that actually matter , worst mindless combat , broken difficulty, most boring enviroments (i did not mind the repetition as much as it hey were boring to look at as hell).
propably most dissapointing game EVER. it had so much potential.

this game should get LESS than 8.

Deus ex HR VS Mass effects

1)A.I: both have simple a.i, both ai make the same mistekes , HOWEVER reviews critisised DXHR a.i
2)Cover: mass effect 2 has CRAP cover, you cannnot just deny it, deus ex cover is superior, just look at how you make adam or shepard cover, Left trigger vs Forward and dash. also mass effect cover is clunky , someone told me a few days ago here that ME2 has better cover, yeah right.... i am replaying ME2 atm for the 3time (cause i love it but the cover SUCKS)
3)Bosses: ME2 bosses like Praetorians are the worst thing, No strategy you just exploit them, you run around always in cover and you let your squadmates kill them, i am speaking of insanity difficulty ofcourse, DXHR bosses were just more balanced andactually you played instead of running around like a jerk. HOWEVER reviews critisised DXHR bosses. ME2 bosses actually make the game worse with any **** unlike DXHR. plus in DXHR bosses are not hard at all, in the famous barret i did like 10 minutes on hardest difficulty of course. but noooo people complain about DX and not ME preatorians and those thing twith the shockwaves....
4)Loading: dx has lots of loading... WHAT? ME 2 has twice the amount of loading but once again HOWEVER reviews critisised DXHR loading.
5)Gameplay: what can i say here.... In DX you do not just cover and shoot and speak. you do things your way. ME2 has ZERO exploration and the gameplay pattern as i have mentioned here again is like this
Land on planet --> kill a few guys --> find someone --> kill some more --> cutscene --> find potential member about to be recruited , however he has a request --> kill guys again --> return to normandy . there are clases in ME2 but the pattern is the same
teh same pattern again and again.
6)Story: ME2 story "something is abducting human colonies, you commander shepard must assemble a team and take on a siucide mission. Credits, the end"
it is that simple.
DXHR story "after an atack at your headquarters that left you for dead you begin your journey for the truth uncovering some nasty conspiracies and some (obvious for some people) twists. noone is who seems to be, Unlike ME"
which story of both shpuld be praised?? you tell me.
7) characters: ME does that exceptionally better , lots of DXHR characters are very shallow.
8 ) hacking skills.... everybody LOL here.
Last but not least
9 ) Combat: In me2 you cover BUT this the most static combat i ve seen , you just lay on the same cover and use your powers unless you play as a vanguard the most satisfying clas s, ME2 combats shines only there). you lay on the SAME cover spot for all the duration of the combat.... you even command your swuadmates to use the same cover. Not a pattern, zero, nada. this is not needed, in DXHR if you play it stealthy or combat ****or non lethal or ghost ****the combat ****changes.

How people Dig ME2 so much than DXHR is beyond me, seriously, this i cannot understand, it is not opinion to me , it is blindness.
DXHR has flaws certainly, but it si a better package.
i am ot bashing ME2 actually i ve played it 2 and right now i am on my 3 playthrough but DXHR is just the better game.
actually HR and deus ex 1 ruined gaming for me personally, after BOTH games (first one in its time) i could not get satisfaction with any other game.

Dragon age 2 is NOT even half as bad as people claim

Dragon age 2 is NOT even half as bad as people claim.. yes DAO is way better but we are talking about DAO here. why people hate DA2 and evel call it the worst rpg sequel this gen? Sure it has flaws like stupidly recycled enviroments , limitation to companions's armors, ect BUT there is a quality down there too. Some new directions likeare for the better. while there is no main story you fell like you changing the fate of kirkwall citizens.
Sure DAO's cpmpanions were better but that doesn t mean DA2 companions are bad.
i am at act2 to almost act3 and the game really grows in me. i really wonder why so much hate.
I wish way more games were more like dragon age 2 and less than that 10hourshortcampaing with and added pointless MP.
Plus you get your money back; this is a lenghty game among the short 10hour games with a MP component trend. You take more than you pay.
So why do you hate it so much?
guys RPGS are not a popular genre and da2 reaction was bad for the genre; i think. Bioware is one quality developer and has given us gamong gems since baldurs gate and you bash it.
Hopefully DA3 will have the best of both worlds.

