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Hey I have come back to Gamespot. I really missed the community and have decided to come back. Since it has been about 2 years that I have not been consistently active, I dont remember most over my friends and get lots of spam I decided to make a new account and to abandon my LuigiRulze account. Now you may be wondering why my name is iMaestroChef. The reason for that is because I am a HUGE Halo fan, and about 9 months ago I was browsing Bungie's forums for no other reason than I was bored and found a picture of a guy in a Master Chief costume and a chef's hat. For some reason I found it funny sent the pic to one of my friends, named my Minecraft, Steam ID, YouTube and E-Mail (still havent changed my gamertag to that) but the name stuck. So no I am not literally a "Maestro Chef" Im just a gamer that encountered a funny pic on the internet. I dont have much else to say, so 'till next time ~iMaestroChef