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My response to an N4G Topic quite long

This is the link to the Topic as it is mainly a response to the rest of the poeple that commented on there as well. My name on there is Enate, also if the paragraphs don't show up on here you can read it easier at the link.

I'm just gonna put it out there for me The three console thing if that works for you fine for me it doesn't.

The Wii I tried it in Florida at a family reunion an I tried for 7 days to really like it but I just didn't get it. Some of my cousins had them an loved them but when it comes to the gamer in the family they all know who to bow down to. An I'm happy they found something that worked for them but I still love the aw struck look in there eyes when i put in MGS4 not in HD btw gotta love that.

The 360 not bad really, main thing I don't like about it is its top games are shooters that just isn't for me. Also the bulk of the community there pushes that an I always hear what do you mean you don't like Halo or Gears Of War how can you not. That annoys me so bad people telling me I can't dislike a game because it sold X amount of copies. Anyway though another thing is the rocky feel of the 360 something that isn't a major deciding factor but something I notice when I touch move or hold the system. Something else that bothers me is the whole sold separately thing I know its the thing a lot of 360 owners seem to like but I need all that stuff an it adds up fast. One thing being the wireless, I know some of you don't mind running a 40 foot drop cord to your room from the modem or router but I have to have my wireless. Also as gamer who wants the full potential out of his system the Elite is the only way to go for me.

On to the other games, well the ones that I would consider anyway. We already went over the fact that I don't do the shooter thing. Now Microsoft has been buying rpgs left and right jrpgs to be exact an thats all well an good. Although unlike some of you on the system I'm not new or casual when it comes to rpg gaming. Some would probable even say I'm unreasonable, comparing today's rpgs with the likes of Xenogears, Suikoden II and FFVIII. Now with that in mind as a non owner of a 360 seeing quite a few of these coming out exclusively for that system sparked a little interest. Although like I said before I'm not easy an I'm hardest on my favorite genre. Tales of Vesperia, never liked the tales series an all the praise it was receiving had to do with it keeping the same formula with what some call beautiful graphics. So of course based on that Tales came up for me at least as nothing more then a pass.

Lost Odyssey a new ip coming out the gate with mixed reviews I had to look into it a bit further. Yet once again overall verdict was just another rpg with maybe a story slightly better then the average. Infinite Undiscovery, one of the more anticipated rpgs for the 360 being that Microsoft seemed to have personally had it developed for the 360. Although once the game hit the market an review boards it came out hurt with almost all but the biggest Infinite Undiscovery lovers saying it was nothing new, a solid rpg at best. Then that brings us to Mass Effect, pretty good overall although not exclusive in my book as it is on the PC. Which was said by quite a few people to be even better then the 360 version even by quite a few who had played the 360 version first. Now off the rpgs for the last one an on to a game that was carried through its life on the Playstation brand, Ace Combat. Now when this was first announced 360 exclusive I liked to had went BANKAI(bankai is a form of powering up kinda like Goku from DBZ going Super Sayian for those that don't know) an go on a rampage from anger. Although after the games release an going to play it at a friends house I couldn't help but laugh at him for buying the pack with the flight stick. After playing it an trying to honestly get into it as I had become quite the fan of Ace Combat through years past. It was just truly no better than AC4 an in fact AC4 was way better so no spilled milk there.

Now on to the PS3 the console I personally own(not to be confused with the thought of I haven't or can't play the other consoles if I wish it is merely my choice) an have grown to love. I was one of the fools running around like crazy trying to get a pre order for one of these bad boys for the likes of actually wanting one an not to sell on ebay. An got a speeding ticket trying to do so, but I got in there just in time either way. So with that in mind an what I said above obviously I got the 60gb. Now the hardware itself the day I got it I felt like I was carrying the football out of EB games. We went to the store about 7 deep to pick this thing up as people had been getting jumped from the store for them an we weren't taking any chance. Hell even the clerk bagged it up in six bags before he gave it to me which was pretty funny because that day at that time EB happened to be packed an everyone was trying to see what I was buying. Needless to say I felt like the don walking out of the story as we took my friends black tinted out Darango to go get it.

