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Top 10 Bad Ass Game Heroes

I was reading a thread on another site that asked to list your top 10 bad asses in games. So I made a list and thought I'd expand upon it here and ask others for their list. It was an Xbox site so you won't find Kratos in my list, and sorry MGS lovers, there's no Snake/Big Boss mostly because I never played that series. I also kept this list to playable characters, so there's no bad ass bosses or villains, that could be a whole other blog! Also, this list is NO order, I'm only going #10 to #1 for the list sake, NOT for what I consider the least badass to most badass. Without further ado, here's my list. Feel free to respond with praise, or insults, or your own list if you think you're so smart!

#10 Scorpion - Well this is pretty obvious. He can spit fire at you out of his skull, name another character that nears that level of bad ass-ery? He's also a member of an elite ninja squad, (supposedly) eternally searching for his vengeance for his brutal death and the death of his family. So we already got ninja (100 bad ass points), undead (150 b.a. points) and then the good old revenge factor. Like some other characters on this list, he has memorable lines that many non-video game would be able to recognize. They include both "Come here!" and "Get over here!", which has been repeated many times by countless geeks world wide.

Best appearance - Mortal Kombat 9 2011

Best line - "Get over here!"

#9 Master Chief - I'm not sure how I can sell this one if you disagree. Whether it's him being the sole surviving Spartan (that we know of), saving humanity from the Flood and Covenant in a galactic war, or just being too bad ass to ever remove his helmet, Master Chief is the face of 2 console generations and counting and routinely faces insurmountable odds just to tea bag the poor dead corpses of those foolish to go against him.

Best Appearance - Halo 3 2007

Best Line (after being asked what he's doing) "Sir. Finishing this fight". Yes, that's in Halo 2, but the quote doesn't have to be from the best appearance. Shut up, it's my blog!

#8 Max Payne - Probably the most reluctant, tortured bad ass to make the list. Max Payne is out for justice for the murder of his family, and his biggest enemy is usually himself. Whether it's his tortured mind or his addiction, he has a lot of demons to fight besides the loads of bad guys who dare fight him. This is also the guy who introduced a lot of people to bullet time shooting people in the head, and I lost count of how many windows and stair cases I jumped down in slow motion.

Best Appearance - Max Payne 2001

Best Quote - "He had a baseball bat and I was tied to a chair. Pissing him off was the smart thing to do."

#7 Commander Shephard - Regardless of the sex you choose, Shepherd is pretty damn bad ass. Leading suicide missions, fighting against reapers, trying to get some love with a party member...all in a day's work for this Commander. Like Master Chief, he is pretty special to his/her home planet, being the first human to the Citadel. Regardless of the choices you made with the character, Shephard has led you through many bad ass moments.

Best Appearance - Mass Effect 2 2010

Best Quote - "What sound will you make when you hit the ground? You think you'll hear it before you die?"

#6 Lara Croft - The only female character to make the list (except if you're rocking FemShep), Lara Croft has been risking her life for precious artifacts for 3 generations now, and still looking damn good. Lara is a bad ass because she is the only character on the list who has fought a freakin' dinosaur, survived a ship wreck on an island filled with a crazy cult and making more sketchy jumps than Nathan Drake can dream of. Oh yeah, and she's also British, so she's doing it all drinking tea and eating some biscuits. She's also the only one on the list to survive a full fledge reboot to only become more bad ass.

Best Appearance - Tomb Raider 2013

Best Quote - "I hate tombs"

#5 Marcus Fenix - Well, any character that carries a machine gun with a chain saw at the end of it is automatically pretty damn bad ass. Fenix got put in jail for trying to save his father, but of course he was "liberated" by his partner Dom as they took the fight to the alien scum of the Locust. Probably the character with the least amount of personality, but Fenix still became the face of the Xbox 360 thanks to Gears of War almost single handley bringing back the 3rd person "stop and pop" genre, and just plain super fun to play.

Best Appearance - Gears of War 3 2011

Best Quote - (after chainsawing someone in half) "Ugh, I think I got some on me. Now I got the cooties"

#4 Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Ezio wins for having the most awesome name, bad ass sounding or not. You get to actually see the character grow from a girl chasing teenager to master assassin. No other character on this list, in this writer's opinion, is as well rounded and written. Ezio is bad ass for being a true assassin, from befriending Leonardo da Vinci, to stalking the pope to training his own brotherhood of assassins, Ezio is a leader, charasmatic and hardened killer. Ezio is not afraid of jumping 200 feet into a 5 foot pile of hay, nor is he afraid to take down a royal family, all that makes Ezio one bad ass Italian.

