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Omg i cant belive it! its finally here

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(firstly i would like to add i havent written in my blog in aaaaggeeess!! :lol: ) Yes!!! finally MGS3: Subsistence is finally in Europe and the UK YAHOOO ive been waiting for this game since march and the realease date was always contriversial for when it was gna be realsed in the UK no finally Kojima delivers! :D - now i just gota wait for it to come through the post :lol: 

Fourm And Display PICS!!!!!!

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Whats up wid all the fourm and display pics....whats thid Windows flaw!! thing whatever it is its just odd and really annoying coz i enjoyed out my own pics on my profile now  i cant :(.....y.....oh y??

400 Posts + friends requests

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Cool im getting to almost 500 (half of 1000) darnn but since Gamespot had been changing so much its been harder to post more quicker but hopefully ill get better (already starting to lol) p.s. does anyone noe how to send friends requests with this new gamespot get up coz all i can see is 'track this person' and thats it what does 'track this person' actually mean and do?!

150+ Friends!! WOW

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Wow!! i cant beleive it i have over 150 Friends woah i didnt realise how many i had. Well i Like to Thank All of You as u have been Great (even if u havent done anything. lol :D)

Level 7!!

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Yah i'm on my way pretty smoothly

200+ Posts!!

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Gettin there gradually bit slow though and i think ill take Gum_Bercules advice and aim for 1000+ Posts...Oh yeah and im most Lvl 7!! :):):)

Finally Got 100+ Posts!!!!!

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Its a mircale :D ive finally got over 100 posts shez that took long hopefully i can get to 200 or more quicker now

Cmon Level 6 and 50 Posts woohhhh!!!

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Finnaly got to 50 posts now 50 more to reach 100 lol. that is soooo long. And comon hurry up and turn level 6 so that i can do reviews and stuff and form unions and forums shezzz

Bad Taste!!!!!!

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I CAN'T BELIVE THAT I GOT BAD TASTE i really have a good taste for games.:( ah well guess u cant win them all!! lol


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Almost at Level 5, i'm also aiming for around 50 posts for now and then trying to get more hopfully.
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