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Hold down W, don't tap it, tap E, hold down W.

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I don't have any issues with loading times, but perhaps that is because I am playing i on the PC and it is installed on a fast SSD. Elevator rides are common, but they last 2-3 seconds at most.  


As for the game, well I loved Dead Space the original, Dead Space 2 was ok, but I wasn't really taken with it.  I've far preferred Dead Space 3 to 2 so far, it is a much better game in a number of ways.  Still I'm not sure it is up to Dead Space 1, I will see, certainly I prefer a lot of features of the game design but the story probably won't live up to it.  All in all I think it's a good game and certainly better than Dead Space 2.

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The best way to kill him if you have no corrosive/shield weapons is to run right up close to him and spam your most powerful gun into his face when his shield is down.  You will get killed but during fight for your life, just kill one of his minions and spam bullets into its eye again.  Rinse and repeat until dead.  

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The strategy guide says there is a secret boss in Caustic Caverns is that suppose to be blue?

Or is there another boss somewhere.



There is another secret boss other than blue, although they might have meant blue, I'm not sure.  If you head to the area where you find the minecart to push.  Face the door near the minecart and head right through a small gap that seems to go over some rocks, then head left once it takes you down a little.  You will find some strange blocks, melee those blocks to destroy them and you will enter a little cave which has the secret boss in it.

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SOPA probably won't pass now, but PIPA might. In all honesty I doubt anyone expected SOPA to pass. It was probably a distraction allowing PIPA to get through.

The mantra should now be STOP PIPA (and also SOPA).

But yeah we should be boycotting GS really.

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I would get the 580, single card is always preferrable to SLI IMO. Even when there is a slight performance gain from SLI

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Awesome. I'll get that mod. What version do I have to have for that mod to work?


Latest version/patch I would imagine. Check on the mod page.

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Just get the STALKER Complete mod. Other than carrying capacity, there's plenty of candy in it.


I third this, Stalker without mods is like cake without sugar.

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Love Steam, but certainly issues like that should never be occurring. I haven't had any such issues today myself though. Try using offline mode for the time being.

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Vegas 2 is great, Borderlands etc but if you want a really exceptional Military Sim COOP game then play Arma 2. It is buggy but it is a lot of fun and there are loads of user made supplemental campaigns/missions you can do beyond the regular campaign. Really one of the best coop games ever, only the bugs stop it being the best IMO.