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Hey games, I thought maybe I could start this thread since I have been up for 4 hours looking online typing every possible thing to find this very old game I used to play online using a proxy when I was in high school back in 2004-2006 (that's the time frame I remember playing this game) The game was around when ebaumsworld was the cool place to go. It was like the liveleak of that time. Anyways..... the game was a very simple point and click game. I remember you had to pull levers to raise water so then a plank could go up and hit something that then will cause something else to happen, in other words cause a chain reaction, that I think was suppose to help this little guy get across the the little platform stage and he moved as you clicked. There were many directions you could take but if you clicked the wrong one the little guy would get electrocuted, drown, and other things. I believe the games was only 1D. very colorful and bright. And I remember there was only 2 different levels of the game. Another thing I think he had to do was reach a girl. lol Maybe someone can help me out here, thanks xD you had to set up the levers and other things, then you press go and see the little guy get around till he makes it or he dies, if he dies you would have to start all over and change things. it was only one stage but it took me hours to complete it.
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Hey guys I've been reading a lot of good reviews about this game but haven't really convinced myself to buy it. anyone on here has an extra buddy key I can have? I was told by Customer Support thats the only way to try the game. can email me at: If you can also answer a question for me that I can't find anywhere online. Is there different types of weapons? like legendary, epic, rare, normal. Also do all weapons look the same? like is bob has like lets say "assault rifle of the gods" and joe has "assault rifle of the tiger" will they look the same? do they have stats?? thanks - shroomy