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DRM - I'll support it, if its done right

Nothing gets the gaming sites going like a good DRM fiasco. Congrats Spore, you're on the chopping block this week!

Its interesting how offended we get by certain types of DRM, and quite honestly there is a rhyme and reason behind some of it. The Sony rootkit scare has brought DRM into the limelight to even those who generally wouldn't have a clue what DRM stands for.

I would be hard pressed to say that all DRM is bad, its simply not true. DRM has a reason to exist, but I believe it can be handled in a way that appeases both the developer and the consumer.

Let me say this:

I fully endorse and accept DRM if it follows the following guidelines (Which I think are more than fair, If you don't agree let me know :lol: ).


1. Sneaking a program onto a user's system:

Winner: Sony. I hope we've learned from this, if you fully intend on using DRM.Tell the user what you're installing and let them choose whether or not they want to deal with it.

2. Reducing the functionality or disabling other legitimate software on a user's system:

Wait, excuse me? You want to disable my "Insert program here" Last i checked I went out and bought a retail product for lets say $80. You want to tell me you don't agree with my choice, I'm sorry thats pushing the limit. If a company wants to control their software, so be it, but restricting the user's use of another company's property is crossing the line.

3. Follow rules 1 & 2, and I'll buy your game

4. Break rules 1 or 2, and I'll probably still buy your game, but I'll get it cracked because of the annoying "Insert CD now" regardless.

Now where did I put that damn Spore disc again anyway? *Sigh*