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*sigh* I'm taking a Break

This is what's up. School has just started, and i have soo many things going on in my life right now, plus loads of homework, so i have decided to take a break from Gamespot. But if you wanna contact me, you can always hit me up with a PM (GS is my startpage, so i see if i get new msgs)

and perhaps i'll drop by in the boards if i get time.


7 sange jeg har lyttet til i dag. (Now with the 7th song:S:S)

Once again.... i got tagged my Mr. Matt Wickstrom, so i guess i'll have to blog it :(:P

But i can't really remember what songs i've listened to today, so i'll just write some i have enjoyed in the past 7 days

Goodlife - Kanye West featuring T-Pain

Make it Rain - Fat Joe featuring Lil' Wayne

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Flashing Lights - Kanye West

Git Up - D12

I Bet - Flo-Rida featuring T-pain

Homecoming - Kanye West featuring Chris Martin

Need help :S:S (+ a free sig for a girl or anyone who would want a pink sig)

So i was at my grandmothers place today. i thought i would bring my macbook, and make some sigs.

now i need some help choosin'my new sig. The entrants are:




or i could keep the current.

Also i ran out of pics so i ended up making a pink sig, so if there is a girl, or anyone ho doesn't mind a pink sig, here is an offer from me. (if you take it please tell)

if you do a thing very often, you don't really feel that you get better at it

I got bored (no, actually i couldn't concentrate on my homeworks) so i thought i would make a sig, while i still was under the trial of Photoshop CS3 Extended.

Its not perfect but atleast i think its better than my last one.

Oh, and i might aswell put up my previous ones too.

(Newest to oldest)

lol, as i found all the sigs, i realised that i haven't really done any sigs in PS all the above is made in GIMP.
I also realised that the first ones were... pretty bad

I know some of you would have liked a spoiler, but it wouldn't let me put one.



well, first of all, i got some new stuff: a Macbook (2.4ghz white) and a mighty mouse and an apple keyboard, i also got a midi controller for it, and a wacom tablet thingy. (i'll put up some pics later)

I'm also quite surprised that i don't see a lot of I GOT GTA IV blogs.
i didn't go and get it myself.... it DID arrive with the mail though:P so ya, i'll post my opinion later ;)


I got tagged... i guess this is 5 things you might not know about me.

#1: i literally SUCK at soccer, and Handball aswell

#2: My friends has said im the best drawer in my cla$s

#3: I tend to use a lot of money

#4: I don't have a favourite console :shock:

#5: I'm really bad at things like this

i tag: Neontope, Tylea002, Bloodbore8,reverehomeboy31 and AudiR8cer, hope none of them has already been tagged ;)

New profile design

I made a few changes in my profile.

i know there is a white frame around the stuff, but i'll remove them very soon, also i have made a new sig

_hope you like.


Aarhus Basketball Festival

I'm going to Aarhus basketball festival, so i won't be able to get on here from this evening till the weekend.

I can see we are up against some pretty tough teams, so wish me luck :D:P