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Was quite good tbh =D

Art till dinner :) withthehilariouslyfunny James :D Dinner, mehh okii, Geography, I dont really like geo but, today it wasdifferentlol, sat next to Matty Young and Ryan Horton, having a laugh, stressing Miss Spammer out :D

The rumors havnt come out that much tbh, thought ide have loads of people comeing up to me, looks like they only really talk behind backs :?

Sooo, for people who went back today, how did your first day back go?

Charly :)

Wooo 2009!!!

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Finnaly! Is all i can say tbh lol

'08 Was a bag of crap for mee..... Don't know how it was for you, but hmmmm i went through a lot of nasty stuff lol

Fell out of a tree and broke my back :|:|Bet most of you didn't know that but yea lol

Fully recovered now :D don't have to go back to hospital :)

Hopefully 2009 will be full of even more laughter, and hopefully love :) ahhh i'm getting soppy again lol

Sooooooo hopes you all had a goooooood New years eve (Mine was Poo Poo.... Agian!) and i hope you all have a good '09


P.s Don't claim trees..... :|

Umm.... Hi?

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What do you say when you've been away for soo long.... Hi seem like a good start lol

Sooo... Hiiiiiiii!!!! =D

Maaan It's Been A While....

Good to be back =]

I think i might stay this time lol!

Since i have... a laptop! (Of lappytop as Cloud_sqaull_ says!)

Umm... I don't reaaally know what to say lol

Well.... How was your xmas??

Mine was quite good lol

Lappytop,, new phone,, ipod!,, Make upp,, moneyyy =]


No Time...

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I have no time to play games...:cry:cuz of school and homework what come with school i just don't have the time it's so sad isn't its not fair:cry::cry:

In other news i have just ordered My sims for the Wii i have know idea when it will come because it is out of stock so it will come when they restock it so i hope its soon.

See Ya

Holy Crap Its Been Long :D

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:lol: Yes i am back well i didnt actually go any where but it has been a while so how was you christmas mine was good i got 9 wii games which are:

Big brain acadimy
Bust a move
Mario and sonic and the olimpics
Rayman raving rabbids 2
The goldencompass
Thrillville: Off the rails
Sims2 castaway
Links crossbow training

and 3 ds games

theme park DS
Final Fantasy III

so how was you x-mas

yay new level

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wow im up a level already level 17 get in Minus World hum iwonder how it is....just droped in to say hiiiiiiiiiand let you know that im still here


xxx charly xxxx

Long time no see huh

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wow its been a long time hasn't it :D and im watchin Heroes at the mo so i may go of track abit lol well im in year 10 now and its ok for my options i picked BTEC art and geographyso i have 8 lessons of art a week and its sweet geography is a bit boreing at the moment but my crazy mate makes it fun lol

My birthdays in 3 weeks and were going to Alton Towers itsa big theme park in the UK and i seriuosly hope it dosnt rain like it has been for the past month as weve all been flooded in we havnt cuz we live on a bit ov a hill in london and down south its really flooded in. Its got something to do with the 'Jet Stream' or something or other

gaming so nothing really happening here i have just finished Prince of Persia:the two thrones again in about three days i was simply bored. Er not that many new games got cooking mama and harvest moon for the DS i really really really want pokemon pearl i keep hinting to my perants that i want it like just randomly and quietlysaying "i want pokemon pearl" lol

so thats whats happend to me in the how ever long it was.what happend to you over the past few months


xxx charly xxx

Guess The Film 2

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[about the newspaper clipping boy1 was showing boy2 and girl1]
teen1: Not flashing that clipping again, are you, boy1?
boy1: I haven't shown anyone!
teen2: No, not a soul! Unless you count Tom.
teen1: The day maid.
teen2: The night maid.
teen1: The cook.
teen2: That bloke who came to fix the toilet.
teen1: And that wizard from Belgium!

clue 1: the main charactor wears glasses

Guess the film from the quote 1

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I was just thinking i dont i dont blog alot so then i thought and i was on this film website a the time and i thought why dont i put quotes from films so you lot can try and guess them and i will give you three clues as well so heres the first quote:

Man1: Is this a dream?
man2: No.
man1: I thought not. If it were, there'd be rum.
man2: [hands him a bottle of rum]



clue 1: this film is the second of three but the third is yet to be released

If you want another clue just ask


time to get the skarf and gloves out again!

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Yes its March...and its been snowing:o. Strange init that the worlds sopost to be warming up 8)not getting colder :|then again you know what they say the cold before the heat eh8). Humm there was snow on the ground this morning it hasnt been setting...just falling and melting but it set last night it was only a bit, about a cm, but it soon melted so it was just a cold bitter wind from the north.

So has it been snowing where ever you are?

And how have you been?

I've been on Bebo :D

Well bye bye until i next write a blog:P