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God Super Street Fighter HD Turbo Remix is hard, and a mouthfull.

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Today I downloaded Street Fighter II HD remix and boy that game is hard!! It took me 3 hours to beat the arcade mode on EASY and i still don't know half the moves of at least all 3/4 the characters!!! But after trudging through fourms I finally perfomed Ryu's fireball against deejay in jamica (i still lost the game). Now as a fighting game virgin i expected the game ot be hard but not this hard. Anyways I will try to continue to perform fireball untill i beat that dasterly deejay and onto the next pixelated demon.

Its going full circle

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I was just you know lying around and i realised that at the first consoles were just computers without the computer features but now nowerdays consoles want to become more like computers with internet browsers and media sharing. Kinda funny innit

Xbox 360 Launch Dying Slowly

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I have had my Xbox 360 since launch and since then have never had a red ring or overheat ring (dunno what that looks like). But recently I have purchesed the game Fable 2. Now Fable 2 may not look like the most graphically demanding game on the system but boy is my making sounds when it plays it.

Firstly when the disk is inserted it begins to read it at a unusally high pace and then to stop suddenly with a loud jerking sound. Then it will load the game with a range of grrrrs and gerkkks. Also whenever i save the game the xbox rattles and shakes. Now I was startled when this first happend so I quit the game and played some Call of Duty 4. My xbox was practically silent. It was unbeliveable how could Fable 2 be doing this to my xbox, even my copy of Gears of War dosn't have this effect on the system.

Now due to my fears of my xbox which's warranty ran out about a a year ago i dare not buy Gears 2 because I fear there may be a small atomic explosion inside my xbox.

I play to release a video of me covering songs using my Xbox's sounds.