Mass effect 2 and Dragon age 2 on Ps3!!!!

I Knew that ME2 was coming to ps3 eventually!!!!!! Take that you hated M$. you arrogant! Anyway, i just knew it!!! I am so happy!!!! Now i know what i am going to do in late january and in march (deus ex 3 is coming up too!!!). i Know how to deal with my countrie's **** economics.... i am just gonna play and leave all these stupid politicians and their corruption alone.

Bioware is ONE of a kind, unique developer.

Bioware is ONE of a kind, unique. all of their games seem to be based around the same mechanics, they are not .each game is a masterpiece. i Do not know or cannot think of any other developer like bioware. they make games like NOOONE other does. their games have choice , passion ,moral choices , character depth , romance , and last but not least astounding action. And most of all huge length and great replay value. because when you replay each game things are gonna be different from what you remembered it to be.

Suppose bioware is gone. Like 2012 for example. DAMN one part of gaming inside me will just vanish. Gaming will not be the same again, cause there are not any other deveolpers like bioware.

SO i wish there were more developers like bioware. They put passion in their games and they just do not get the recognition the should. You can see that in sales, not that their games sell bad but other games sell a lot more when they SHOULD NOT. cough**MW2-halo odst**cough. You also can see that cause people don t mention bioware like other developers , like bungie or naughty dog (not that bungie or naughty dog aren t awesome). I realised my self that when dragon age will be finished i ll be SO much wating the next bioware game, like i did when i finished mass effect on pc. i was SO excited about mass effect 2 and dragon age.

So until 2012 just SUPPORT bioware by buying their games .

P.S i see there are haters about dragon age for ps3, the hate comes from graphics. are you serious?

1) The graphics are not great but they are OK.

2) Have you played the game for any longet than 2 hours?

3) If you did #2 and you were not sucked you either need to see a shrink or you are under 12.


From now on i am gonna buy every game you make.

9.0 score is like candy nowdays. anyone agrees?

9.0 score is like candy nowdays. anyone agrees?

thats the question, every hyped game has received a 9 (if we exclude DA for xbox)

now i do not wanna bash anything but does L4D2 deserves a 9? does AC2 deserves a 9? the first one AC deserved a 9?

does even infamous deserves a 9? does halo ODST deserves a 9.0?

where is the 8 or 8.5 anymore?

is 8 or a 8.5 a bad score?

yes it is a bad score

OR so it seems when the majority of hyped games always get 9.0

it is all about opinion and i have not played aAC2 or left for dead 2, but come on? 9 all the time? (it rhymes!)

(L4d2 looks too generic imo, you just kill zombies, have nt we done this before a gazzillion times? i suppose that shotgun does wonders in this game :lol:)

i wish scores would be more normal. how long has passed when we saw a 7 or 8?

someone could say that it just happens that the latest games are kickass , yes some maybe be kickass but all of them?

too much of a coincidence.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma just rocks... what was i missing all this time...

ninja gaiden sigma rocks... yeap it just rocks . it is just so addicting , so well designed , so atmosfairic, so damn rewarding when you slash your enemies. what was i missing! my first NG was the one for master system and is one of my favorite games i ever played that time! so happy memories! an instant favorite for me. then there were Ng for nes. they were awesome too!

now 15 years later i just played sigma. boy what was i missing.. i beat it twice in a row. i am playing this game for over 2 weeks. i ll take a break now to platimun inFamous but sometime i ll replay ng Σ. this game is n about finishing it. it is about PLAYING it. which is a rare thing and a good thing.

yes there are some tedious moments in the game and it could be and shlould be better at some parts but if you do t think aout it you won t even notice it. i am SO getting Ng Σ 2....

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