Best Appearance Assassin's Creed 2 2009

Best Quote - "I thought... I thought I was beyond this. But I'm not. I've waited too long, lost too much. Requiescat in Pace, you bastard!"

#3 Sam Fisher - Fisher is a true super spy, not relying on brute force, but taking a page from Ezio's book by stalking his prey and killing people before they can pee their pants. Or sometimes, if they're lucky, the poor guards will wonder "what are those strange green lights?" Whether it's doing top secret missions for the Third Echelon, saving the President, or leading the Fourth Echelon across the globe to stop terrorists, there's not much that Sam Fisher does that isn't bad ass. Hell I bet when he takes a crap he does it from the ceiling while citing one liners to his poor, poor toilet.

Best Appearance - Splinter Cell Blacklist 2013 (go ahead and flame me!)

Best Quote - (After bashing terrorist head against the wall) "Yeah, you're definitely going to have to pay to have sex from now on"

#2 Batman - Okay, do I have to explain this? Bruce Wayne is a master in martial arts, a billionaire who designed his own armour, super car and gadgets, he makes most thugs cower in fear. Batman is a badass because he loves to toy with his poor victims, using the shadows to his advantage to strike fear in the heart of his enemies. If Batman doesn't beat you with brute force, he'll use his genius level intellect to solve the crime to put you in jail, bad ass doesn't have to be just violence, it can be thinking too! He's probably the only character on this list who is proud to never kill, Ezio would be shaking his head in shame!

Best Appearance - Batman Arkham City 2011


#1 Duke Nukem - Okay if I was doing this list in order, he'd probably still be #1. Duke is the king of bad asses. He just doesn't give a f***. You can ask Duke to kiss those girls, ask him to take down any alien, but just don't ask him for bubble won't turn out well. Duke is the very archetype of bad asses, he's quick with a wise crack, he's over muscled, he has a jetpack, his ego is almost as big as his biceps, girls can't resist him and he of course saves Earth from aliens time and time again. He's a sign of a more simple time in video games, when the characters didn't have to be well written, you just had to be able to shoot tons of aliens with awesome guns. I think it's also no coincidence he wears the same colours as Superman, his red muscle shirt and blue jeans. Sure he's probably the most bland character on the list, but when do bad asses have to be deep?

Best Appearance - Duke Nukem 3D 1996

Best Quote - "Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...and I'm all out of bubble gum" What...not good enough?

"Come get some!" Still no?

"Hail to the King, baby" Fine, still not good enough?!

"I like a good cigar...and a bad woman" more from the King...

"I'm gonna rip off your head and s*** down your neck!" Yeah, he's the king of one liners, even if lots are quotes from other media.

Again, this was a hard list to nail down. There's characters like Bayonetta, B.J Blazcowicz, Agent 47, Gordon Freeman and John Martson could all be on this list. Hell, even Clementine from Walking Dead could be on here! And I know the Best Appearances and Best Quotes are highly questionable so feel free to tell me how wrong I am on those too!

E3 predictions

Okay, so I'm making my ump-teenth return. Since my last post I've had more medical troubles and some other personal stuff happening, but I won't get into that. I hope you all even see this blog (and comment!). So, I'm going to keep this blog post all about the games. It's been my dream for over a decade to attend E3. I even considered making my own gaming website so I could get a press invite. But, I have no sources so I'd steal other site's stories and the big thing, I have no f***ing clue how to make a site.

I love E3, I watch every press conference and all the game demos my durp-de-durr brain can handle. I expect this E3 to be huge and the best one in many years. Why, you (didn't) ask? Microsoft and Sony have a new console out. Sure sales have been strong for both, Sony is setting new records and Microsoft is selling 75% more in 6 months compared to the same period with the 360's 6 month launch. But this is the time to convince those 75 million other 360/PS3 owners to upgrade their console. I can't blame them for not doing it just yet, as most developers/publishers and hell even MS and Sony are catering to them just fine. Most big games are out on 360 and PS3 still, with the people who dropped big money to support them getting only a prettier coat of paint.

This is the time to show off what their systems can do. Time to show the gamers what kind of games are only capable on the Xbox One and PS4. They need to sell them hard, and give them some damn good reasons to run out and buy one. I expect both companies to spend at least 85% of their respective press conferences on their new systems, with the remaining 15% or so on their 8 year old consoles. They won't want to make you feel like they'll totally abandoning them, but they will want to keep the real bulk of their time to show off what the big boys are capable of.

