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How are the game play mechanics and what not? Also, which is better, Persona 4Golden or Virtues Last Reward? I can only get one and I want a game that I will love and will be able to play for a long time. I really want to get FFX HD because I loved that game on PS2, but I don't see that being released any time soon. Thanks for opinions and time.
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which one is better?
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please explain everything to me. Thanks for your time Never even heard of this.
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I expect it to be **** awesome. Loved this game so much as a lad. Cant wait until it is released. I wont be doing much of anything else but playing it and maxing out all stats. I really hope it has all of the extra content that was originally suppose to be in it and that it looks beautiful. Hope they dont take away turn based battles. It would be freaking awesome if it had X-II or 12 included as well but I will settle for a release date this fiscal year and content from international version.
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I am on a strict budget and I am a huge RPG fan. I love all of the FF games. Have never played this. I was wondering if someone would care to tell me how the gameplay mechanics are. I would really like to know if I should buy this game. Someone Please sale it to me so I will know if it is right for me. Thanks for your time.