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I am alive

Well just in time for E3 I have returned to GameSpot from my 5 month hiatus. Why did I leave you may be asking yourselves, well personal reasons that I'm not going to go in to great detail about. Let's just say that this economy has cost me 2 jobs, been a death, cancer scare & another serious surgery in my life since January of 2010. Of course everything hit in succession, so once one thing was out of the way another happened. So obviously video games were the farthest thing from my mind during all of this and I just had to step away.

To anyone that actually followed me that is still around, and largely the moderation team & admins, I apologize for the disapearance without notice. I really hope everyone can understand why I did what I did and forgive me.

As far as the moderation team & admins go I do apolize with every aspect that I can to all of you fine men & women. Again, I felt like I had no choice and while I should have e-mailed you Jody, I was on the verge of returning when something new would pop in to my life. Knowing that I wasn't the biggest or most popular on the team (just quiet) I felt that me stepping away and leaving everyone else wouldn't do much harm. I'm going to express interest now, as well as an e-mail to Jody after E3, of returning to the team if you would all have me.

Now that that is out of the way, time for some E3 and catching up on what I've missed rumor wise over the last 5 months!

Sig/Avy/Banner designers take a look

As I'm sure you can tell, I am in desperate need of some new designs. Well my skills with photoshop/gimp suck and so I am turning to you all for some help.

All I require is:

  • Image of Kane, preferred pose can be seen on thispage. The blue or old red are preferred
  • Banner must include his face with the text "Peace Through Power. Sig can include it if done tastefully.
  • All 3 must match in terms of color/image and what not.

I am looking for a few submissions from different people as I want to have a vote off in my blog, so tell anyone else you know that does banners. Post links here or send them via PM.

Unexpected hiatus over with

I can't believe I've been away for so long, nearly a month, but this last month has been an interesting one for sure. I got fired from my job, got a new one and have been working my ass off at it.

As you may or may not know, I had been a cashier at a local store for nearly 2.5 years and it was not a pleasant time at all. So I'm working and get pulled in to LP (Loss Prevention) one day and start accusing me of stealing from the company. In the process of the "talks" the LP guy sat there calling me a liar and down right harassing me all because he has never seen a mistake and he watchedthe transactionLIVE. The "talks" end and I am suspended pending further investigation. A week and a half later I get a call from our store director and am told that I've been terminated for stealing due to the video proof they had. How did I steal from the company you may be wondering, well I accidentally did not scan an item. That's right folks, for a simple mistake that everyone who has ever run a cash register has made, my job with the company was terminated.

Now there is more to it then just that. 2 weeks prior to this there is a promotional opportunity. Long story short after promising me an interview they don't interview me and hire someone else (far less qualified I might add). I threaten the manager with legal action due to the handling and the very next day is when this went this went down. I know she had something to do with it as the LP guy even said that my name had never come up to watch in 2 years yet he was watching me that day, questionable for sure. Oh and if you are wondering, I was union and have lost $600+ to union dues but they basically told me I was rightfully terminated.

Thankfully I found a job immediately even if it is only a seasonal guarantee. The great thing is that while I may get paid less, I'm working 32+ hours a week compared to 24-26 at the old one.

Needless to say I had about 2 weeks free from all this and spent a lot of time gaming. So now for the fun stuff and what I played during this time frame.

I picked this up not long after release when Best Buy had it on sale for $40 as I am a loyal follower of the NFS franchise. It is a welcome, and overdue,change in the NFS series and I have enjoyed playing it more then most NFS games of recent memory. If you are looking for a fun little racer I'd recomend it.

If you are a South Park fan you have to get this game, well as long as you are not completely against tower defense games. This game captures the hilarity of the show perfectly and simply is a blast to play. Odly enough, it is actually a challenging game at first, unless you are a tower defense master, but thankfully it is easy to get a hang of.

Another year, another WWE game. I don't even watch the shows that often, but still find myself purchasing the game every year. Thankfully the game is actually a bit better then last years and enjoyable no matter what.

I also finished up Batman: AA, possibly my game of the year, and purchased Forza 3. I've not had time to play Forza 3 yet do to the new work schedule, but the demo was rather enjoyable and I look forward to playing it in the near future.

Birthday blog

That be right folks, your beloved (I know I'm dreaming) icytower has turned one year old today, for those curious I am now 25 years old.

What am I doing on my birthday you may be asking yourself. Well I'm going to a funeral followed by going to that hell hole of a job that I do love so much. I guess it is a good thing I'm not really one for birthday activities. Besides, we will be celebrating at a later date.

I'm sorry to diapoint but I have no goodies, so it is bring your own desert and bring your own refreshments to this little party.

Bloging from beyond the beyond

So obviously the title is a play on words, but yeah I shouldn't be here right now and that is no laughing matter. So what happend you may wonder?

I was on my way to a craft show Saturday morningwith a friend (he sells stuff) to assist him when things went wrong. We were on interstate 94 when we thought we had a tire go down. That sucks, but nothing overly to concerning right. Well he starts to have problems with the stearing as he is getting over and now thinks it's a tie rod. Worse problem but nothing to severe. So we get to the side of the road and we get out, I hear him shout "HOLY ****!". I walk to the front of the vehincle and his left front tire is at a 45 degree angle. Tow truck gets to the scene the guy looks at the vehincle and says it was a uper left front ball joint. He also informs us that he has never seen this happen to a truck or SUV (friends has a pickup) and not roll over. We get to the repair shop and the mechanic says the exact same thing.

So lets move on to yesterday's near death experience.

