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Been Awile

As you might have noticed I haven't really been blogging lately. The reason behind this has been a combination of things. First off I have been playing games rather than talking about them. It's just been really hardfor me to rip myself away from my 360 when you have games like Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3, and a lot of other good games in between. The month of November looks like it could be just as promising with titles like Assassins Creed and Mass Effect.

The other and most flusterating of the reasons for my absense is my PC trouble. I have a PC shop install my virus scan just because it saves a lot of time and effort but I wasn't so lucky. For some reason right after the PC decided to crash on me. We take the PC back and the tech couldn't figure out what was wrong. He is one of those people that feel they have to be absolutely right all the time and couldn't give up and go for something easy. About 2 weeks later he finally gives up and just wipes the PC and it's like a new computer. We lost everythign except pictures but really nothing else mattered. I was just so glad I finally got my PC back.

Well OU football is on so I'm getting off.... look for some more posts soon

Lockdown and gaming stuff

Today at school we had something very unusual for my school (first i can remember), a lockdown. I was in my art class and we were about to leave when the secretary came over the intercome and said no one was to leave the room. We all thought this was part of a drug related arrest of someone earlier (searching the school, cars, etc.) so we weren't worried. In a matter of minutes the intercom came on again and said to lock doors and take intruder precautions. Now we realized what was going on. Everybody just kind of looked at each other in kind of a dumbfounded state as it sank in. The principle was running around outside in kind of a panicy mode. About 20 min later we were cleared and everything was fine. Come to find out it was some drunken/high/crazy hobo that was making gun threats towards the school and someone turned him in. In one of my friends classes they had to crawl under the tables and the teacher was freaking out. It was funny.

Ok in gaming related conversation I bought fatal furyfrom the XBL arcade and I don't know if its just me but it is hella hard. I can't do anything before im ko'd. I think i actually managed to win 3 games before getting stuck. It is fun online but the single player is kinda flusterating.

Well I had to ship in bioshock to gamefly because i think the disc is messed up or something. It kept having framerate crashes and glitches that made it unplayable. This is not the normal case for this game so i am not trying to speak against it because it is a GREAT game.

Which game should i rent???

okay i really don't know what i want to rent so ill let you decide!!!!

1. Madden 08 - I wasn't really impressed by the demo but it looks like it has some cool feature. Im a sports game nut so i still want to play it.

2. Rainbow Six: Vegas: I rented this one before but I might want to go back and get some of the achivements i missed.

Other than that i don't know so just tell me what i should go with :P

[UPDATED WITH VIDS] Natural Disaster

This is by far the best vid of the devastation. Simply incredible
Here is another vid. Ft. Cobb is actually about 20 miles away from me
Here is a short vid showing a rooftop rescue
This is an incredible helicopter resuce that is getting lots of national attention.

In my lifetime i have seen a lot of chaotic weather in Oklahoma but nothing like this. If you read my previous blog you know it was raining super hard hear where i live but when I woke up I found out that it was nothing compared to what some surrounding areas have seen. Fields have been flooded and look like a huge lake. People are on rooftops in Kingfisher being rescued and there have been a few fatalities. It seriously looks like Katrina without the large buildings. Bridges and roads are being completly washed away!Water is rising 1 ft an hour in Kingfisher and has submerged the city. In my neck of the woods a little trickle of a creek has turned into a raging river. The interstate was even shut down for 6 hrs! I sure hope I can find some vids or pictures to upload.

Soaked to the bone

Since I don't have a whole lot to talk about in the gaming world I've decided to talk about the poorly timed weather. Every year my town hosts the oldest free fair in Oklahoma (well technically it isn't free but w/e :P). It has 2 good rides and thats really it. Well today I had to work at a pop bottle toss booth where people try to throw rings on pop bottles. As soon as I stepped into the open roofed booth we were hammered by a torrential down poor! I guess our town really needed some money because we had work through it. Iwas absolutely soaked!Plus there were these 2 little, snotty, annoying kids that kept winning and wouldn't go away. They just constantly kept bugging us. "MORE RINGS. MORE RINGS. MORE RINGS." My response, "SHUT UP!!!!" :lol: Anyway my shift is over and so is the fair. It's fun to see people there but now its even better to see it go.

PS: I just found out this is the 7th year in a row it has rained on the last day of the fair.

PC gamers i need your help!

Okay i am seriously thinking about upgrading my pc to become game friendly and i think i might need your help. What willl i need to do this and about how much will it cost?? I pretty much jus t have a standard PC with no bells or whistles. It is all just out of the box with no extra stuff in it. I know for sure i need a graphics card and video card. What do you guys recommend and about how much will it cost? Thanx

Super Contra and some reviews *COMING SOON*

Wellas many of you know the XBL arcade has recieved 2 new games this week. Super Contra being 1 1/2 and Wing Comander being the remaining 1/2. Seriously what flying/dogfighting (not Michael Vick, you know like airplane dogfighting :lol: ) can you not change your pitch to go up and down!!!! Anyway back to the point. Super Contra is pretty good game with a good price (400 pts). Its finally an XBL arcade Contra game that actually feels like contra. It has great side scrolling/top down shooter action. Also it has really nice co-op that works pretty well for the most part. I did get dropped from a match quite a few times but I feel it was my internet connection screwing up because it kept going out and not the games fault. One of the only demerits (this only applies to some) is the difficulty. It is rather difficult but beatable. It is better to have a challenge than a breeze. The difficulty is significantly lessened with a co-op buddy. Overall great game and a recommended buy.

Here is a list of reviews that I hope will be coming soon (that is if i don't get lazy :P ):

Super Contra
Carcassone (hope i spelled that right)
NCAA football 08
maybe the Darkness (if gamefly ever ships it!!)

Thank you MS!

As many of you know I was suppose to recieve my xbox 360 today and I did. I recieved a referbished (maybe i spelled that right) xbox 360 and gave me their "sincere apology" :P. I was so happy thaT I got it back and it actually works. Tonight i am going to hit up some arcade games. Depending on how many points i have and quality of the games i plan on getting sonic, bomberman, and Caracossone (or however u spell it). My mic is broken so i won't be able to speak to anyone until 2morrow when i hopefully get a new one.