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Pokemon Elite Four! HELP NEEDED!!!

Hello. Do I have a good pokemon team? I'm really like attack moves.

My Team:

Emboar LV. 49-HP=177

Krokorok LV. 39-HP=106

Stoutland LV. 33-HP=102

Pansage LV. 32-HP=79

Swoobat LV. 31-HP=91

Boldore LV. 31-HP=88

If I should train my pokemon, where should I train each one?

P.S. When will my Pansage evolve.

P.S.S. In which order should I do the Elite Four.

P.S.S.S. I want to have all my pokemon level 50. (Not counting the ones in my PC.)

Video Game Character Tournament

Hi! I'm having a Video Game Character Tournament. Please e-mail me to decide which is better. If you would like me to consider a character for the tournament, then please e-mail me.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Rules!

I have 94 stars in super mario galaxy 2. I beat the final bowser(not grandmaster galaxy!). I'm on world S. It's a really fun game for all ages. I LOVE THROWBACK GALAXY! Bringing it back was the best thing about S.M.G.2 so far! Till next time...