So I put together my E3 predictions for Microsoft and 3rd Parties. I own a Xbox One, so that's why I'm speculating on their 1st party line up. I might do a Sony prediction because I do plan to own one in a year or two, but I'm just not sure I have enough ideas for what I'd even want to see. So without further typing, here's what I think the MS will look like

What I'm very confident we'll see:

  • ID@Xbox montage, including a couple exclusives besides Below along with some release dates (Below, D4 and others)
  • Gears of War teaser
  • Halo 5 unveiling with release date (Winter 2015 is my guess)
  • New Rare title. My 2 best guesses is a new digital Battletoads and a Perfect Dark sequel/reboot. Maybe a new developer taking over their IP like we seen with Killer Instinct. I'd rather see Rare do a new IP, but let's not kid ourselves.
  • Forza Horizon 2 will be revealed for Xbox One & Xbox 360 with a Winter 2014 release. Cross gen to please 360 owners.
  • Quantum Break - We'll finally see some real gameplay along with a release date, I'm guessing we won't see it until 2015 because these guys take sooo long to develop games.
  • Sunset Overdrive gameplay with Ted Price with a solid release date (already confirmed for autumn 2014)
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be heavily shown off, just like every year they shill CoD for Activision

What I'm 50% sure we'll see

  • Fallout 4 announcement. With Elder Scrolls Online being out on PC and Evil Within coming in August, Bethesda will want to hype a new game. Perfect time to finally announce the long-awaited sequel.
  • New Epic game, not exclusive but maybe the DLC will be timed. I'd LOVE to see it be Shadow Complex 2 but I doubt it.
  • New Resident Evil. RE6 was shown off at MS presser a couple years ago, expect new one to be shown here.
  • Dragon Age Inquisition game play demo. Bioware will want to please the hardcore by showing off it's beautiful game, but this might be saved for the EA conference
  • Ryse 2, I personally really enjoyed Ryse. I expect a sequel, but maybe they'll hand the IP to a new developer since Crytek is all about Free-To-Play now.
  • Japanese developer exclusive. Phil Spencer already confirmed they have a big Japanese developer doing an exclusive, I really think this will be the time to see it.
  • At least 3 new IPs shown off, with 1 being from Lionhead and another being Twisted Pixel. The new studio Leap Experience Pioneers hasn't shown what they're working on yet either.
  • Fable Legends gameplay and release date
  • Crackdown 3?

Now something different, here's some games I think will get announced on a different conference or by themselves via media interviews (3rd party support)

  • Borderlands 3 - early next gen development. This is iffy as they're probably showing off their pre-sequel thing that's coming out this year. We know they're working on it though.
  • Mass Effect 4 early footage/announcement trailer. I think this will be a big part of the EA press conference. Winter 2015.
  • New Star Wars action IP from Visceral. Another big game for EA as they'll be showing Battlefront 3, and I think Visceral has something sweet in the works.
  • New Prince of Persia from Ubisoft. I really hope this happens, it's one of my most loved series of all time. Maybe they announced Far Cry 4 early to make room for this!
  • Sonic Boom will be shown off by Sega...and it'll be terrible.
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be re-revealed at the Ubisoft conference. We'll finally see some gameplay and a 2015 release date.
  • If Beyond Good & Evil 2 doesn't happen, then I think Rainbow Six will be re-revealed, and all the same words as above.
  • Activision will have a new IP to show off after they're done talking about Skylanders and Call of Duty for 40 minutes. Hopefully it'll be awesome.
  • Deep Silver, the publisher behind Saints Row, Dead Island and Metro will have a big show announcing a new IP from Volition and a new Metro game, both being next gen of course!

Okay, that's all my guesses for now. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my theories and your own predictions. If you're a Sony fan, feel free to tell me what you want to see from them. I think this is a pretty safe list and I expect 75-80% of it to happen.

Back again

So a lot has happened since I last been blogging. A lot of great games have been beat, but more personally, a lot of crap has gone on in my life. In December the doctors found a tumor growing on my ureter, which pushed against my kidney and caused some severe pain. So of course I had to undergo another major operation to have this removed, and they also took a piece of bowel because it was rotting. That was not fun to say the least, and it took a while to bounce back from that and return home.

Now I'm having a problem with my heart. It beats way too fast (130 bpm while doing nothing) and the doctors haven't figured out why yet. Went through CT scans and other tests but to no avail. Had an echo done on my heart on Friday, the next step will probably be to see a cardiologist. This is very scary stuff, the only worse thing than the heart is the brain, so needless to say I had a lot on my mind. I can't exert myself at all, or I'll get heavy chest pains and even more racing heart.

