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The plot of the film was certainly lacking, however the visual style and Sharlto Copley's performance alone make it worth rewatching for me.

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Bitch Mob Task Force. Protect Lil B at all costs.

Thank you Based God

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Birra Morretti. S'alright.

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Nope, for the first time in a very long time, I can say I'm content. Rich3232

This. I know that feeling exactly, but this summer I have been working very hard to try and make my life mean something. I realized that how I feel is more important than how I percieve other people feel about me, it has allowed me to take more risks and put myself in situations I normally wouldn't. I have been working out extremely hard, trying to shake years of couch potatoness. I have an awesome job (Well, the pay isn't awesome) with great coworkers who are becoming very close friends and when one of my coworkers/friends returns from her trip in August I am going to ask her out. And I am not scared to do it, I am excited. I may not know exactly where my life is going, but I get extremely good grades and I will graduate at the age of 21 with no debt. I couldn't be happier.

I am trying to reinvent myself physically, mentallly and emotionally. Never felt better.

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I find the art style extremely difficult to get into, but I like some Miyazaki flicks.

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[QUOTE="Swanogt19"]I have some interest in seeing the film. But with all these mix reviews I am not sure if I will go see it in theaters.SaintLeonidas
I'd say wait. Not that it isn't worth the price of admission, I think it is, but if you aren't sure then I'd say wait for the blu-ray, mainly because director Mangold plans to release an unrated cut. Supposed to be 10-12 minutes longer and more brutal (I honestly think it was stuff cut to keep it from being rated R because the theatrical cut was pretty close). That will probably be the definitive cut.

I haven't seen it yet (going on Wednesday), but I am so glad to hear this.

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I will be the first one to admit that it was not a perfect film in terms of acting, script or dialogue. However, that did not stop me and my buddies from shouting "OOOOOH!" and pumping out fists in the air for a large portion of the film. Left the theatre with a massive grin on my face, could not have asked for anything more. Also, apparently there was roughly an hour or so of material cut from the film which will hopefully be available when it comes to video.

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Spring Breakers

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Had a few of these the other night.

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Not surprised about the Lone Ranger. Billing Armie Hammer with Depp was a bad move I feel. I had to look up who he was after I heard of the movie. It also just looked extremely bland and it was basically Jack Sparrow if he was a Native American. I guess Disney will just have to start putting even more into the Marvel films as they show no sign of slowing down.

As for Pacific Rim, I am shocked to see just how heavily it is being marketed. I am aware that it looks like a typical summer blockbuster, but I thought they might try and grab more of a niche audience with the Kaiju stuff. I think the cast is going to help the sales as well. Rather than casting movie stars, they cast TV stars. Hunnam and Perlman are pretty popular from SoA as is Charlie Day from IASIP and Idris Elba. Still I am super excited and I hope it does well. Maybe if this makes enough Del Toro will be given a good budget and free reign over At the Mountains of Madness.


Came across this article in variety that says that they're changing the marketing for the movie. Interesting, especially with it opening at the end of the week.

Very interesting indeed. Although very late to make such a drastic change in marketing strategy, I feel as though this last week is when the undecided moviegoers can be wooed. I guess as a new franchsie they felt the need to lay all the cards on the table and not hold much back for the actual film. Again, hope it pays off for them, while I haven't seen the film yet, it would be nice to see an original film and some new faces at the top of the box office for once.

Also, not sure if you are aware or care, but in Canada the film will be the first to offer the Super Ticket which gives a ticket to the movie, as well as an UltraViolet digital copy of the film when it is released. Not sure how this type of deal will be calculated in terms of box office.