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General pondering

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Why oh Why oh Why does Hamish find my insult, "You're my least favourite individual" so gosh darn it funny!?

Why the galaxy is falling apart

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Basically, theres this on going battle between the dark and light side of the force, the light side wants to only use the force for the benefit of the people and to save people. The Dark Side realises its true power, anyone who befalls the dark side intends to use the force to rule the galaxy alongside the Empire who the Sith (the official name of anyone given to the Dark Side of the force) are forced to work with as they have almost the exact same rules and ambitions. The Sith believe they are correct as do the jedi, either side will give you the same explanation, "The Dark Side is to arrogant with its own power to understand the Jedi are the true way of the force" - Shagaar, a jedi padawan.

Then in the midst of all the on going fighting is the decieving, evil and downright dirty trouble caused by non force wielders. Smugglers, Ganglords and the wrong side of the cantina. People like Han Solo, smugglers who live to gain money, people full of greed and think nothing of the others around them. They work like pirates, afraid of nothing and will do anything to gain a fair percentage out of the Hutts.

The Hutts, crime lords who laze around on their flab all day, watching Twi'lek dancers, listening to Bounty Hunter's excuses and laughing at the Bounty Hunters who wronged them die. Hutts are who run the smaller republic/Imperial free planets. The Hutts collect salvaged parts and pay handsomely to the ones who do the errands then sell the items/information to the highest paying party. They tend to target the Empire and the Republic, the two wealthiest of all the parties.

Theres so much crime in the galaxy its no wonder its falling apart.

I'll return with another blog on the Star Wars universe soon enough people

Why I Dont Write Blogs

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I don't write blogs, this is because I have better things to do with my time. I don't go around pleasing people with my constant rant of why Kinder Egg beats Cream or free range. If every time I discovered a new object or word or function or person or door I wrote a paragraph or two on it, hell, my fingers would be mere bone hanging lifelessly by a thread of flesh attatched to my writst. That, good sir/madam, is why I don't write blogs.

Oh no, what have I done!?!