That in a nutshell is why I haven't been updating this page very much recently. There is other minor reasons like being extremely disgusted at the video game community and it's fanboys and the way they can insult other games. I don't care if you don't like a system for some made up reason, or if only because you own the other one, but don't insult other people on the same hobby we enjoy. Want to see what I'm talking about? Go into any Titanfall review page and look at all the fanboy crap, it just makes me sad to be a videogame fan sometimes.

Now that I got all that off my chest, what games has everyone been playing? I just beat Lords of Shadow 2 couple days ago, contrary to online reviews, I had a blast with the game. Might be because the first Lords of Shadow is one of my favourite of the generation, but this game was meaty, hard and very enjoyable. Yes, that did sound dirty. I'm now playing South Park Stick Of Truth, and oh man is this a treat to play. The writing is some of the best I ever seen in a game, Matt and Trey really deserve credit for doing something only few have ever done: make a good licensed game.

Last week I did have my Xbox One break on me. That just added to everything else that's been going on of course. For some reason it just stopped displaying a picture to my TV, which of course makes it very hard to game. I got my replacement from MS today, am now in the long process of doing the stupid day 1 updates and downloading all my crap again. I am glad my saves and stuff has been stored in the cloud so don't have to worry about that. On Xbox One I'm currently playing Call of Duty Ghosts campaign and have Ryse to play after that. I have a big backlog, but with all the crap in my life, it's nice to know I have one good thing to turn to.

5 Great Things the Xbox 360 Gave Us

It is that time, the rare time in a gamer's life where the consoles are going through a transistion, and new hardware is coming out. I haven't been this excited since 2005, when I bought my Xbox 360 at launch. I still remember drooling over Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo and thinking how great the system was. Sadly Rare never kept the games flowing, I really hope they'll be more involved in the Xbox One life. But, when the 360 came out it really paved the way for stuff we take for granted today, so it's time to pay respect!

#5 The Home Button: Every controller that came out with a system or handheld now has this button. A simple button that brings up a guide or can take you to the home dashboard. Seems like a simple thing, and just something we take for granted now. I remember holding the 360 controller weeks before the system came out and wondering if I'd ever use that button. Little did I know that how essential it would be, to check on friends, achievements and browse back to the dashboard. Still seen today.

#4 Xbox Live Arcade - Yes when this first debuted it was nothing but glorified arcade ports, but it quickly evolved into something truely special. You have to remember this was even before Steam had any sort of foothold in this market and was a hardcore PC store instead of a name any gamer knows. Yes, Steam did take the XBLA concept to a whole new level. But XBLA let game developers make smaller, cheaper and more risky games to give to us gamers. Just think of all the amazing digital games we take for granted today, that wouldn't be around without this. I'm positive Sony and Nintendo borrowed this great idea, and why wouldn't they? It's an amazing outlet for not only classics, but for making new great games. Xbox One is going to kill off the "Arcade" subtitle, but digital is the way of the future, and Microsoft seen that 8 years ago.

#3 Custom Soundtracks - Something Sony would never implement for many years, the awesome ability to either stream or rip music onto your HDD and play it while you're enjoying a game. I can't even fathom the amount of times I rocked out to Metallica and other bands while I play racing games and other games where sound isn't as important. They also took it a step further and let you stream media (pictures, movies, TV) from your computer onto your TV. This might sound like common place now, but you have to appreciate how forward thinking it was.

#2 Party Chat - Another thing that Sony didn't get worked out for quite awhile, was the nice ability to have a group chat while killing noobs in your favourite shooter. There's nothing quite like you and your friends laughing as you either get a kill or mess up and cost your team the match. Not even party chat, but even talking to random people was something so great at the launch and really brought a new element into multiplayer gaming. Xbox had a headset included in every console, something Sony has yet to do.

#1 Achievements - Whoever thought of this deserves my biggest thanks. I love these things. When the 360 first came out I didn't pay much attention to them, it wasn't until maybe 2008 that I really got into trying to actually achieve crazy acts in games for that glorious pop up. Sites are dedicated to it, and there's many gamers who spend hours trying to 100% a game. I think this really gave games a great boost and really helped them have a longer life and more reason to go back and replay, or do stuff you'd never thought you'd like. Yes, there's some bad examples out there, but achievements are an amazing addition to our great hobby. Sony quickly followed suit and made their own version and I'm very happy to see that my gamerscore comes with me when I hook up my Xbox One.

I'm not a MS fanboy. I just thought I'd make a fun list to really show that the 360 was a great console. I enjoyed great games on all 3 consoles this generation, and I can't wait to start the next generation on November 22nd!

