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I suppose...

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Since the last blog was proclaiming that I was leaving gamespot, that this blog should either not exist or explain why I'm back. it does neither of those things. I have just wasted a few moments of what could have been a perfectly good life.

life after gamespot

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i'm never here. i'm on ot late at night sometimes and maybe make a post or two per day now when i'm just checking my email etc. I thought I would miss you guys more. As OT slowly goes downhil though and all of my favorite people become banned i find myself caring less that i don;t want to be here. life has called and i have moved on, sometimes i look back and remember good times on here with you guys on the ot and for 2 years this place really helped to make me who i am today. unfortunately that person has to move on, goodbye gamespot.

it's been so long

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I haven't blogged since january and it is now february, that is quite sad. I've really missed you guys but i've been busy with my girlfriend(happily dating 2 months) and with my studies because my grades aren't really what they should be, i'm attributing it to a sophomore slump. I'm gonna pull it out though so don't worry about me you guys :P just finished my OTcars counting which is nice. haven't been on ot much but i'm glad to be involved with the cars this year. as always i'm watching that 70s show and chilling before a long week of school. peace out homies. yes, i wish i could pull that phrase off.


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just couldn;t stand the thought of leaving a blog up that made people think i was gone, maybe i'll blog something notable here laterr.

Bye guys

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i'll be back from arizona in 4 days, had ya going didn;t i? :P

my top 10 albums for 08

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1. Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV

2. The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound

3. Nine Inch Nail - The Slip

4. We Are scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

5. Thrice - The Alchemy Index Volume 3&4

6. Modwheelmood - Pearls to Pigs Volume 2&3

7.Deer Hunter - Microcastle

8.The Cur - 4:13 Dream

9. Saves the Day - The Bug Sessions

10.Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

Honorable mentions:

POD - When Angels and Serpents dance

The Kills- Midnight Boom

Deathcab for Cutie - Narrow stairs

Beck - Modern Guilt

great news!

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"Oh yeah - we may have a small holiday gift for you soon. Check back."

the last line on Nine inch nails latest blog entry!

life is good

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relationship is great, family is great, school is great, life is good my friends. And today I went to the ohio state basketball game and we sat second row up from courtside and i was right behind the announcer's and was on tv at halftime(i was the kid in the red shirt smiling like a retard and last night I had a date(that's what friday night is these days) and that went swimmingly(no details for you guys :P) and so now i'm sitting here watching through the second season of that 70's show and reading the OT. pretty meh saturday but it could and has been worse, so i'm content to sit here with you guys and enjoy the night,.

yes, oh yes

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 this video describes me tonight except the homosexual part haha.