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The game has apparently totally gone under gamespots radar, which I think is a damn shame. 

Sure, there's a lot going on, E3, Last of Us, Xbox one, and so on.

But this game has a lot going for it as well, and deserves some attention, and here are some reasons why.

1. it's genuinely unique, I feel that it is distinctly different from pretty much everything else, and I've had trouble comparing it to anything when talking about it with friends, the closest I could get was HoMM3, I suppose, but that just doesn't do it justice, as I could just as well compare it to Sid Meiers Pirates or even old WRPGs.

2. It's one of the first succesfully released kickstarter games, and in my opinion it's probably the best one too. (Sorry FTL)

3. It is damn well written, probably the most well written game in this sort of setting, at all.


It has a lot of flaws to be sure, but I really feel that it has been unjustly ignored by the press.

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[QUOTE="Musambani"]A review should never be about an opinion, it should always be about the facts of the game.Bamul

I don't know what Taxonomic's reviews are like since I have never read any of his work, but if what I have quoted from a post about him is true - it doesn't seem to me that he is worthy of any recognition. "A review should never be about an opinion", this statement is absolutely wrong. A review IS an opinion. If a review is all about the facts and no opinions, then it is not a review at all... it's a summary. :P I'm sorry if it seems like I am trying to stop Taxonomic from getting the emblem because that is not what I am trying to do. What I'm saying is that reviews are opinions, and if he really does write without opinion then his reviews are worth nothing. :( However, it is most likely that his reviews are of good quality and the recommendation made by Musambani is simply a bit wrong. :P

I apologize if this is a bit too off-topic and to even that out, I would like to ask the GS staff/mods one thing about these recommendations: if you recommend yourself, will you get a message saying that your reviews have been read but you weren't picked?

I think he means a review shouldn't be clouded by bias.

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I'd also like to recommend Taxanomic.

As an active member on gamespot, I have yet to see anyone who writes with as much detail and thought as him. That aside, he has more experience to draw on than most people.

One of the best parts of his reviews is that he tries out the material thoroughly before making a judgement, instead of just playing the first two levels, followed by a review that's two lines long and contains pure hype.

I can especially recommend his review of Drakensang, Arcania, and Risen.

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[QUOTE="tony2077ca"][QUOTE="RichardStallman"] *goes to site* *checks AC2 review* *4.5 out of 10* *no mention of great graphics, characters, and beatiful music* *Matt Hazard gets a 6.0* Haha, no thanks. I will stay away from that site for now.krazyorange

i agree with this person

I guess the phrase "former Editor-in-Chief" means nothing to you: congratulations.

Why should that ever be an argument? If anything, it just shows that you were incapable of staying there