Finally, some good news

I woke up today at 8 in the morning, and immediatly I was deep in nausea. My stomach felt like I just drank 15 jager bombs, obviously this isn't true it's just my latest battle against my stomach. For almost 2 years now, almost daily I have some sort of attack, it could last just a few minutes, or like today, all damn day and night. But it wasn't all bad news...

As I sat on the edge of the bed, staring angrily and sadly at my poor bucket and hoping to God there's no more puke coming up, my brother burst in the room. Well, maybe not burst, more shambled slowly in, eyes glowing and a big smile. "They're calling it Microsoft 180!" he said excitedly. What? Did they pick an even worse name for the system that broke my heart, I thought bitterly as I fought valiantly against throwing up. "Microsoft is reversing everything? NO DRM! NO MORE CHECK IN! USED GAMES LIKE 360!" my brother told me, and I sat looking at him, shocked. What is this torture, you poke fun at me at the worst time? 

Nope, it's thankfully true. Microsoft has seen the (extreme) error of their ways, and after an amazing software showing at E3 they now have the hardware to go toe to toe with Sony for another 7+ years. I'm so happy about this, I really wanted to get the new Xbox, but there was no way I was bending over and letting MS have their way with my rights. Now with a simple update, your next gen beast can be used as any console before offline, or play used games and all that fun. I am now going to pre-order the Xbox 1 like I pre-ordered the 360. I really want to play Dead Rising 3, Insomniac's new game, Forza, Quantem Break and other great games shown at E3. The PS4 is another excellent choice and I don't doubt in a couple years I'll have one of them too.

Sorry for the long delay between blogs, I was going to do an E3 round up but this story is a little more important. I will do my E3 favourite games in a day or two if anyone cares. Also, scroll down further and check out my Bioshock Infinite review. SPOILER: The game is freakin' amazing. Right now I'm playing Borderlands 2 but I got Last of Us all bought and ready to pop in my seldom used PS3 to hopefully bloooow my mind.

E3 2013: The confirmed games

Before you read my blog, why not check out my new review of Hitman Absolution? No? Fine...

E3 is only 10 days away. That is really exciting if you're a hardcore video game fan like me, who's excited to see all the confirmed and mysterious games. This is the most important E3 in years, as Microsoft will try to ease some fan's worry over the Xbox One as they're promising they will only talk about games, while Sony has yet to even show their new console and I'm sure they have some games to talk about too. Then there's all the third parties who weren't allowed to talk about their game until now because they couldn't confirm that *gasp* Xbox One was a real thing. So what am I most looking forward to? Well, honestly I'm the most excited about the games we don't know about. Will Rare finally have a big E3? Will Microsoft reveal great excluvives? Will Sony do the same? Will Ubisoft steal the show again like they did last year with Watch Dogs? Will Respawn's game blow us away? Why the hell isn't Rockstar there showing of GTA 5?

But this blog isn't about that, I'm going to go over the 5 games that are already announced and why my nerd sense is tingling for them.

#5: Batman Arkham Origins - This is the first Batman game this generation that won't future the very high quality work of Rocksteady (who are supposedly hard at work on a next gen Arkham) but WB Montreal. We don't know much yet except Batman has to deal with assassins on Christmas eve, and it's very early in his career. I'm very excited to see gameplay in this game, maybe they'll show off a map of the city and explain how the story moves forward. Are we allowed to pick of the assassins as we see fit, in any order? Or is it more structured and pushing you toward a single target a time? Is it a fully open city? Is Robin playable? Is there multiplayer that won't suck? I know the answer to the last question.

#4: Destiny - This is the first game from Bungie as a third party developer and being published by video game giant Activision. We haven't seen any gameplay yet, and don't really know much except it's a connected world where single player and multiplayer supposedly blend together, but it's not a mmo. Can we play it offline? Or if you're like me and don't want to play co-op can we just play the single player and still have as much fun? Will there be cross play? Is the next gen version going to be the better version?

#3 Watch Dogs - It's been almost a year since Ubisoft shocked everyone at E3 and got the internet buzzing about next gen's Watch Dogs reveal. Now it's been confirmed as a cross gen title, but not much else is known. Do we see other players in the city in single player? Is it an open world game like GTA? Can we really do anything with technology like the demo showed? I can't wait to see more of this game, Ubisoft is my favorite developer.

#2 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - I know many of you don't care about this game, but this one of my most anticapated games of the year. I loved the first Lords of Shadow so much, its one game I reccommend to anyone looking for a great action game. Not much is known yet, just you play as an older Gabriel who already made his transition into Dracula. Really looking forward to seeing  more gameplay and a release date.

