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Important College Decisions.

Hey y'all, sorry haven't been online commenting on your blogs lately. I've been applying for scholarships and colleges. Right now I'm deciding between four colleges in my local area. It's between Portland State University, University of Portland, Oregon State University, and Western Oregon Univesity. Since I live in the Portland area, I'd be able to live with my parents if I attend the first two. Portland State will be the cheapest option by far, University of Portland is a Catholic School so IMO it'd have the best enviroment, Western Oregon would be great if I go ahead and major in education, and Oregon State is the best college in the state for engineering. I'm still deciding if I want to major in engineering or education. I would enjoy being a teacher a lot more, but the pay for a Civil Engineer is far better. Anyways, I'll let you guys know when I make my final decision. But before you go, I'm going to end with this parting joke I heard the other day: "Three guys walk into a bar. OUCH!" (think about it...)

Well, the Club Nintendo Year is finally over...

It's 11:28 right now, June 29, and I'm staying up just so I can see what the Gold and Platinum rewards are for Club Nintendo (yes, I know: I'm the biggest sheep/fanboy/nerd in the world :P ). Yup. I'm still not completely positive yet that tomorrow (aka 32 minutes from now) will be the time in which Nintendo reveals this, but I'm pretty sure it is. If not, then oh well. I'll just do this again tomorrow, lol. Anyway, I'll possibly be writing yet another blog just as soon as I find out what those rewards are. I'm currently hoping and praying to Jesus that it's something useful :D, so wish me luck! 8). Yup.

Just saw three new movies today: Transformers, Hangover, and Year One.

Well, I went to Cinema 7 to see three new movies today: Transformers, Hangover, and Year One (in that order). I planned it out so that I could walk out of one theatre-room and walk into the next one five minutes after the previous one ended8). I just bought all three tickets at the door. Transformers was amazing. Hangover was vulgur, but funny. Year One was crap. I'm still debating with myself if it would have been better to just buy the Transformers ticket and hope that nobody checked my ticket in the next two movies. They didn't, but I'm pretty sure that would qualify as "stealing", so I'm glad I payed for them;). Other than Year One, that day consisted of one of the best $18 I ever spent ($6 a movie). It would have been better if I had a friend with me, but all my friends were either busy that day or had already seen them. But it was fun :). Yup.

YARGG!!! Je deteste mon Ordinateur! (I hate my Computer!)

Well, I bought a router and a long ethernet cable to conect my dad's computer to mine so I can get the internet, but as soon as I hooked the thing up: my computer went crazy. Whenever I try to open internet explorer, I get an error message asking if I want to send an error report to microsoft. But the wierdest part is that it does the exact same thing with iTunes and Quicktime. My games still work, but every once in a while, just out of the blue, I get the error message about Explorer or iTunes making an error and sending a report to Microsoft, even when I don't try to open the thing! About a week ago I was ecstatic that I got the computer, but now I want to throw it out the window, :evil:. Anyway, that's my rant for the morning:lol: :P. Thanks for reading

I'm buying a Laptop. Any suggestions?

Well, I've done a little bit of research, and I really like the Dell Inspire (prolly spelled it wrong,:P). I'm onlyabout half way there to being able to afford the thing, mostly due to the fact that I am poor :cry:, but that's okay. I'm notcompletely sure yetthat that's the laptop I'm getting though. I'm looking for something that's durable (It's most definitely going to take a lot of abuse in my possession...), has descent video capabilities, has a descent amount of ram,and is sold at a fairly low price. If anybody has any suggestions, then I'm all ears. Since I'm going to college in a year, this will very much come in handy. Yup. 8).

I finally got my own PC!

Good News! At long last, I finally have a pc of my own, which means no more blogging and doing homework via my Dad's computer :lol:. I don't have a keyboard or mouse yet, but those are a-dime-a-dozen so that's not a big deal. Yup.

Yarrg! (Club Nintendo Rants)

Well, I've got 590 Elite Status Coins on Club Nintendo, which is just 10 away from being a platinum member. I recently bought a couple of Virtual Console games (Super Mario RPG and Metal Slug 2), and I'm supposed to be able to complete post-play surveys on them for 10 points each. Trouble is, it wont let me! Anyway, I'm not sure what's going on, but hopefully I'll get to platinum status before July 30 so I can get whatever "sectret prize" Nintendo is offering (it's probably not going to be that great anyways, lol). If anyone has any idea what is going on, it's be fantastic if you could tell me :). Yup.

I'm Back!

Well, after a several month leave from GameSpot.com, I'm finally back and posting. I left because deathofaninja and most of my other freinds switched to Giant Bomb, and I therefore had no reason to continue posting. I still wont be on for more than a few minutes a day (so no union activity from me fellas, sorry...), but I'll try to make some blog comments and answer/ask questions on the individual game forums. Yup.

In further news from the life of Ian6432486, I didn't get any electronics for Christmas (other than a new cell phone:D ),but I got a nice knife set, some chocolate, a new Bible, some headphones for my iPod (those might count as electronic, but whatever:P), and some money. I also made about $50 shovelling snow for my neighbor across the street. And the old woman nest door baked my family some cookies. Yup.

Last but not least, I'm (once again) trying to get an xbox 360. I have more than enough money to do so, but my dad (who absolutely hates video games:twisted: ), wants me to spend my money on a letterman's jacket instead (huge waste of money, IMO). But oh well. My life is good. Yup.