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Whos up for Round 2 of Video Game Battles?

The next match will be against 2 video game characters! I am trying to get at LEAST 7 people to vote, or else I'm just going to give up on this idea. Anyway, the two are...


Pretty much, just say who you all think is better and cooler. Anyway, I've got nothing else to say, and I'll check this blog again by Friday or Saturday.

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Not feeling well right now...

Sorry about not havin any blogs up lately. Im realy sick right now. I dont know if I'll ever finish the Video Game Battles because nobody is posting in them. Yeah, the winner of the first battle was Star Fox 64, even though only 1 person voted. i dont feel really good, so I'll post another blog soon.

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The First Video Game Battle!! Anybody can vote!!!

With my Console Wars a success, I was surprised it still got few comments for each war. Luckily, I came up with the Video Game Battles. Now, lets see if this will surpass the Console Wars in popularity....

First of all, before we start, my images once again doesn't work though I wish it did. Don't be surprised.

lets start off with the popular Nintendo 64 games

Nominies: Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

And the battle begins! Imacritic814: "OUT!"

A few Announcements

Well, to conclude Console Wars, The Sony Company has succeeded over Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sega. Congratulations Sony, but wait, the series of wars isn't over yet!

A new generation of wars has been created to keep all fighters in for their favorites. What is the new series of wars called and about? The Video Game Battles! Favorite genres of games, characters, and more!

The Video Game Battles will begin next blog, so prepare yourself everybody!

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It's finally here!!! A-hem.... THIRD CONSOLE WAR!!!!

Sorry for the wait everyone, I haven't been on much on either TV or Gamespot the last few days, 5 I think. I was pretty held up hanging with my buds and video games during Spring Break. Anyway, I've got testing now for the week, but will hopefully get it over with easily, but who said I can't be on now?? Anyway, sorry for the wait, but let's see if Sony can win it this time....

NOMINIES: PlayStation 2, X-Box, and Gamecube!!!!

PlayStation2 capabilities- DVD player, awesome games

X-Box capabilities- X-Box LIVE, awesome games

Gamecube capabilties- Ummmmm..... FUN??

Mainly, I think the competition will be between the X-Box and PS2, but lets give Nintendo a chance, shall we? Let the battle begin!!!

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And the winner of the Second Console War is....

The Sony PlayStation!!! Somewhat... I'm not surprised. So far...

1st Console War- winner: PS3, nominies: XBox360, Wii

2nd Console War-winner: playstation, nominies: N64, Dreamcast

Apparently, Sony is making a good stand. I wonder if they can keep it up? Stay tuned everyone... for the next Console WAR!!!

By the way, after these wars, I will create a new generation of wars! What will it be about.... hehe, I'll keep you in suspense.

offtopic- "I have the tagger king emblem on Gamespot!!!"

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Console Wars Part 2!!!

Well, I hope I can get more people this time.... for the next CONSOLE WAR!! (hosted by imacritic814) Now, this Console War willnot have images, like last time, due to difficulty with my stupid computer that won't let me put it up. Anyway, the contestants....

Nintendo's NINTENDO 64!!! Sony's PLAYSTATION!!! & Sega's DREAMCAST!!!

I'm gonna leave the decision to you guys, and will announce the winner by Sunday or Monday! Please vote on this BLOG!

Anyway, I also wanted to share that my week of SPRING VACATION IS ALMOST HERE!!! I just have to let this week fly by......

Console Wars Part One Winner/Image Problems/Glitches

The winner of the first Console Wars is..... SONY'S PlayStation 3!! I didn't expect this to happen, but I only got 4 people who posted in my last blog and chose to who would win. Hopefully, I will get more people posting in my next CONSOLE WARS blog.

I would've put some images to show the consoles on my blog, but it doesn't work, for some reason. I saved the link, uploaded it on PhotoBucket, and copied the link, and pasted it on the "image URL" section of the insert/edit message. It showed in my blog, but when it was posted, it didn't post, and instead said this on the top of my page "TAG IMAGE HAS NO ATTRIBUTE TITLE". I don't know what that means, and I was wondering if this was a glitch. Anyone have a clue??

On Gamespot, most people have been having many glitches. I haven't had any problems.... yet. I hope this stop, and good luck to everyone with these problems. Can you say an example of a glitch you guys are having??

Anyway, I've gotta go. Imacritic814, "OUT"

I call this..... CONSOLE WARS!!!! Part 1

for meTo start off in this blog, I've decided to do something different. Well, we've all questioned which new generation system is the best. It's time for us to share our opinions. I just came up with this idea while skimming around forums, and I'm curious on what everyone thinks. The nominies...

Microsoft's XBox 360, Nintendo's Wii, and Sony's PlayStation 3

XBox 360-a highly anticipated console, the XBox 360 has impressive graphics in video games and is equipped with an HD DVD drive. Has XBox Live, so players around the world can connect and compete. You can buy stuff in the XBox Live Marketplace and Arcade for much downloadable content! Games such as Halo 3, Gears of War, and Call of Duty 4 are popular with the XBox 360. The XBox 360 surely will keep you playing!

Playstation 3-armed with a Blu-Ray DVD drive, and has even more better graphics than the 360, by a notch. The PS3 has something called the Playstation Network, very similar to XBox Live. Players can connect and compete and download content. The PS3's SYNTAX controller is motion sensitive, and very similar to it's older models (PS2, Playstation). The PS3's awesome stuff come at a higher price though. Games such as Resistance:Fall of Man and Devil May Cry 4 are very popular with this system. The PS3 will get you hung up with it in no time!

Wii-Nintendo's console is an interesting one. No DVD Drive in this thing, but HOLD ON! The Wii has Wi-Fi connectivity for players to connect and play with others. Also, it has some downloads available in the Wii Shop. The Wii's controllers are fun to use and very creative. Though this game's graphics don't really compare to the XBox 360 or PS3, it's games rock; such as Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy,& Zelda:Twilight Princess. The Wii is perfect for anyone!

Which console do you think should make it to the top? The winning console will be announced next blog! Sorry I couldn't put images, because I couldn't put it there. Maybe I was lazy. Anyway....

Imacritic 814:... OUT!