#1 Quantum Break - Say what you will about Remedy, whether it's their long development cycles or their decision to not do Alan Wake 2, they deserve your respect. What they did with Alan Wake was truely original, not to mention creating the bullet time for Max Payne and Max Payne 2. Again, like I keep saying, not much is known right now about this game. It's supposed to use TV or something stupid , but I really want to know if you can just enjoy the game without that crap. What kind of game is it? I'm sure we'll get some answers during the Microsoft Conference.

Near miss game: The Evil Within, a great new survival horror from the guy who gave us Resident Evil 4.

Untitled blog

Okay, so you might be wondering why I haven't talked about the Xbox One and all that next gen talk like the rest of the internet. I like to wait a few days before I really delve into it for a couple reasons. I want to cool down, make sure I know all the news and don't say anything stupid out of anger. I want a few days to see all the different and contradicting reports to make sure what I talk about isn't already confirmed false.

But they're doing a crappy job on almost all fronts. I literally could of been the easiest sale they could of had. All they had to do was keep the controller (check), make a system comparable to PS4 (check), allow used games (che...whait? What the ****?). I have to wait until all this is confirmed by both Sony and Microsoft. I'm not convienced Sony isn't doing the exact thing because they still have no confirmed no fees and all that. Hell we don't even know what it looks like.

I bought the 360 on launch, as I said many days before, with a few games. I think the 360 is the best console ever. And I would of happily bought the successor if they didn't insist on screwing me so hard I need to get a STD test. I'm tired of this whole fight against used games. It's been proved over and over and over that most used games sales go to buy NEW games. And that the video game business is selling more consoles and games than any other generation. So just get off your horse and stopped trying to feed us crap.

I don't really got much else to talk about, so I'll show a few pictures of my updated room:

Recently put up 6 new shelves

Here's a close up of each:




I have a total of 11 shelves now with random nerd crap. I got room for probably 6 more so that will probably be filled by the end of the year. 

Any ways, what is some games at E3 you're looking foward to? Can Microsoft still get your buy? Is my collection awesome or...never mind, it's awesome.

Top 5 things I need to see on Xbox reveal

It's an exciting time to be a gamer. And, I'm not going to a lie, a little scary. The Wii U is failing harder than a Britney Spears comeback tour (and let's face it, she'd make more money), and there's lots of nasty rumors going around about both PS4 and Xbox Infinity. Yes, from now on I'm just going to call it Xbox Infinity because I really like the name and I hope it's the one, and considering they registered, I think it is. Now, there's a few things I need to see from the conference on Tuesday. I'm going to list them and talk about them a little, and this goes for Playstation 4 as well. Sony has yet to show the console, name the price, or confirm if it can play used games yet.

5. Gamertag and arcade games easily transfer - I'll start off with something simple. I'm quite sure the gamertags will easily transfer over as they did this generation, but that also means I want my gamerscore and all my arcade games to transfer over. Obviously they won't be installed (unless they have a transfer cable) but it's important they have all the arcade games available at launch.

4. Keep achievements - I'm not going to lie, I'm an achievement w****. I love to see the pop up gloriously telling me how many points I earned, and yes I realize the higher the points the more of my life I wasted. I'm very sad to see Nintendo is ignoring this, but I'll save my rants on them for a different blog. I love how achievements add value to even the suckiest of games. I played many games I wouldn't of gave chances to, some bad and some surprisingly fun.

3. Revamp Xbox LIVE - I'm not going to get into the whole is LIVE worth it arguement, there's people on this site who will argue until the end of time. What I do want to see is MS borrow ideas from PS PLUS and offer the paying members not only full online and multiplayer privilages, but free games and discounts on XBLA and DLC titles. Sony is making Microsoft look silly in comparision. I love LIVE and my Xbox, but I would never say I wouldn't want my membership to give me more. I think this is a must moving forward.

2. New Exclusive - I'm not talking about exclusives we know about like Halo 5 and Gears 4 and Forza 5 and so on. I'm talking about some mother effin' new IP exclusives like Sony is pumping out. I know MS is working on some, I just hope they don't require Kinect and are awesome. I have no doubt there will at least be a couple, and I'm sure there will be less 3rd party exclusives than last gen by far, but I know MS can be more aggressive with their game stratgey. They have a huge back party of IPs they could use *cough Rare cough* and of course some awesome development teams that can make some interesting new Ips.

1. Allows used games - I'm not sure I have to elaborate on this as I believe most gamers will agree with me and should agree with me. There should be no medium ever that can control what you do with your physical copy after you purchase it. You paid the money and as long as you don't illegaly upload it, you can damn well do with it as you please whether that's lend it to a friend or sell it. I can never support a system that took this right from me. Ever.

