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Plying Uncharted 2 right now

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I recently picked up a copy of UC2. Dont ask me what took so long please :P

Im currently around four or five hours in and I have to say this game is pretty darn good. It's not quite as good as I was led to believe but I still can't see myself abandoning this one before I complete it!

Is it one of my favorite games this gen? Not yet but I'll wait till the end so I can make a fair judgement. I suppose if I was going to compare this to any other game, it would have to be Gears 1 or 2. Im not enjoying it as much as these two games but who knows, a few more hours and that could change :)

Bioshock review

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Bioshock for the xbox 360 is refreshing. Belonging to a genre that is sometimes for long periods of time, starved for originality and creativity, Bioshock injects the console fps with a bit of everything it needs to stay healthy (apart from a multiplayer).

Right from the very first intro, Bioshock will grab you. Somewhere over the mid-Atlantic, a plane with our would be hero on board crashes. He survives, of course! A lighthouse-type structure lies in the background and its immediatly clear that this is your new destination. After a lift brings you down to an immense and breathtaking city on the sea floor, you realise that this might just be a very different experience to those gone before it. Welcome to Rapture.

Rapture is the name of this under water metropolis. Created by a man called Andrew Ryan, this place lies on the seafloor and is devoid of life for the most part. You see, Ryans aim was to create a world of such free will that its people could do almost whatever they desired. Plasmids were created to give its inhabitants super hero like powers, such as the ability to incinerate or freeze objects and people. It was these plasmids that ruined society and turned people into savage, 'insane' murderers after experiments went pear shaped. We are told this by a mysterious Irish man over a radio you collect as soon as you enter rapture.

The plasmids are essential to your progression through the game and as you get deeper and deeper into the bowels of rapture, new plasmids with new powers become available. These powers which are used via the left arm of the hero are used in conjuction with conventional weaponry such as pistols, machine guns and even grenade launchers. Not only will the plasmids help you to destroy the splicers (deranged murderous inhabitants that now populate Rapture), they're also used to unlock vital parts of the game. For example, when you aquire the 'incinerate' plasmid, you will need to go back to and melt ice that had been blocking your path.

ammo and health are aquired by using vending machines dotted around the games vibrant locations. You can pay full price or you can hack the machine. Hacking is done by completing a little puzzle/mini-game at each machine and adds a little more depth to the game. Sentry guns and secuity cameras can also be hacked to work for you and give some help throughout the game.

On your travels you will come across these little girs, which eh... aren't little girls at all. These little sisters as they're called are the key to getting safely through tha game as they posses a substance called ADAM. ADAM is used to purchase upgrades and new slots for your plasmids which you will need if you want to carry anymore than two plasmids at a time, which i can tell you is a very good idea. Getting the ADAM from the little sisters coudnt be that hard, right? Wrong. Accompanying these little sisters are the Big Daddies. These mean looking things follow the little sisters around and protect them should they need protecting, and must be killed in order to retrieve the little sisters ADAM. They take some beating though, and when its lights out for the big daddy, you will hav a choice to make... Do you kill the poor innocent looking little sister and harvest her ADAM, or do you set her free? The choice is yours but not showing any compassion here will ultimatly make the game less difficult in the long run due to having more ADAM.

Overall Bioshock is an extremely enjoyable game, and in my opinion its one of the best games of the current generation. If your looking for a shooter with a nice cover system and thousands of enemy soldiers to mow down than this mightn't be the game for you.

Bioshock: 9/10