Once back at home we rushed inside to open this thing an all we honestly saw was love at first sight. Then after wards getting through Motor Storm an not being much of a shooter fan resistance didn't peak my interest until later which by then R2 was all the rage. I played a few good titles here an there nothing major just yet because like I said I'm an rpg fan. Now during this time I was really trying to stay focused on school so the lack of games for me anyway in the start wasn't that bad, an I have a psp which is amazing for rpgs. Anyway though by the time i actually got back in gear an still no rpgs in sight(at this time the 360 didn't have them either an like I said the ones it got didn't impress me either way) I started to check out some other things as I do at least try to mess with a few games in each area. Now I'm just gonna cut straight to it as this is running amazingly long an I'll be shocked if anyone actually gets this far. Heavenly Sword was a good experience but one I slaughtered in no time an only rented thank fully as it takes more than that to make me want to replay a game. Uncharted Drakes Fortune through me for a loop as I didn't expect like it as much as I did. An although not on a HD t.v. it was still amazing to say the least but once again for me not one I would buy. An in between all this I played a few psn titles that turned out to be quite fun.

Also not to mention the flood of multi plat games that both PS3 an 360 have to offer kept me quite busy till present day. I had to mention the multi platforms as a lot of people seem to throw them by the way side as if they don't matter when they are some of the best games I have played. One I will mention as it falls under rpg that quite the lot of you seemed to had liked was Oblivion talk about people loving to throw stones on that one. I honestly couldn't get into it an I hated it I rented it an I tried to see what all the hype was about but sadly my little brother played ended up playing it more than me. That is just one of those titles that gets on my nerves from all sides because its one of those titles where people are like wtf do you mean you didn't like it. An as I said before I can't stand that.

Now bringing us to present day its an exciting time for PS3 or 360 gamers as we have the flood of games coming like the ark was coming going to be needed again. Multi Plats are now shining more than ever an some long awaited updates an titles are about to hit us like a freight train. Of course besides all the multi goodness the big talk an main point of this topic is exclusives. Mainly LBP, R2, GOW2 and Fable, now to me all I really see is LBP, R2 and Fable. Like I said before gears just in not my thing an if its yours then oh happy day for you. Now LBP is something I don't think anyone saw coming not even me but after playing the beta I have no doubt my pre order was right. Resistance 2 one of the main reasons this interest me is because like I said the original caught my eye late in its day. An this one is looking bigger in every since of the word an better than the last an I'm actually considering a rent. An coming from me an official FPS hater if you will that is saying a lot.

Now I know I'm on the PS3 of sorts but you can kinda call it a blend of PS3/ and or present day worthyness. Now on to Fable 2 as a rpg fan it has me quite intrigued as to weather or not I will like it as I wasn't to keen on the first one(ducks for stones). Although as my friend is an avid Fable fan I will go to his house an give it a try an see how it goes until then I just won't know. Now overall given what I have stated its Obvious the PS3 is still the best choice for me based on my needs an future wants. As for you, it pretty much comes down to what you like an if you think having all three or one or two will make you happy. For me at least for now this one will do.

An one more thing I know I didn't talk about the onlines as they both are pretty much the same in all honesty currently. I can speak for myself when I say I don't nore have I ever lagged on PSN an the overall experience can only get better with both I would assume but for me that will be home. Now if you made it this for congrats an I hope you enjoyed it an understand this is my sole opinion an I speak for myself an no one else thank you.

Also one more quick thing, why does everyone seem to keep forgetting that PS3 games are on Blue Ray as well not just the movies, just wondering about that. Ok I'm done now really I am.

LBP Why oh why

I try to get some sleep finally after days of trying an all of a sudden codes are flying from everywhere. Gamespot had another contest an seem to be giving those out an hadn't even finished or even started giving out the ones from the first contest. The LBP site is all of a sudden being extremely nice on the one thing I didn't post on because at the time the website crashed. One up post a question I pretty much predicted yesterday an would have gotten. I just don't know what to do at this point but cry I really don't.

UK Frag Dolls ain't that bad 24hour record

I've shattered that as I'm sure some people have on here before. If the record was Rainbow Six only though then they could keep that. Although its for Single FPS I could handle that, me an the boys Far Cry tearing it up. Although I'd rather have a shot at longest continues play at an RPG or an RTS eating and bathroom breaks heh good to go. Also I was wondering about the going outside thing myself I wonder if she had to run or something. Also one of things I read on another site people were asking if they could drink stuff to keep them up, I'd say coffee classifies. An honestly I like them a lot better then the American frag dolls I could see kickin it with them anytime.

