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What happened.

After buying BC2 as i said on the previous blog, well, i started playing. I loved the game, the SP not that much. Then time passed and i was at level 25 with all the weapons and gadgets. And i stoped playing because i realized that i was playing something that wasnt fun, i was all the time pissed off and shouting to my enemy -> i stopped playing BC2. Then i was hoping to buy ABP (All Points Bulletin), but, i saw the Monthly Fee:

"Playing 30 days online at 10 dollars, 90 and 180 days have discount." There's when i left the idea of buying it.

Now i want Need For Speed: World, but probably, another MMO, so, bye too. I just can't pay month by month. Im asking myself if i should buy Blur or not. Probably not. I want a game to drive mostly.

And i played L4D2: The Passing. I like the whole idea of the mutations where they update them every week, and i was hoping a longer campaign. It was free so i won't cry.

Then we have the CS:S Beta. I really like the idea of having achievements and all what they are going to add. Wich is related to TF2.

Thanx to valve for putting Portal for free, ¡I played Portal: Prelude! Remenber that this "free portal for everyone" thing is because of Steam for Mac. Wich is cool.

And that's all i remenber. Bye people.

Pre-Purchased L4D2

Hi everybody. I here to talk about L4D2. Now (11/1/09) im playing the demo, and the game at my point of view is much better than L4D1.

It's pretty cool the melee stuff. It makes the game much funnier because u can cut people in 2, then u got a lot of primary weapons, and some things more that im gonna tell u now.

Adrenaline: This is a replacer of the pills, this makes u run faster, but not as pills. His effect is much longer and it just simules life, cause your probably running like a guy with 70hps but if a zombie hit u on expert u will fall down cause u got 20hps.

Defibrillator: This one replaces the Med Pack, it has one use and his work is to revivve dead survivors. It can be used pretty well, but u gotta take care, cause if u dont zombies are gonna hit u and you are not going to have medicine.

Melee: The melee is most anticipated feature of L4D2. It replaces the pistols.

Frag Granade: Isn't in the demo but is going to be in the full version.

Boom Vile: Is a Granade that contains the slime from the boomer, and when u hit a zombies this one is going to get killed by other zombies. Good against tanks.

And a big addon that i dont now how to call is that u can cut the zombies is a very cool way, or just make a hole in his stomach. I don't now if u understant wath im saying but i mean that u can quarter the zombies like no other game.

And probably are more things, but this ones are the importants or at least the ones that i remenber.

Well... Good bye people, please comment if u want. See ya

What i must buy?

Hi, wich i must buy for crhismas, GTA IV or Left4Dead {PC}????

Can someone help me, please is hard for me, i just boy one original game, i doesnt got the chance of buying normally, well, i got a lot of games, all are pirate games.

Well, if you want to help me, help me. PLEASE

Bye, Bye.

Hi, i got the game, do you got the spot?

Hi everybody, this is my first blog, im gonna talk you about the games you must have.


Well, i nice game, too good to be truth. This game is for me, cars and guns, all a man wants. Dont you?. You can kill evreybody with a lot of guns, sub-machineguns, assault rifles, shotgun, snipers and all that. From other side you can drive your beatiful car making upgrades on your guns, engine, wheels and kill everybody like with guns, EVERYBODY!!! . Really i dont now the story, but i think its something of an asteroid. TBA.

 Fallout 3:

I think taht probably one of the best talking of RPGs. You got a very interesting story, a nice mini computer to do your homework [KILL THE MONSTERS], and good powers.

Talking about powers we must say that arent powers, are like pills, thing of the future, and thats when the mini computer must work. With this thing that i call mini computer you can use your staff, like the pills that im talking about, guns and all you have.

The story is much better that one game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the last one, a big **** of gaming.


Bye, then i will talk more, i really dont now if someone its gonna read this but, well good bye.