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Still alive! & Playing Halo 4 :P

Hey guys it's been forever since I last blogged, but I felt after seeing how many people were playing halo 4 that some of you would be amonst the masses. If you guys are playing add my GT: KingEbu and we can link up and play sometime cuz you probably won't hear from me for another decade or so :)

Reach, Amazing yet still lacking.

So I got Pre-ordered Reach thinking it would be pretty awesome, having played halo 1,2,3. But so far im having trouble adapting to the bloom (recoil) effect and am pretty pissed at the fact that some of the seemingly dominant maps such as the coagulation and ascension remakes (just feels cheap). I really wanted more maps like Reflection, that look so nice and are still really fun. Anyways I would recommend it to everyone and if you ve got the game add my GT: iTz the Daxter and we can hopefully play some multiplayer or what not.

Finished MGS4!

Lol yes I know its pretty late, but I ve been so busy finishing other games I never got a chance to play this Masterpiece. MGS4 is truly amazing, graphically and technically other than Uncharted 2 this is probably the best game on the ps3. After finishing it I was given the title of "EAGLE" due to my number of headshots and what not, anybody get anything else? But overall I d have to give this game a 10/10 for its graphics, gameplay, storyline, and just straight up being Unique! If you haven't played this game, go and PICK IT UP! In other news whats new fellow Gamespotters..

Street Fighter vs Tekken!

I can't wait for this release as I've been a huge Tekken fan since Tekken 1, and I ve also really enjoyed the Street Fighter series. So yeah this game appeals to me and im sure all you fighting game fans are pretty excited, the trailer was amazing I hope the game turns out awesome, as well as Marvel vs Capcom 3. So are you going to be apart of the Tekken crew, Street fighter roster, or don't care :). Me I ve gotta stick with my Tekken crew, cant resist using JIN, KING, KAZUYA, LEE, STEVE, and the rest of the team!

Whats new ppl!

Hi there,

whats up gamespotters its been a while since I posted a blog, so I wanted to know how everyone was doing. Me, Im just at work, watchin my animes and playn my games, lifes good, hows it going with you?

Just Watched one of the Greatest anime's ever!

As I mentioned in the topic I've just seen an anime like nothing else, I'm sure many of you have seen Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, well I ve just seen it recently and it was a Blast. It has all the elements of a great anime and its EPIC all the way through. What more can I say I just wanted to recommend it to everyone who hasnt seen it as of yet. Btw, been a while since I ve blogged hope you guys havent forgotten me :)


Been Busy! also callin ALL halo 3 players

Hey guys, as the topic suggests I ve been busy so I apologize if I havent been very active on your blogs or what not. In other news I ve been playin more halo than usual so it would be great if youadded my GT; Kingiboo. and lastly what do you guys think of my new blog pic :)

Just Joined...

myanimelist.net, my username is EternalKing. If any other users here on GS are interested its a nice site from what ive seen so far but Im not sure what you do after you review the anime's you ve watched. If you are also a user pls add me or give me ur username.

Just Finished watching one of the greatest anime's...

Yu Yu Hakusho, the way I found out about this one was by checking the best anime poll from www.animea.net, which has like over 200-300anime's for free download. Anyways Yu Yu Hakusho was #3, it started off slow, but it was one of the best anime's as animea's users claimed it to be. I recommend it to ALL anime viewers if you havent seen it yet