This was a response I did to this video

What are the chances? 360 bad talk an get modded

Its so funny that the two times I've been modded was when I said something bad about 360 hmm what are the chances. An it was because I was off topic which btw we were talking about rpgs an I was comparing the ps3 an 360 rpgs which was a base of the topic an through in the some extra suggestions to keep people busy until we get the rpgs. There are people that talk about some of the most off topic **** I've ever seen an they don't get modded. I'm so sick of the 360 moderators on our forums just clicking happy go lucky whenever they want an not getting in trouble for it.

Rpg PS3

Since the launch of our beloved Playstation 3 I've seen quite a few A list games yet not one can satisfy that true rpg fan hunger. I'm talking good ol Suikoden II, Xenogears, FFVIII, Legend of Legaia, FFX, Vagrant Story good an yes FFVII didn't play it but I know I'll get shot if I don't mention it. Anyone else feel my pain?

GTA IV what else could it be!!!

I have never been more hyped for a game to come out then GTA IV. Not even for some of my most anticipated an favorite games of all time. The first review from ign is off the chart, its got what seems to be amazing multi player in a full on city with nothing dumbed down for the multi if u so choose. The graphics are on a whole nother level and the physics have been tweeked to what seems to be a near perfect blend of sim arcade. The Euphoria engine plus the guys are rock star seem to have blown away even the hardest of hardcore reviewers. A few things I'd hope for in the future is custom soundtracks as well as company an user based mods because GTA SA pc mods had some of the best car models ever. I would love to see that scene transfer over to the playstation world with already fully intagrated multi player. Besides what I just said I just don't know what else to say until I have it in my hands but once that happens I doubt anyone will be hearing much from me.

Very pissed off

I'm not sure how many of you have herd of this dumb *** game called War Rock, some stupid attempt at an online only fps game. Anyway I'm gonna cut to the chase the whole reason of the tittle is because today my brother got banned about 25mins ago. Reason being is that someone supposedly took a screenshot of a bullet going through him an they say game over just like that. After I have sat here for about the last three weeks an watched him bust his *** trying to get some damn G36 or something like that. Playing from when he got home till sleep time, an all of a sudden he comes to me an says he got banned an I'm of course like wtf for because I know its not because of hacking, hell I have to take care of the basic needs for the computer myself. So I know he can't very well be hacking an besides that I was watching him during that game an quite a few others when he didn't even know I was watching. Doesn't suprise me though I've played with a friend at my house on cs before an seen him get ban after ban because people don't like to get whooped an this seems like a classic case if you ask me. Seriously they actually banned someone from a screenshot of a bullet they claim went through him.

First of all how in the hell did you get a screenshot of a bullet anyway an number 2 how can they seriously give full credit to a screenshot. In this day an age when every kid within a 3 mile radius has an average understanding of photoshop to say the least, I've seen plenty of screenshots an video of people doing things I know are impossible in certain games but yet if you didn't know you wouldn't be able to tell at all. I'm done, just thought I would vent a little to the people who would know what I'm talking about an as soon as War Rock fixes their little fourms registration problem they will be hearing from me quite the same.

The Opinion Factor

Ok this is something I wrote to a friend an it took forever to write it an says alot I've wanted to say so I figured I would post it. This girl is my friend so we are just voicing our opinions. What she said before this was just that 360 was better an didn't say why an this is where you are getting started at. Comment if you like don't be mean the title says it all opinion so comment in a good manner or it will be deleted and or reported. Also I think she was kind drunk or something when she responded to me becaus she doesn't really make since so try to get what u can out of her response to me. Also the upscaling thing proble isn't right so just don't mind that part I was getting a little to technical for my 4am brain. Also note that I didn't even get into Playstation home I didn't even want to take it their because as you can see she really doesn't know to much in the first place. I figure you my gamespot friends would like to take a stab at what I said an would understand more so of what I was getting at also let me know what ur looking forward to on any system. Even the Wii if thats all u have although the covo was about ps3 an 360 I don't mind at all an SMB looks great.