Of course I want to see an awesome controller that isn't motion controlled or have stupid touch controls. Of course I want to hear everything is playable offline (and I'm sure it will be, all games can be played offline but probably have to connect to use their new cable thing) and of course I want it a decent prize. Of course I want to see lots of great games, and I care oh so very little about everything else. I don't give 2 craps (and I crap alot) about much else in a console, just the awesome games I can play on it. That's why I bought a 360 when it launched, Microsoft was aggressively pursuing hardcore gamers by stealing exclusives from Sony and really fighting for space. I feel that MS has lost that hunger and drive and fight they had in their first decade of gaming. It  almost feels like they're just resting on their laurels at this point. Not to the extreme level of Nintendo, who refuses to adapt. But I have to believe that will change, as will Sony going forth in next gen. Or there's always that top of the line PC....

Puzzling design choices in Metal Gear Rising.

I've been kind of "meh" lately on playing videogames. I guess I was going through a little break, didn't help but my breaks usually coincide with my health being poor. But I got back on the wagon (or off the wagon?) and started playing Metal Gear Rising. This game is already in a unique position of being the first Metal Gear game I care about. I never finished one before, and it looks like it'll stay that way. Why you ask? Not because the camera is infuriating or the voice over is cheesy and there's WAY too many cutscenes. No, I can get behind these design decisions if I'm having fun with the game. But I'm not, because their combat is terrible. Why? They decided the only way you can block is to parry by pressing --> and X towards your enemy when they attack. Well that may sound okay in theory, in practise it doesn't work.

What you get is a broken system where you get beat up worse than a nerd wearing his batman shirt to elemantary school (or was it just me who got beat up?). The combat becomes completely irreveleant as you get stuck in long combos, and for the parrying be stupidly fickle to even pull off. Boss fights no longer become fun but horrible long battles where you try to run around them instead of engaging combat and blocking because you can't block, so you're running around fighting the damn camera and it's just not fun.

Platinum Games really let me down on this game because I hold Bayonetta so highly, considering one of the best action games of the generation. I only played this game because they developed it and I thought it'd be a perfect fit. The sword play is fun, but it just beomes mindless and there isn't enough combos or weapons to keep a player interested. This is another baffling design choice. You can sort of upgrade Raiden, but nothing to the effect of the AMAZING Devil May Cry earlier this year. DMC proved that combat is key, as that was some of the fun I had all year. It just runs circles around this game.

So when you make an action game, you HAVE to have a good combat system. Metal Gear Rising does not have this. The combat isn't deep enough, the camera is terrible, there is no block and it just baffles me. I was expecting the dumb story and bad voice overs and could of easily looked past it if it was just fun to play. What are some baffling design chocies you seen in a game you were looking forward to?

Top 10 games of the generation

Before you read this blog, read my new Injustice review!

2013 marks the end of this console generation, as Sony and Microsoft will almost surely launch their next gen beasts onto the market by the end of November. The whole industry is just a totally different beast then it was in 2005 when I was eagerly awaiting the release of the XBOX 360. At that time there was nothing but excitement in the air as Microsoft boasted a stacked launch lineup and they were gunning for Sony by stealing their exclusives. Microsoft has since lost a lot of it's swagger, they no longer feel like that beast that wanted every game on it's system, and wanted nothing but great franchises to tear down Sony. No, now MS is more focused on living room entertainment then a video game system. I guess we'll see in a few weeks just how much different the next generation will be, I just hope Sony and MS remember the early adopters want nothing but awesome games and new experiences. And when I say new experiences, I don't mean Move or Kinect, I mean new IPs.

So, I'll leave all the b****ing about rumors for the forums and other bloggers, there's plenty of that already. I want to take this time and officially write my list of the top 10 games of this amazing generation. It's no easy feat, when you consider there's more quality A, AA and AAA games released this generation than ever before in a console life cycle. I played over 300 games, so I have a pretty damn big pool of quality games to choose from. I know there's some big games still to be played, but I'm pretty confident that this list is set. But hell, by December I'll forget about this blog and probably write another and call that official. 

10. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Oblivion released pretty early in the 360 lifecycle, making any Sony fan pretty sad as this massive open world game is no where's on their consoles. Of course it went over later, but at the time it was a big deal. The game really blew me away, a player who hates 99% of all RPGs. It's just so fun to explore the world they created, just running to a mission and then finding a cave and losing a hour before you even realized it. I put easily 100 hours in Oblivion and I know there's stuff I haven't seen. I sadly haven't got very deep in Skyrim yet so maybe some day I'll replace IV with part V.

