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My Personal Guitar Hero World Tour Wishlist

Well i just wanted 2 write a few songs i would like in the full game comment if you want.

  • Smoke On The Water By Led Zeplin
  • This Aint A Scene / Thanks For The Memories By Fall Out Boy
  • Im Not Ok / Teenagers / The Black Parade By My Chemical Romance
  • Misery Buisness By Paramore
  • Chop Suey / Toxity By System Of A Down
  • Snow / Californiacation By Red Hot Chili Pepers
  • Break On Through By The Doors
  • Prayer Of The Refugee By Rise Againced
  • The Anthem / Chronicles Of Life And Death By Good Charlotte
  • Faint / From The Inside By Linkin Park
  • Club Root By Kasabian
  • Headstrong by Trapt
  • Dont Wanna To Miss A Thing By Aerosmith
  • Sick Sick Sick / No One Knows By Queens Of The Stone Age
  • Gunshot To The Head Of Trep By Trivium
  • Fly From The Inside By Shinedown
  • The Pretender / Learn To Fly By Foo Fighters
  • Paranoid By Black Sabath
  • Time Is Running Out / Hysteria By Muse
  • Here We Go Again By Ok Go
  • Walk This Way By Aerosmith And RUN DMC
  • House Of Cards / Here I Stand / One Last Kiss By Madina Lake
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit / Breed By Nivarna
  • Can I Play With Madness By iron Maiden
  • Tribute By Tenacious D
  • In To Deep By Sum 41
  • Rock And Roll High School / In The Shadows By The Ramones
  • Fall Back Down By Rancid
  • Steady As She Goes By Raconteurs
  • Ring Of Fire By Johny Cash
  • Here I Am By The Explosions
  • Shall Never Surrender From Devil May Cry 4
  • Pokemon Theme From Old Pokemon TV Show
  • Main Theme From Metal Gear Solid 2 [PS3 Only]

will update when i can b botherd