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Anyone Else Excited About Gears Judgment and GTA V!

GEARS!- Personally, I watched some gameplay videos of Gears of War Judgment and I thought it looked quiet amazing! Being the biggest Gears fanatic is making me very impatient! Till this day Gears of War (Original) is still my favorite game to date! Everything about it was so fun! It was so unique when it first came out! I've never played anything like Gears before it came out. That's the same day I got my first 360 so for me it was an exciting way to experience NextGen! I got a copy of Gears of War along with a 360 on November 7th, 2006. That was the day Gears came out and it was also the day of my 15th birthday! Over 6 years have past and it seems like, yesterday was the day I was experiecing Gears for the first time! I'm not gonna lie.. Gears of War 2 was kind of disappointing.. BUT! Gears of War 3 is exactly what I was looking forward to! I'm still really addicted to Horde! If anyone wants to co-op and play some Gears 3 then get at me! I've done all 50 waves in one session for that little 10G achievement. So if you need some help then hit me up! Anyways.. I am hoping they will add some original maps to Judgment! Is there anything you want to see in Judgment from (Original) Gears? Please, comment and state your opinion. I am curious to see what everyone wants to see in Judgment!

GTA V - So.. they're making GTA V based on San Andreas. I think, that's an amazing idea! I very much enjoyed San Andreas! Just imagine San Andreas in HD! If you look around, you can find some mission gameplay. It looks pretty good but I hope, it won't disappoint me like GTA IV did. It was cool because it was first GTA made in NextGen but after I beat it... I haven't tocuhed it in years. I played some more not too long ago but it just wasn't as exciting as GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas was! Let's hope for the best! I've always been a GTA fanatic but GTA IV didn't meet its standards for me, personally. I've been enjoying Saints Row The Third a lot more! There are just so many more things you can do, there are so many more customzations and most of all so MANY more vehicles that you can fly! But let me know, what you think? What's your opinion?

- Thank You for reading my blog! I am looking forward to seeing what you have to say! :P

New Gamertag, Need New Friends.

Yo! So i've decided to change my gamertag once again because i am no long in a clan and those people are no longer my good friends like they used to be. I'd like to have a couple of new friends that mainly play MW3 and Forza 4. If you're one of those people please feel free to add me but shoot me a message and let me know who you are otherwise i won't accept the request. My new tag isTr3eLocC (please don't add me if you're under the age of 16). I just turned 20 on the 7th so happy b'day to me. I'm usually told i'm funny and goofy. Thanks for reading my post! :)

Long way but i made it

I'm finally level 40 this took more then few years to get here. I know i don't get on that much anymore.. but i'm always playing mw2 so send a request and let me know who you are to play some clan games, etc. Although i won't be able to get Black Ops on Nov. 9th. I'll be leaving the country tomorrow. See you on Black Ops around 28th of November.


Y0! Haven't been on here in a lil while. Any changes happened?
But i'll be back on xbox live more often my 3rd 360 took a sh*t on me so i bought another one with a warranty.
Anyways whoever plays MW2, Forza 3 or Rock Band hit me up if you tryna get some achievements or just to f*ck around.
Btw those who played Crackdown 2 would you recommend it?

It's been a while

I haven't been on here as much. I've been busy lately. Did some work to my car, started my senior year, went on some canyon cruises... haven't even had much time to play games. But i did get NFS Shift (360) on day one. I'm almost done with career mode and i can't stop playing it. If you like NFS and Forza games i would recommend getting Shift. It's a mix of both. I still haven't played multiplayer but i'm down. Feel free to add me on XBL.
Here are few shots of what my car looks like now. I got more plans but nothing major this year. Only gonna get new 17s and a 7" touch screen. Also planning on getting a lip kit. Next year gonna do engine rebuild and probably slap a new turbo on it.






[Spec V Meet pics] And Muffler Ticket

Well i was pulled over by a cop trying to tell me that i have a defective muffler and how it's not legal. So i had court this morning and had all papers that proved... that my exhaust ins't stock (GReddy Exhaust) but it's legal. They ran this thing of my exhaust that shows the numbers and everything passed so i didn't have to pay no fines :).

Besides that we had a Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V meet in CO. Here are some pics i snapped from the meet. In case you're wondering my Spec V is all blacked out and lowest one lol.

I need CoD4 friends!

I got back into CoD4 online (360). Mainly just deathmatch, team deathmatch, search and destroy. I'm looking for people that play a lot of CoD4 MP. I wouldn't mind joining someones clan.. i'm pretty decent.

Btw i was wondering does anyone like Gamespot's new theme? I personally like it.

Oh.. i just got done writing NFS Carbon review. Tell me what you think about it. ;)

GoW 2 players

I got back into GoW2 and i'm looking for some good players to play games with. I'm sick of being put on sucky teams. So i'm looking for some people that play at night. I have all the maps and i'm down to hunt for some achievements. Feel free to add me on XBL but let me know who you are.

GT: GreddySpecV