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BULLY isn't that good

by on

i bought it last night brand new at best buy and it was not that great.

it was kind of boring and it was just........boring. nothing exciting happens.....and that was just 3 hours of gameplay.

i love action adventure games but they all seem to be horrible right now especially those critical-acclaim ones........

i haven't play a really great game in's making me lose hope in the video game somebody recomend me a good game!!!!!! 

bad boys #7 in the UK game sales

by on

when i checked my game updates today, and there it flashed a bad boys screenshot and the headline reads "Uk game chart 2-24-07"... i couldn't believe...

it had definitely regain my hope for a sequel 

Super Size Me

by on

for anyone who haven't seen this film yet... i highly suggest you should see it....

It's about this guy who eats nothing but Mcdonald's for a month...

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