9. Rockband 2 - Rocking off the list is Harmonix's sequel to the Guitar Hero smashing franchise Rockband. It managed to take the awesome concept of playing with a band, and pushing it over the edge with amazing set lists, world tour and online modes. I played this game for hundreds of hours, having over 100 DLC songs to rock the hell out to. Any game that lets me play the Peace Sells album is pretty okay with me.

8. Halo Reach - Everyone knew that Bungie was leaving, it was one of the biggest news stories of the generation. Everyone also knew that Bungie had one more game to make, and holy balls did they go out on a high note. Halo Reach is the best things from all the Halo games, awesome story, awesome online, great level design and the best shooting around. If I somehow met someone who never played a Halo game, I'd tell them to play Reach first.

7. Gears of War - Hard choice between the first and third entry in the Gears of War saga, I went both ways but finally settled on the original. I chose this because how much it changed the industry, and it really set the 360 apart from Sony at the time. Gears looked insane when it came out, the detail in the level design was spectacular, and no one seen a third person game like it before. Like great games like MW, Mario or Metroid, it creates lots of followers. This game really helped MS in exclusives, as they love to put out Gears one year and Halo next to please the shooting fans. This story might be shallow but no one can ever chainsaw someone in half and not smile.

6. Batman: Arkham City - When Arkham Asylum released it of course blew everyone away because license games were not supposed to be AAA. I guess the memo got lost on the way to Rocksteady as they followed up with the perfect action adventure game. Arkham City really makes you feel like you are the Dark Knight, as you stalk the streets and buildings that are in the city. The bosses are awesome, the fighting is perfect, the graphics are impressive, the voice work is spot on and the fan service is outstanding. What does this mean? It means it's a must play game for anyone who enjoys action adventure games.

5. Bioshock - It's really hard when you get into the top 5. Bioshock is a must include in any list of best games, and most gamers would agree. Bioshock really proved that a first person shooter doesn't have to be set in a war to be interesting. They showed that atmosphere can be the most important, creating a moddy underworld that is begging to be explored. The story is so well written, and every new tidbit you uncover you just want to uncover more. Of course everyone knows of the ending now, but that really blew me away at the time. I remember just studying the Big Daddy for like ten minutes, just watching it guard the Little Sister, amazed that he didn't attack unless I made him. It just really makes you want more out of a shooter, and proved that people like to use their brain and see this stuff in a shooter.

4. Dead Space - Visceral were pretty unknown developers in 2008, having only released the alright Simpsons game and the Godfather game so far in the generation (biggest games before was the James Bond 007 games on PS2). But from the moment I saw Dead Space at E3 before it released I knew it was going to be amazing. There is just something perfect about a horror game on a ship with aliens, it's basically the best Aliens game we'll get. At the time giving you more ammo wasn't liked in survival games, but we forgave them for how fun it was to blow off limbs and curb stomp the enemies. It featured great scares, brutal deaths and good story, I hope Visceral can move on and create another amazing IP for next gen. Or just do Dante's Inferno 2?

3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Okay, I'll admit the top 3 games in this list can be moved in any order. If I wrote this tomorrow I might of put Galaxy 2 into #1. I really didn't think this could be better than the first Galaxy, and what do ya know, I was effin wrong. There is just something damn special about riding Yoshi while going upside down around different planets. The bosses are perfect, the level design is THE best in any platformer EVER, and filled with enough charm to drop the Queen's panties.

2. Uncharted 2 - When I played this game, I really wasn't expecting much. The first Uncharted was solid, but I hated how you threw gernades and the level climbing wasn't too tight, but oh man is Uncharted 2 a great sequel. It has some of the best action you can look for, amazing voice acting, breath taking climbing and a lengthy campaign. I was so pleased it wasn't just an 8 hour romp, but a full meaty experience, with meaningful and well written characters. The females in the series aren't screaming babies who can't handle themselves, but strong confident women. This is one of most well rounded games you can find.

1. Assassin's Creed 2 - This is it, the single best sequel I have ever played. I couldn't even finish the first Assassin's Creed, and never went back to try again. Everything is better from the gameplay to the story to the combat, this game was the best experience you could find at the time. I love how you take control of Ezio from a young cocky man looking for some action, all the way up the grizzled assassin who is thirsting for revenge. This game really took that life long story and told it in a way we can grow with the characters. I loved all the secrets you can find, the amazing level design and the climbing, the's just all so perfect. It arrived at the perfect time, and it has always stuck with me.

5 Games I wish I could of included:

Guitar Hero 2
Alan Wake
Saints Row 2
Call of Duty Black Ops (or CoD4)

Now, argue away at how wrong my choices are!