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Things to make this game great


right now i personally think the line-up for battle royal is looking pretty decent. i was very surprised they got daniel fortesque in the game and im just as happy that they have both jak and ratchet in the game


However, i think there are a lot of great oppurtunities as far as other sony characters. now i dont know if there will be the feature to unlock hidden fighters (such as young link and mew two in SSB:M) but at the very least it seems very likely that future dlc will be implemented.


personally i think some good unlockable characters/ DLC 


Cloud or sephiroth - FFVII, id be content with either one but probably not both as overusing one games characters would take the feel of a mash up out

Crash Bandicoot - Crash Bandicoot, obviously a fan favorite and this character should be something unlockable but im sure plenty of people would shell out 1.99 or 2.99 to play as this icon

Sora - Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom hearts has been a staple on the ps2. it gave fans of rpgs a reason to go with ps2. i think the moves and supers are there and very easy to implement in a game like this.

Spyro - spyro the dragon, now i know hes busy doing his thing for activision and kids everywhere but spyro was the must buy for the ps1

Solid Snake - Metal gear solid, yeah raidens in there but cmon solid snake is synominous with playstation

Chimerean Soldier - Resistance fall of man, i think that when the ps3 first launched everyone had their eyes on the chimera and humanities defence against them. the fighting style would hvae to be a little similar to a radec but another ranged character couldnt hurt

Captain Quark - Ratchet and clank, obviously he appears as an npc in what we've seen of the game however i think this would be a halarious and light hearted character. running around quark punching people into oblivion while making wise cracks would have me sold on this green joker in a second



alternate costumes - lets face it everyone loves running around as a hero in his underwear. i think that it would be a miss if they didnt give you the option to use or unlock extra costumes for characters. example 1: jak and daxter alt costume Jak from Jak 1 example 2: cod of war skin for kratos

Unlockables: people like to feel rewarded for their efforts. a hub like area with various mementos or collectibles obtained for your efforts would add just a little extra that would keep players engaged


thats all i got off the top of my head but what do you guys think would make good features and dlc characters or unlockables

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i have a 80gb MGS system, the blu ray drive went and i got that repaired for the sake of my ps2 games.

i work at bestbuy and i have people coming in more and more with problems with their phat system. idk what it is but at least if a break is unavoidable sony has been pretty good about getting those hd collections out and most people are rebuying their ps2 games in hd

also the new system has the perks of more memory without having to buy an upgraded hdd and much less to worry about it crapping out on you

but thats just my 2 cents

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i had a nat type 1 and like a near perfect connection tht would never logg me out with error messages and such, thn i took it over my friends house and used his connection

when i brought it back and reset up my connection it is nat type 2 and very slow

also error messages logg me out from time to time

anyone have a solution?

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ita a sad day when people are complaining over ps3 defect rates and prefer the 25% (or more havnt checked in a while) defect rate of 360

while i do not own a 360 i have nothing against it but in all honosty anyone except a 360 fanboy will agree that the defect rates on those things are crippling.

also sony still has plenty of good exclusives such as anything insomniac liscences and metal gear and killzone.

i notice ur one post and name and cant help but assume the first 2-3 sentances of you claiming to actually like sony commpletely and utterly false

but if indeed this is a tru case i hope you enjoy your 360 and the 2-3 months with it before RROD

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right about now i am looking for a pretty good competitive clan for all the soon to be released games and current online games. (LBP, R2, MGO, COD) i am usually pretty good at any game i can pick up but i do get exceptionally good at some online games.

i want to hold try outs with any clan interested

if interested contact on PSN my account is iLL_SuiTed:D

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ok i actually like the information board and i just got a new 80GB ps3 and the information board isnt working

its lik im offline it says to connect to a network to display it

im connected to a network tho i dont know what to do

can anyone help?

#7 Posted by iLL_SuiTed (226 posts) -

and after i download this i'll b able to get ISO's and get them on my PsP?

by the way anyone wanna tell me more about the ISO's

#8 Posted by iLL_SuiTed (226 posts) -
well i wanna be able to get PSX games on my PsP and i was told i needed firmware so i have a list of available firmwares to download so what should i download and do i need to download a starter firmware 1st?
#9 Posted by iLL_SuiTed (226 posts) -

You're sucking the wrong part of her bodyWhight_Knight

LOL yeh true man

#10 Posted by iLL_SuiTed (226 posts) -

ok i think this might work

as u can see it is here but my text isnt showing up...any help with that?

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