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my game idea's

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The Blade's of Time

These blades are fortold to hold the powers of time and the wielder of these blades is given the abilitys to slow, stop, rewind and fast forword time itself. Rumors have it that these blades also give the holder the gift of time extending there lives expanentialy unfortunatly the blades are fortold to be cursed and with the gift of more life the curse brings the souls of time driving the wielders of the blades insane and death is soon to come. The Blade's of Time reside in a heavenly castle floating atop of a flying beast known as starkeice also known as the gaurdian of time. The starkeice is not the only creature said to gaurd the blades. Not much is known about the heavens siege castle but many a warrior has tryed for the Blade's of Time non has yet to return.

Getting up 2

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Word has it that the loose ends in getting up contents under pressure were the ending left huge room for a sequel and leaking out of the atari studios are that the sequel is in the works im still on edge about my resources and will defo get back to readers with more info as i get it.I am realy going to find out wether this is a leak from the actual atari studios and ecko unltd or just a rumor that is playing on ppls love for the getting up game.I realy want to know what train is up2 but if it means the game is going to be poor quality and story then i will wait i just hope this is true but i am checking all the connections i have in sony industrys to make sure that gamers get the truth about the games they love.

p.s. ill be making sure u get the truth because i love this game and i just wished i was working with the art team for the game amazing styles hehe.

new legacy of kane game?

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Is there goin to be a new legacy of kain game there were roumers wen defiance was released but then nothin i was so disapointed because the leagacy of kain games were beast the story and gore just got me hooked and i just couldnt wait for another game. I just wanted to know how the story will continue and after years of nothing ive heard there bringing a new blood omen & soul reaver out for the PS3 and 360 and i realy hope that this is more than a rumor coz realy need my fix of the REAVER.