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7th Year

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Little bit late to be posting, but anyway, 7+ years of Gamespot, good times guys, good times.

My 6th Year Here

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6 years, long time, long time. seems i only do two blogs a year now, one for e3 and one for this yearly celebration. I've enjoyed gamespot for all these years, fun place, any way, just wanted to saw hey, and have a nice night gs!

My Incomplete Summation of E3

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So, i should probably wait until I've seen all the footage from all the games, but for now, and probably for good, these are my thoughts on e3. To start off, I hate motion controllers, the technology just isn't up to par and most often they're slow, fairly unresponsive, and rarely fun to use, I feel like Wii should've proved that by now, but it's quite obvious that game companies aren't taking into account actual use and just basing their judgement on what might sell well. Ok, now that the mandatory motion control complaint is out of the way, on to the real business. I can't think of a good way to do this list, so i'll just put the name first and thoughts after. inFAMOUS 2: Looks good, the inclusion of new powers will definitely make the game more entertaining and worth while, but the change in character style slightly annoys me, though the change in voice actor does the same, the new voice actor sounds a lot better. Killzone 3: I LOVED Killzone 2, so why do i have no interest in Kz3? Probably because it feels far to close to the same, and the only big changes (Snowy environment, Jetpacks, 3d) feel very stale, or seem like they don't belong in the sequel to Kz2 LittleBigPlanet 2: SO FREAKING AWESOME. I didn't think i'd be that interested in a sequel to LBP, but I really want this game. The new play elements are a welcome inclusion, but i fear they might be a bit wrong for the game (like the grappling hook thing.) Twisted Metal: I'm not sure about this, it looks pretty good, but I've never found any combat driving games to be that good. Medal of Honor: Looks like a clone of it's basterd child Call of Duty. Call of Duty Black Ops: I will never have any interest in a Call of Duty game. Portal 2: Looks great and could be the perfect sequel, and the fact that they are giving more benefits to PS3 users has me stoked. Other than that I havent much to say (or i cant think of it.) That's all for now.

5th Year

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Hh lawdy, its my 5th year on gamespot, and I just have to say; things have changed. I was here for the rise and fall of unions, live coverage on the spot (now today on the spot), Ive been banned (at least once), made friends (and lost them), became a fan of the hotspot, seen e3 live like 6 times (i did indeed use the website before i became a member). . . This website is the fourth in my bookmark bar on my mozilla browser (just before Youtube and right after DevArt), because of GS i found LittleBigPlanet, Team Fortress (my favorite game), and many other games that i love (hell, I dont even buy games until I see the GS review) Game Spot Anniversary Thank you GS and CNet staff for the wonderful 5 years. -Cameron

75th Blog Post- KH, Kh2, and Bioshock

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This is my 75th blog post on gamespot, which merits no actual value in truth it really more just indicates that I've wasted a fair deal of my life and gamespot's data space. of course this isn't my actual 75th post its just the 75th post that i've felt is not terrible to delete. So, I bought kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts 2 recently (along with bioshock in a later purchase upon sale of killzone 2) and I have to say Kingdom Hearts 2 is terrible. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts and even Chain of Memories (which I have a copy of the original GBA version) and I love the story, despite it being told in a manner meant for some one much younger than me. I could even overlook the abysmal camera system in the first game and their misplaced idea that an annoy enemy is the same thing as a challenging enemy. But the second is truely irredeemable. Certain worlds, such as port royal (the Pirates of Caribbean world,) shouldn't have been put in the game, partially because the style with which the world was crafted doesn't at all fit with the rest of the game (in any way), and they seem to be lacking voices provided by actors who originally played the characters even though some of the dialogue was exactly the same as the movie. The censorship on the English version of the game was also quiet annoying, which leads into my next complaint; being that this was turned into a kids game. The method of editing the fighting styles of donald and goofy were next to entirely removed from the game. The management of items and abilities was never much of a developed system but no improvement was made on it what so ever. I couldn't have imagined them being able to ruin the combat system from the first game (not that it was great, but rather that it is so simple) but some how they managed to make it worse and even more simple. Annoyingly one of the best mechanics in the first game (the MP system) was well degraded in transfer. All of these problems (and many more) has made playing this game a chore. I do enjoy playing bioshock very much. Playing it on hard without vita-chambers might have been the wrong idea to try on the first play through. -Inseter

inFamous, Art Brut, and music

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inFamous is great, I beat it on hard and am 3/4ths through my second play, and i've got 2 blast shards left... it's fun. I'm trying to write a song about it, it's lame, i've only got the chorus solid right now, i'll update if i finish it. in other news I have a We Are Scientists, Art Brut and some other band (limited edition) poster on my wall for about 2 years and just realized Art Brut wasn't Art Burt... I'm smart. DC comics and Chocolate Milkshakes is amazing, check it out! -Inseter

Comment Hidden

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one of my comments got hidden, which is hilarious! It was on the infamous launch center, some one asked what the difference between prototype and infamous was and after a few comments by other people I posted "it looks like there are only 3 attacks in prototype.... there are 4 in inFamous" which is actually true. If you look at the mission variety trailer for prototype it looks like there are three attacks besides punch and shoot. There haven't been much more attacks shown for inFamous which really scares me because I've already sunk 50 dollars into a pre-order for that game, hopefully I'll be wrong and it will be awesome, but I have a feeling i'll return it once I beat it... That's my two cents, can't wait for E3! -Inster

GDC emblem

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so i think i've seen it, the GDC emblem, which if i recall correctly is earned from watching the onlive conference live, which I did, but i got no emblem... oh well, maybe their having trouble like during E3, and i'm just impatient... In my opinion Onlive will take the path of either the virtual boy (sucks and dies), the famicom-cd (fails but later systems adopt it), or the dreamcast (dies but all following systems have the one creative concept)... in any case, i doubt it will be successful. -inseter

Watchmen and Killzone 2

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so i went and saw the midnight screening of Watchmen. It was amazing. It probably would've been my favorite movie if I hadn't read the comic book. Not saying that they ruined it or weren't true to the story, but there were some small things that they took out which made me really mad. And on the gaming front I bought Killzone 2 last Friday. Fun game. -Inester

Fallout 3, Obama, and otherwise

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Obama is president. It makes me happy. Im not a democrat nor am I a republican, nor am I aligned to any political party. I supported Obama during the preliminaries and even campaigned for him. I don't think he will solve all our problems, but at least he can recognize that they are there, unlike bush. Yeah I just insulted bush, you got a problem with that? I will respect your right to that he is a good leader, but you're going to have to respect my right to think he isn't. So, shying away from political views and on to games. I got fallout 3 a while ago, I still haven't beat it, but I'm trying to get as much stuff as I can before I go on, and I accidentally erased my farthest save file, so I started a new game. I love this game, and it's got me thinking about what would happen after a nuclear war... and how evil I actually am. I found some new good music. Check out the bands 'Almost Gold' and 'The Jakes', they are both unsigned and very good. you don't have to check them out but it is good music, and who can resist good music? so, yeah, thats about it. -Inseter