[quote="Nadasico"]Well since you don't like the ps3 elaborate on what you ment in the previous message what does the 360 have that you like over the ps3 hardware wise I'm curious.Is it all software an u just like halo an fps's.dark_jester26

will what the xbox has better things then the PS3.....u can play xbox live
and the PS3 doesnt......u can download movies, video for lately game,
also download games and the PS3 also doesnt have that......u can fight
other people online will i mean xbox live soo yea the 360
is better :wink:

Um PS3 has had all that since day one, I've been playing online playing against friends an everyone else since the first day I've had the console. Xbox live is just the name of an online service sony's is called (PSN) Playstation Network and its free. An I can download all kinds of games including games for ps1, 3 and my psp also demos an behind the scenes movies for the latest an yet to come out games. Updates/and or add ons, chat with friends on the mic,Eye Toy,messages or in game. Also I can Play High Def Movies an games right out the box because both are on BlueRay without up scaling from a regular dvd to high def which results in a lower quality picture. The 360 must do this always because their game disc are still on regular dvd an for hd movies you have to buy a $180 add on.

Another thing, my PS3 comes with wireless net access which most people need nowadays which in turn for you to have it on 360 you have to buy a $80 an up wireless adapter as well as pay for xbox live $50 annual. Another thing is the 33% an up failure rate of the 360 that M$ has admitted too, they are already on their 7th redesign. Not to make it better in general but to try an stop all the issues that they have with a system that was clearly rushed. If they didn't rush it they would have known that it over heats, scratches disc when u tilt it and the (RROD) Red Ring OF Death problem could have all but been avoided. As for the movies on demand thing I have so much stuff in my house that does that already that when ps3 does get the add on to do it I'm not even gonna think about using it.

An for the last thing Hardware Wise, price, now to compare equally they need the same things so to even begin to have what the PS3 has you need to start with the 360 Elite $449,Wireless Adapter looked it up $99 on sale at best $84. Xbox Live $50 annual charge, HD Player $179.99. An now for the last thing at hand games this is pure opinion an you are clearly a Halo addict an thats cool but for me personally the game is way over hyped especially the Halo 3. I have friends who are crazy Halo fans to the point where they get on my nerves so bad I want to hit them an 3 days later they arn't even playing it anymore. For me if anything at all on the 360 game wise I would go for ace combat 6 an mass effect which even mass effect I'd have to give a rent first despite all the fan crazed omg the best game ever raving. Multi platform wise I'd go with the two games I have for my PS3 now COD4 which in my eyes is the best FPS game I've ever played to date.

Assassins Creed a welcomed experience with a few hitches. Also looking forward to Army of two, Last Remnant, Devil May Cry 4, GTAIV,Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and Burnout Paradise. Exclusive wise meaning ur console only, if on pc it doesn't count. Xbox 360, Lost Oddysee an maybe Fable 2 thats about all I know for the 360's future games I'd like to play so far from what I know. Playstation 3's current an up coming exclusives that I am personally looking forward too, (LBP) Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword, Lair yes I enjoyed it for the rent it was a pretty good experience an if you take the time to feel out the controls its not hard at all. Now where was I ah games Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Heavy Rain, Eight Days, White Knight Story, Grand Turismo 5, Motor Storm, Killzone 3 an thats saying alot considering my distaste for FPS games in general. A few more now, the Eye of Judgment, Zone of the Enders 3 and God of War 3 an finally I think thats about it.

MGS4's delay yet plenty

Well it sux because I was really ready to play it but on the bright side. Their are already a ton of games coming out for the holiday already wether they be exclusive or not you can't just talk about them like they arn't their. An personally the only games I could really care about on the 360 are Ace Combat 6 which my friend will rent and I will beat in like a day. An Mass Effect which he will buy and for everything else their is my PS3. I hate the way people just talk about exclusives like these other games don't exsist their is still the matter which console you prefer to play it on. For me thats my PS3 an their are more promising games coming this holiday season then I could have hoped for. Need For Speed Pro Street, Assassins Creed, Kane an Lych, Army of Two, COD4, Rachet an Clank which is exclusive for those platform lovers which is already out. Then you also have the new out of nowhere game folklore which even gamespot gave an 8.4 an soon as I can I'm gonna get Eye of Judgement which looks amazingly fun even to me whos last card game was pokemon in like 5th grade. An even though I personally don't like this game it sells like crack an is worth a mention Guitar Hero III.

LAIR I liked it, decide for yourself

I played it, liked it an it was worth the rent, if we truly let so called pro reviewers decide what we play. Then we would hardly play anything at all. If ur still on the wall about this game then just rent it like I did. Ya might like it ya might not but it won't be the first or the last game you will dislike or like either way.
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