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The worst part is I won't be the least surprised if Gamespot or CNETdoesn't give any official response to it's loyal customers and fans about what really happened.
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There's a lot of posts saying how his reviews were flawed and that's a good enough reason to get fired.

First off, a review is an opinion. A well thought out, lengthy opinion with a sometimes arbitrary number rating attached to it. So to say that Jeff should be fired for having a dissenting opinion is sort of like saying you don't want to hear opinions at all, and would rather take the Developer's and Publisher's word for it when it comes to what makes a game good. Tell me, what's the point of video game journalism if the games being reviewed already have an implied score based on hype and trailers alone? Do I agree with his perfect score of THPS3? No. I don't know anyone who considers it to be better than two in terms of it's ammountrevolutionary gameplay. But is that to say that this should overshaddow the fact that he's a damn good writer when it comes to gaming?

Second, reviews don't just go straight from writing to publishing. There are plenty of steps along the way where several other writers and editors get a chance to proofread and give feedback. It's just asinine to think that Jeff is 100% responsible for any reviews, but since his name is on it he's the scapegoat.

It's a sad time really, a time when all the things we thought about game journalism are actually coming to a head. And when I came back to Gamspot today to find the Soapbox removed from the homepage, I really didn't know what to say.

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The failure rate is less than 1%, far less. But that doesn't mean it won't happen.

I had my first for about 5 months when it bricked. Sony is pretty awesome about getting your stuff back to you, so all you should really worry about is backing up game saves.

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Well, IMO, the new camo system is basically a one-button form of the old camo system, so that would make MGS3 gimiicky, which it certainly wasn't.

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It is unbelievable how many posters complain about not having demos and when they get one all they can say is how short it is.Sometimes I feel likeI'm the only one who remembers last gen. There was no such thing as downloadable content. Some of you act as though this is something you expect from every game as if it should be a requirment. For those of you who don't have a memory that goes back more than a month just realize that the PSN is still fairly new, have a little pateince. Sure it would be nice if every game had a demo on the PSN but after all of the great content that's been added in the last couple of weeks, compaired to what it had a few months ago, I'm not going to whine about it.

As for the shortness of the demo get over it. It's a demo for cryin' out loud! There are no limits set to how long one should be. I, for one didn't mind it being short. It didn't give away much of the story not to mention it's coming out really soon, I think I can wait just a bit longer to play the whole thing. Overall the demo did what a demo is supposed to do. It gave me a feel for what the gameplay will be like, an idea of what to expect visually, and a tease for the story. Is anything else really needed.donnygorgas

I was definately dissapointed by the length of the demo, but completely amazed at what I was playing. The rope-running portion was one of the more intense gaming experiences I've had in a while. Can't wait for the final game.

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Never dropped, never downloaded/installed anything that wasn't from the PS Network. Happened quite a while after the latest firmware update.

I just hope I happened to get a faulty system.

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I just tried to upgrade my account, but after confirming the billing information, it said there was an error processing it. But when I checked my bank account I was billed. Should I expect the withdrawl to be removed by GS and just try again now, or should I wait till it's rectified?


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Imagine a Mario game with a sophistocated physics engine, incredibly deep customization system, and amazing graphics.

Good enough ? Well there's more if it isn't!

You can share any objects you create with your friends. Likewise, any custom levels you create can also be shared.

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So I'm not sure how this happened, but I'll share what I know.

Recently I was playing Stardust HD when it froze. I thought "that's strange, but I guess games freeze" and decided it wasn't a big deal. The next time I turned it on it got to the startup screen and then started getting a lot of weird green static, which eventually covered the whole screen. At first I thought this was an A/V problem, but then the PS3 froze and now either does that or won't turn on all together...

Luckily, waranties exist. However, do any of you guys know what the hell happened so I could prevent something like this again? At first I thought It was a heating issue, but I've left it on for much longer than the instance where it first froze on me.

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After dl-ing the time attack update, I can't start up Motorstorm anymore. It stops at a black screen right after the PS3 intro. Anyone else get similar troubles?