A friend of mine calls me and informs me that there was a shooting at a local library, 2 dead and 2 injured. The thing about this incident was that we had plans to hit the exact same library that day and would have been there at the exact same time as the shooting.

Now death may be an extreme as the truck could of flipped or I been at the library and ended up fine or slightly injured. But it does get one thinking when a near death experience happens to you, let alone 2 in one week.

That's it, I just felt like I needed to share that with someone other then the people involved.

Icy's August 2009 Monthly Blog


Batman: Arkham Asylum: So far I've only tested out a few minutes of the game without actually signing in to my account. The game seams like it is going to be very good. Graphics, story and voice acting already seam to be top notch.
BattleTanx & BattleTanx: Global Assault: Two really fun c.lassic games from my limited time with a 64 back in the day. Acquiring that orange 64 last month I just had to have these back. I got both fully boxed off eBay.
Ghostbusters The Video game:Sadly I've not had a chance to play this one yet. I was a big Ghostbusters movie(s) fan back in the day and just had to get this game with the original cast and all. The great things is that I picked this bad boy up for $1.90 with tax. Before you ask, it was cheap because I used coupons.
Drawn Together Season Three: Offensive Comedy Central comedy that I just enjoyed. If you are going to aim to offend, offend everyone, and this show did that.
Spaceballs: Yes I did just pick this up for the first time. What can I say about this movie that hasn't been said before? It is just full of pure awesomeness. I also picked both these DVD's up with coupons, paying $1.88 with tax.



Not a thing :(. Between work, friends and building cabinets I've had no time to game since my last real montly blog back in April. I so wanted to use the summer to catch up on my gaming and now I'm going to be even farther behind.


This is calculated from my last full Monhly blog in April
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Total Posts: 11,591 +1,531



Another cute picture of my dogs. This one was taken by my sister just the other day.

Marvel being baught by Disney. You usually hear about companies being in financial trouble, but not Marvel. I dont' know if Marvel was in trouble or not, but man this came out of left field. I've got a friend that is a comic book nerd and he hadn't even heard anything about it. Only time will tell what this means for Marvel, I just hope Disney doesn't destroy legends like Wolverine and what not.


Coming Soon

Vote Yoshi (UPDATE: My bracked link added)

Before anyone says anything about my avatar/banner/sig I know they SUCK. But this is all my lack of talent and 10 minutes with paint could come create. This great dinosaur deserves so much more then my craptastic skills, but since noe one had created a set for him I'm going to use these with pride!

By the way, Yoshi deserves to make it a few rounds in this game hero competion. He gets a lot less credit then he should. To quote Jerell_Rast:

Go yoshi! He deserves some credit. I mean, he spent a whole game carrying babies on his back!Jerell_rast

I have no clue who some of these people are, so most of this is a guess. I still think Mario will pull it out in the end.


Icy's psudo June monthly blog

3 months without one of these now, man I need to get back to posting them. I've just been so busy with work that I've not had the time to write up these blogs. However, this month I decided I got some rather nice purchases so I would throw them up in a psudo monthly blog for the heck of it even if it is July 10th.

Can I just say that eBay is soon going to be the death of me!

Custom black 360 chatpad. Having a white chatpad on a black controller just looked a bit weird. Fortunetly I found a guy that had done some custom paint work on a few of these. Looks and workes great :).

Buster Busts Loose for the SNES (COMPLETE). Works perfectly and looks great. I had this game back in the day but somehow lost it when I moved to my current house. Glad to have a fun game from my childhood back in my collection.

Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage SNES (COMPLETE). Works and looks great. I never owned this one, but rented it back in the day. Just happy to add another good old SNES game to my collection.

Animaniac's Ten Pin Alley PS (COMPLETE). Ten Pin Alley + Animaniacs = WIN! I had a copy of this but it skipped horibly. When you take a great game like Ten Pin Alley and throw in an awesome cartoon tie in things just work out and I finally have a working copy of this game.

Red Asphalt PS (COMPLETE). The sequel to the greatest game ever created in my book, Rock 'N Roll Racing, and thus the reason for the purchase. The game does not deserve the relationship and is horrible, but the collector in me needed a copy of it.

Fire orange N64 with 2 fire orange controllers and a copy of Goldeneye. I never owned a 64, my sister did, and since she sold hers years ago I had to get one for myself. Unfortunetly my copy of Goldeneye was sold at the same time, but I think it has all finally worked out in the end. This thing looks so damn sexy and seeing as everything is in working order I am not complaining. Not to mention that I got 2 controller packs by surprise as the seller did not list them in the auction. For the record, if you didn't know, orange is my favorite collor :). I had no idea they made one in this collor, but a friend said they did and it happened to be on eBay at just the right time.

Top 25 Emblem Leaders (6/21/09)

With the E3 emblems finished, well for the most part, I think it is time to release the post E3 list.

Post E3 update

  1. DouglasBuffone - 98
  2. Dirk13 - 88
  3. Donkeljohn - 77
  4. Sidburn19 - 76
  5. edubuccaneer - 75
  6. Soulreavercross - 74
  7. icytower38 - 70
  8. Kreestas - 66
  9. Jerell_rast - 66
  10. adolfobaja - 65
  11. princesszelda -63
  12. jesus_knight -61
  13. Caddy06_88-60
  14. canana - 60
  15. jediskilz173 - 58
  16. kevb84- 58
  17. cell_dweller- 57
  18. dab198- 57
  19. JodyR-55
  20. Korubi - 54
  21. Knight_of_Malta - 53
  22. ootp2003 - 53
  23. Rossuron -53
  24. guthwulf_de-53
  25. SavoyPrime -52

As always, if you know someone missing or someone that has50 emblems let me know via PM or in the comments section.