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I'm baaaaaack

I'll be suprised if anyone reads this, so i'll put this on here for my own amusement.

I'll be doing some more game reviews in the next couple of weeks, so feel free to have a look, i'm welcome to discuss points of view but not to have an argument of opinions, we all have our own of course :D

Not again!!!!

GRRRR... that's right, my Xbox 360 has died again, the RRo'D (Red Rings of Death) basically means my Xbox has overheated, which i think is trash, it's in a tover unit that has an exposed back, and no it's not against he wall either, so plenty of ventalation there thank you. anyway i finally got it round to sending it off, has anyone noticed it takes so long to get these problems sorted nowadauys? my mate got his xbox sent off, repaired (they stuck in a new one) and sent back in 1 week and 1 day, i want to get Virtua Tennis 2009 soon and hopefully i'll get it back in time for the new Transformers game too, here's hoping

I stil believe Xbox is better than PS3 in alot of ways but in terms of life i do wonder, i've heard of PS3's stalling but not blat lining on you, it worries me, but hey, if they keep repairing it for free i won't complain, wonder if i'll get some free points, but what to spend them on, feel free to come back with any suggestions

That's all for now.

I'm out


The Rock has come back.....

Sorry just had to do that, Who cares, no-ones reading this anyway so i guess this is like my new personal diary,

Anyway this is my first post from my new MacBook laptop, i gotta say, a Mac can do things a PC can't even dream of, i love this thing!!!

Anyway, the real point of this is i have finally managed to work out how to get profile pictures (see left for Optimus Prime) i want king Starscream but i had to be 20k image and i could only get 30k.... oh well,

Nothing my new to report, slow news day,

be in touch.

Xbox gamertag again

As you can see, My gamertag doesn't change much, Well that will soon change,

I use another Xbox 360 profile as my main profile which has more points on it, But now im going to have to delete that one as its become corupted, KICK IN THE CROTCH!!!

So yeah keep an eye on my new gamerscore....

My Xbox Live Gamertage

Please dont judge me by my little ammount of points my gamertag has to show

Just to clear up, Its only my online one (mostly COD4)

Just wanted to settle that